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Switch Empyrean: Update 27.0.5 (+ Hotfixes)

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Empyrean has arrived - your journey with your Railjack has just begun. 

We’re here to answer one simple question for you: “How do I play Empyrean?”

If you have completed the ‘RISING TIDE’ Quest, you are ready. If not - squad up with a Railjack-ready Tenno, or begin the Quest yourself. 

Earth Proxima, Saturn Proxima, and Veil Proxima are destinations your Railjack can access with this Update. Things get harder the further from Earth you stray - prepare yourself and your squad. It will take time to master your Railjack.  

Empyrean brings the foundations of a new progression system - INTRINSICS, as well as completely new Avionics, Gear, and Resources for you to earn and find. You and your crew will need to stay together to stay alive. 

This is the beginning of Empyrean. War is coming. 

Is your Crew ready?
The Warframe Team

We’ve included everything from PC Update 27 - 27.0.5! The total download size for this update is ~ 1.8 GB. 

As thanks for your patience with the delay, if you log in now until January 21st @ 2 PM ET you will receive a 7-Day Credit Booster in your inbox! We hope this helps those of you who have completed the Rising Tide quest fill up the Credit bank again, and get those who have yet to start the Quest a nest egg for when they jump into it. 


Hello, and thank you for flying with Warframe Empyrean! The following notes are your go-to manual and guide towards the success of your own Railjack experience. We’ve split the Empyrean category of the notes into 2 main sections:

PRE-FLIGHT, everything you need to know to arm your vessel for grofit, and IN-FLIGHT OPERATIONS, what you will experience whilst aboard your Railjack.


If you’ve been following along with the development of Empyrean you’ll know that this ambitious content is highly geared towards the Co-op experience. It is entirely possible Solo, but the difficulty may be overwhelming. Greater Solo support will be coming in 2020 with the Command Intrinsic (explained below under INTRINSICS).

Finished “RISING TIDE”? The time has come to breathe life into your dormant Railjack. Enter your Railjack and proceed to the Reliquary located in the aft. From there you’ll initiate a mission to seek the missing piece before you can Take Flight… good luck, Tenno. 

The RESEARCH console in your Dry Dock allows access to different ARMAMENTS and COMPONENTS towards your Railjack in your Clan. The Research will be Clan-wide, and players will be able to Fabricate the completed Research for their respective Railjack.

*Further clarification: Fabrication requirements are per player, Research requirements are per Clan.

The base MK of each COMPONENT, (Shield Array, Engine, Reactor) and ARMAMENT (Nose Turret, Wing Turrets, and Ordnance) are available to Research. Once you have fully Researched the base MK, the next MK is unlocked for Research (with MK 3 being the max).


COMPONENTS and ARMAMENTS can also be found in missions as WRECKAGE items from long-destroyed Railjacks from The Old War. These WRECKAGE parts require Repairs to bring them back to their former glory, which you can either Fund (similar to Foundry) or with the use of a Rush Repair Drone in the CONFIGURE panel to instantly turn it from WRECKAGE to usable gear  (find it in the in-game Market!).

  • The before Repair stats can be seen by selecting the Armament Wreckage and using the button call out!

Each WRECKAGE part has its own unique set of stats that can be applied, such as Status Effects, increased Fire Rate, etc. If you decide this WRECKAGE part is not needed in your Inventory you can choose to SCRAP it in 2 different ways:

1. SCRAPPING a WRECKAGE item before Repairs grants Dirac, the currency used to upgrade your AVIONICS GRID, or your Avionic themselves (similar to Endo).
2. SCRAPPING a WRECKAGE item after Repairing gives you back your crafting materials you spent to Repair it (Titanium, Carbides, etc).

WRECKAGE parts belong to their respective House -- Lavan, Vidar, and Zetki -- which you will see also referred to in the AVIONICS section.

You can have a capacity max of 30 WRECKAGE in your Inventory. Any new WRECKAGE obtained will be automatically scrapped for Dirac, so managing your Inventory and Repairing when able is important!


The CONFIGURE RAILJACK console in your Dry Dock is the home for the guts of your Railjack and for your own personal set of skills as a Tenno.


Equip your desired Shield Array, Engines, and Reactor to your Railjack! Here is where you can also Repair or SCRAP your WRECKAGE COMPONENTS.

