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Status of the operator only spy?


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Am I the only one missing the operator only spy?
It was teased back then when we got the feedback changes for Nightwave:Series 2, but as far as I remember we never got the mission.

Am 10.5.2019 um 16:54 schrieb [DE]Bear:

Elite Weekly

  • Complete a Spy mission using your Operator. Warframe cannot leave spawn room.

- https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1092003-dev-workshop-nightwave-changes-for-series-2/

Are there any problems with that mission? Is it really in the rotation? Are we rng victims? Or will it never get released, because people will complain about it?

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i welcome Nightwave Tasks that might actually be marginally challenging(even if i wouldn't do this one in particular because i don't think it's entertaining), but, provided that Nightwave stops being strictly a free candy service and adds on more optional Weeklies to let Players go 'above and beyond' with Tasks that actually test them on things. as then Nightwave can offer basically anything.

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