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What's this devotee doing in a mission?


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i just don't understand

they just, popped out in a mission randomly, helping the players, revive any fallen players / pets if any...

i just don't know how and why they just popped out, without warning of some sort... (the transmission)


but do the devotees only do so for some time?

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They spawn when you die and revive you, this is especially noticeable in solo missions since you'll actually enter the bleedout state.

I've just tried spawning one of them, killed myself 3 times with nothing happening, 8 minutes into the capture mission I died the 4th time one one of them spawned.

He followed me and shot enemies until his HP ran out, after this he despawned in an explosion which knocked the heavy gunner close to me a good distance away.

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4 hours ago, Mr.SpookSpook said:

Aren't we supposed to get like 150-300 NW standing when they spawn like we could before with the group of 3 enemies spawning?

From a point of view, this makes sense. From another, it's weird... I don't think we should get positive reinforcement for dying 😄

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