Shield Array: Determine your Railjack’s Shield capacity and regeneration rate/decay.
Engines: Determine your Railjack’s top speed, acceleration, and handling (turning rate).
Reactor: Determine your Railjack’s Avionics Capacity for Avionics, as well as Flux Energy Capacity for Tactical Abilities and Battle Avionics.


Equip your desired Nose Turret, Wing Turrets, and Ordnance for your Railjack! Here is where you can also Repair or SCRAP your WRECKAGE ARMAMENTS.

Nose Turret: The Railjack Turret solely used by the Pilot.
Wing Turrets: The Railjack Turrets that are located on both the port and starboard side of the Railjack, and can be used by non-pilot crew members.
Ordnance: Ordnance weapons are more powerful than your Turrets, but are limited by Munitions, to get you out of some hairy situations.


This is where you can really boost your Railjack's core functionality - AVIONICS attribute to your Railjack's overall performance and destructive capabilities!

All Players will be provided 3 complimentary Avionics to give them a head start on outfitting their Railjacks:
Bulkhead: Increases your Railjack’s Hull!
Hyperstrike: Increases all Turret Damage!
Hull Weave: Increases your Railjack’s Armor!

The AVIONICS screen is split into numerous sections:

STATISTICS: Shows the accumulated stats for the Railjack after all the Avionics, Components, and Armaments are installed.

BATTLE: Onboard systems, unique to the Railjack. These work like Warframe Abilities, but are Railjack specific.

INTEGRATED: Passive stat increased for the Railjacks weapons, shields, and more.

TACTICAL: Real time utility Avionics for heated battle decisions.

Just like Modding anything in Warframe, Railjack has an Avionics Capacity, which represents the space available to add Avionics. By using Dirac, the currency gained from SCRAPPING or completing Railjack missions, you can Upgrade in AVIONICS for 2 purposes:

1. GRID: The slots which Avionics are placed. Each GRID can be Upgraded with Dirac to a max of 3 times, thus being able to hold stronger Avionics.
2. AVIONICS: Avionics themselves can also be Upgraded by using Dirac. Similar to the Mods you know now: the higher the upgrade, the higher cost to equip it in your GRID.


Meet House Lavan, makers of Railjack technology from the Old War. Specializing in engines and shields, House Lavan focused on delivering rock-solid technology at a lower resource cost.  Their components were the backbone of the Orokin fleet but lacked the customization required by elite units.

Meet House Vidar, makers of Railjack technology from the Old War. House Vidar were material specialists that made a name for themselves with the shrewd balancing of performance and cost.  The ability of their hull and armor components to withstand extreme elements earned them the loyalty of specialized units.

Meet House Zetki, makers of Railjack technology from the Old War. House Zetki's components were considered the best of the best. However, their exorbitant resource and energy requirements meant that only the fleet's most important vessels could be outfitted with Zetki technology.

There are different Houses of Railjack COMPONENTS, ARMAMENTS, and AVIONICS (Lavan, Vidar, and Zetki) that offer different strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to further customize your Railjack upgrading experience. Many of the same Avionics exist across the Houses. For example, you will find 3 different versions of the Avionic ‘ANODE CELL’ - a Lavan version, a Vidar version, and a Zetki version.

SCRAPPING can also be done to your Avionics for more Dirac.

New Railjack Damage & Status Effect Types:
Throughout the COMPONENTS, ARMAMENTS, and AVIONICS options you’ll notice new Damage & Status Effect types. These new Damage & Status Effect types are unique to Railjack’s escalated combat space - things get crazy out in space!

  • Particle Damage results in a Tear Status Effect:
    • Tears holes into the hull of the enemy ship. Allowing players to deal increased damage.
  • Ballistic Damage results in a Concuss Status Effect:
    • Concuss the crew aboard the ship. Enemy has reduced aim and damage.
  • Plasma Damage results in a Decompress Status Effect:
    • Puncture holes into the armor/shields of the enemy ship. Decreasing the overall shield/armour value.
  • Incendiary Damage results in a Sear Status Effect:
    • Rounds burn through the hull of the ship dealing Damage Over Time.
  • Ionic Damage results in a Scramble Status Effect:
    • Temporary disable the enemies flight controls.
  • Chem Damage results in a Intoxicate Status Effect:
    • Confuses Enemy pilot. Enemy will target anyone around them.
  • Frost Damage results in an Immobilize Status Effect:
    • Ship controls freeze causing the enemy ship to fly forward to a stop.


