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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Argento Huras, 19

Gender: Male

Likes: Long walks and spy missions

Sneaking up on master

Pouncing on master

Dislikes: Master's enemies

Looking for: Someone special, that I can be with forever. ūüėä Someone that plays with me and keeps me happy. Someone that can keep me safe and in turn, I can keep safe. ^-^

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Mesa Prime, 25


I'm a warframe with a big heart 

My friends might say am a crazy

gun nut but they take everything

out of context. 



           Food: Stake.

           Movie: every Rocky movie.

           Weapon: Sybaris

           Song: Big Iron. 


Interests and Hobbies:

           I like to take long flies around



Word from a friend

           "She crazy! She shot at Lotus

           for suggesting a different helmet"



           "Cephalon Ordis said that the

           time Mesa shot at me when I told

           her to try to not kill the the

           specimen she traps for the Sanctuary

            was just a figment of my imagination"

           Cephalon Simaris 


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Age: 34

Relationship status: single

Favourite food: Teshins Orvious Omelets

Hobbies: Cooking, Hunting, knitting, helping orphans, watching Potato Couch on the TV

Occupation: Hunting sentients

title: Lua Cross


Good dawning to thee, friend, 

I am the warframe your looking for 

I'm an explosive gentleman, who likes nothing more than Sentient hunting with the right woman. 

The first thing people usually notice about me is my unchained personality, closely followed by my smashing face. I hope you will find my face to be as special as new born Kubrows, and my body as awesome as a Hydrolyst. 

I work as a hunter, I help Children, innocent and the suppressed while I hunt down the most fearsome sentients and eidolons. This allows me to exercise my skills: sword fighting and gun abilities. My idol is Ballas. When I'm struggling with my job, I think of Ballas and feel inspired to continue. I once saw Ballas at a game of komi, so I feel we have a deep connection - almost spiritual, like the mist on an autumn day, or similar. We have been working in the same department for so long! He is my most trust idol so loyal to the Orokin just as I am! He is so loyal he would never betray us.

My life goals include: 

  • Star in the next¬†Omnivoice¬†film.¬†

  • Write a¬†shawzin¬†that captures your beauty¬†

  • Become the best warframe¬†I can be¬†


If you're the right woman for me, you'll be fearsome and smart. You won't be afraid to fight and will have a healthy respect for honor. 

My ideal life would involve raising children at Lua with a sexy woman by my side. While we're there, I write poetry about your beautiful eyes under the light of the Sun. 

My body is ravenously strong in battle even under the sheets. Your beautiful eyes will make me blinded b love. My abilities skilled fined with the award of the lua cross

May Baro guide you 

Until yonder‚̧ԳŹ

Excal Umbra 


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Nidus, 26


Despite my looks I am a vary nice guy. I love lounging in my personal quarters with my two Helminth Chargers named Shiroe and Soma, two loving and inseparable brothers. I am skilled at making beautiful works of art with the help of the infestation. I don’t have many dislikes but, having a shield is one. So, PM me if you would like to meet up.

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Image result for Darvo


Darvo, 31


Hey, Tenno. Very funny, you know I can advertise here as well as in your inbox. Say, Tenno, I got the best deal for you. While you were hunting for your plastids I found something much more worthwhile. For a simple 50 platinum, 30 polymer bundles are completely yours. You read that right, completely yours. Just come on down to my shop and we can set you up and have you on your way. Happy hunting, Tenno. 

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Name - Ember

Age - 24

Sex - female 

Favorite color - red

Favorite song - world on fire

About me :-

They all love me in the beginning they give me the golden potato as a sign of love we run around in exploring together while people of all the corpus, infested, and grineer races shout and fall in seeing us having fun or are they warning me that this new aytan Ember star of my eyes will leave and forget me like the rest I know they still love me that it's not them it's me (or that fat poison bimbo) but my fire can only burn so bright looking for the who will stay with me till the end of days


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CFF2CDED7BC983BFE4178404767408F369375E1EHey, I'm a Tenno, and on my left is my warframe that is called Rhino. I am looking for Tenno gals that's fits to my liking.

Likes: i. Tenno that have a lots of prime warframe or weapons

          ii. Zenurik Class, because I'm Madurai and we synergize pretty well.

          iii. Someone who also been frozen like me.

         iv, High Stamina of course.

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Name : Mr Invincible 

Fav food : Energy

Fav Movie : Iron man

Fav Weapon : Anything heavy to swing around


I am a young warframe looking for some love. I dont mind getting shot at no damage done. I love taking enemies out from the front because there is only one right strategy go guns blazing from the front door. I also love STOMPING. So wanna be with the invincible warframe hit me up on 1-800-rhino. Come find me on venus and lets take out the jackal.

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Excalibur prime , a good couple thousand years or so


occupation: collecting dust in the inventory of a founder

likes: long walks in the plains of eidolon,cosmetics, and being useful

dislikes: orokin, Excalibur umbra, and a bad fashion sense 

about me: Hello i'm Excalibur prime i am the first prime warframe, now i know my looks may not hold up to the other primes but once you get to know me you'll learn why people paid $50-250 for me.


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