List of player grievances (please contribute!)

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19 hours ago, LepraSK said:

No, it can happen right from start, the rocks near Fortuna entrance for instance. It's weird and i get why people would not notice it, if you have energy dash or mind sprint, you switch to operator often. And one thing to add, even if it reveals the veins, its only in some radius. Further away i need to repeat the procedure.

Very interesting! And from February this year, too! Added to the list.

6 hours ago, ZeroMR said:
  1. Mag's magnetize does not work with certain weapons. It cannot redirect bullets from arca scisco, ratleguts, opticor, or other hitscan weapons with a visual effect. This one is at least 1 year old.
  2. Extracting a mission as opertor will not grant any accumulated simaris standing. Other syndicates are not affected.
  3. Melee lock for 1 second after a jump melee. This one is here since U17.
  4. Sticky synoid gamacor:

I've seen 1 and 3 myself. I'm not completely certain that either of these are unintentional, but I'll add them anyway. 3 will be irrelevant in Melee 3.0.

2 is interesting, I'm testing it right now. Confirmed this issue, added to the list!

Can you give me some more details about 4?

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