Prepare for your mission at hand by stocking up in the Dry Dock! By consuming specific Resources you can craft the following in advance:

The Omni gear item requires Revolite to carry out repairs on your Railjack as you take damage in battle.

Flux Energy
Battle and Tactical Avionics use Flux Energy.

Dome Charge
Dome charges are consumed by Forward Artillery.

Munitions are required to launch Ordnance.

These items can also be crafted in your Railjack in the heat of battle as you collect Resources in realtime (explained below under RESOURCE FORGE), so don’t worry if your Resource wallet is a bit dry before you take flight.

This skill point based system is your personal home base for core progression aboard your Railjack! Intrinsics determine how efficient and effective your personal skills are when in flight, from the artillery you can equip, your Railjack maneuvering skills, and much more! Each Intrinsic has a max rank of 10, with each rank granting a better boost towards its respective Intrinsic. As the Intrinsic rank grows, so does the cost at which it requires to be ranked up!

Each Intrinsic Point Spent earns you 1,500 Mastery. If you complete 10 ranks in a given Intrinsic, that will be 15,000 Mastery. Months from now, if you complete 10 ranks in every Intrinsic, that will be 60,000 Mastery!

Earning: Intrinsics are earned by completing Railjack missions, and by performing actions to aid in the success of the mission: repairs, boarding party combat, etc.

Spending: Intrinsics are a general skill currency that can be allocated to whichever Railjack skill you want. These can be boosted when you're back in your Dry Dock or in the Profile Menu screen back in your Orbiter.

Increase your focus on the big picture of battle. Improved Tactical skills such as recalling back to the Railjack, powerful Tactical deployment abilities, and more.

Forge a bond with the vessel. Improved Pilot skills with Railjack maneuvers like Dodge and Drift, asteroid collision damage reduction, and more.

Unlock the deadly power of your Arsenal. Improved Gunnery skills towards your Railjack’s weaponry, access to the Archwing Catapult, and more.

Mend the scars of battle and feed the war machine. Improved Engineering skills to bolster battle crafting yields, forge payload items in real time, and more.

COMMAND* 2020.
In an upcoming Empyrean expansion the Command Intrinsics will be available to increase the efficiency of your on-board Railjack crew.

*When the COMMAND Intrinsic launches in 2020, we will also offer a chance to rebalance your Intrinsic skills, thus refunding you all your spent Intrinsics to edit your skills however you please with the addition of COMMAND.

Truly the most important and crucial element to a Railjack are the customizations! Here you can choose your Railjacks exterior and interior colors, give it a personalized name fit for battle, slap on a Glyph of your choice, apply a Railjack Skin if you’re a Jar Jar Binks hater, and choose the ‘Wear & Tear’ level! Sticks and stones won’t break Tenno bones but the void of space will judge your fashionframe choices.



A new selection of missions in the PROXIMA regions of planets and space have appeared.

If you don’t have a Railjack or are wanting to join another crew, you can do so using the “Join a Crew” toggle in the Star Chart. If you want to use your own Railjack, you can “Form a Crew” and host the mission by starting it from Navigation in your Railjack.

You can enter your Railjack from the Dry Dock itself, via the Railjack express console at the back of your Orbiter (located just outside the Personal Quarters area), or by accessing the “Board Railjack” option in the Menu from your Orbiter (option to “Return to Orbiter” is also available while on the Railjack!).

Change your Warframe's Loadout before taking flight by accessing the Arsenal located within your Railjack, across from the boarding port.  The Arsenal is disabled once you have taken off, so select the best gear for the mission before hand.

Earth Proxima is the beginning region for Empyrean. It is here where you will experience the tried-and-true Exterminate missions, with the added twist of taking down Points of Interest that offer you additional challenge. You will be able to earn important Avionics and Resources here to grow more powerful. All Affinity Earned will count toward INTRINSIC POINTS, which allow you to progress in your chosen Intrinsics - you can specialize, or be a jack of all trades! The choice is completely up to you.

1) FREE FLIGHT - We recommend starting here. A free-flight mode that allows you to practice flying / boarding / and more. No Affinity is earned here.


