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Does DE also have crunch culture?


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Hello everyone?


I just found out the word crunch mode.

And I understood the meaning.

And when I did a search, some great producers like CD project red

I found that there was this practice.

Does DE have a crunch mode?

I'm really enjoying the warframe

So I do not want the warframe makers to be overworked.

If they commit suicide or quit the company, this game will go down.

Does DE also have a crunch mode?

I want to play this game for a long time



And this article was written using a Google Translator

I'm sorry if you ever get less readable.

have a good day

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I think every dev shop, and not just game shops, have crunch time. For game devs it is more common as they tend to have fixed deadlines so management tend to ride the devs to hit quality targets before the deadline. That said many devs will impose crunch time on themselves even if they have soft deadlines as they want things to be as perfect as possible.

For DE who are on a very fast release schedule I would think they have a lot of crunch time but it is more out of pride rather than anyone forcing it on them.

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Yes, but you have to remember that Warframe's a passion project for a lot of them. So it's unlikely that they'll be overworked as it'll be of their own volition. Now, that's still not healthy if they do it constantly, but I don't think they do. They do when an update's coming out - Chimera just recently's a great example - but then they stop. Benefit of flexible deadlines. Yeah, yeah, [DE]lays, but it stops them from burning out their brains over it, so it's worth it.

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