SATURN PROXIMA: Requires RANK 3 INTRINSIC in any Category.
Once you have completed all Earth Proxima nodes, you or a crewmember may have enough Intrinsic Points to unlock SATURN PROXIMA. Here you will find better gear, and missions that have more complexity than just Exterminate. Good Luck!


VEIL PROXIMA: Requires RANK 7 INTRINSIC in any Category.
is a mysterious region. Only the best will survive it, and what they find will change things forever.


While the heat of battle rages on outside the glass of your Railjack, there will be plenty to do inside to maintain not only your Railjack’s survivability, but also your team’s survivability!

There are 3 Turrets aboard this Railjack. One in the pilot seat, and two on the port and starboard sides. Each Turret is also equipped with Ordnance for your destruction pleasures. The Railjack has 6 emergency exits that will eject you into space via your Archwing. Towards the top aft of the Railjack holds your Archwing Catapult that Gunnery Intrinsic Rank 3 will be able to access!


The following lists additional controller support that was considered and added to this update to improve your experience playing Empyrean on Nintendo Switch! 

  • Added Ability cycling left/right while Railjack is in piloting mode (using D-Pad left/right by default). 
  • Added a new default binding for using Tactical Menu in the Railjack, which is whatever button the player has the Ability Menu assigned to (R Bumper by default) + left D-Pad. 
  • Added default binding for Railjack Maneuvers - Left thumbstick is now "Boost / Maneuver" by default.
  • Rebinding Abilities must be done from the regular binding tab in your Options, and not in the Raijack tab. 

NINTENDO SWITCH MOTION CONTROLS: At this time, motion controls are disabled for Railjack missions. They will be added in a future update! The team is working on making motion controls solid and giving you lots of options for when they launch.

Sometimes the fight gets brought to you, Tenno! Incoming enemy Ramsleds will puncture your Railjack with enemies spilling out into your interior for combat. Their job is to inflict as much damage as possible to the Railjack, resulting in continued fires, while also seeking out your crew. Taking out these boarding parties will be crucial to the health of your Railjack!

TACTICAL MENU: Prerequisite Tactical Intrinsic Rank 1
The higher your Tactical Intrinsic skill, the more enhanced your Tactical Menu will become! Your view will shift to aid in you and your squadmates’ realtime actions.

Railjack Tactical Abilities
Located on the Tactical Menu screen, your chosen Railjack Tactical Avionics that you equipped back in the Dry Dock are accessed here. These Abilities affect the Railjack as a whole, such as Void Cloak, etc. Although these Tactical Abilities do have a cool down, they do not draw from the Railjack Flux Energy pool.

Minimap, Squad Stats & Tasks
The initial minimap shown represents your own. You can shift the view between your squadmates and their minimap location. Here you will also see their vitals, location name, and option to remote drop their respective Warframe Ability! If things are on fire (literally) or your Railjack Flux Energy pool is depleted, you can suggest tasks for squadmates to do, which Cy will graciously instruct them to do.

Remote Warframe Abilities
The Tactical Menu allows you to remote detonate Warframe Abilities respective to the Warframes in your squad! See your Wukong squadmate being overtaken while aboard an enemy Crewship? Remote drop a Celestial Twin right beside them for backup!

These Warframe Ability drops require Flux Energy at the cost of your Railjacks Flux Energy pool - so use wisely! Those with a top tier Tactical Intrinsic rank will see reduced Flux Energy costs and reduced cooldown times.

Upon the Railjack taking Health damage, fires will start to litter the many levels and corners of the Railjack! By equipping the OMNI item in your gear wheel that is automatically given to you when you board a Railjack, you can target these fires and extinguish them!

If you fail to extinguish all the fires with haste, a Hull Breach will occur! Hull Breaches are represented in the minimap as red flame icons as opposed to normal fires which are orange. A Hull Breach is serious business, and Cy isn’t messing around when he says that critical failure is imminent. Once fires and Hull Breaches have been fully extinguished the Railjacks Health will be restored! If Hull Breaches are not extinguished within the given time on the UI, the mission will fail.

There are Railjack Health perks for performing repairs on the Railjack:

  • 15% of max Health for Fire and Electricity Traps
  • 20% of max Health for Ruptures
  • 30% of max Health for Hull Breaches
  • Repairing a Hull Breach grants Railjack invulnerability scaled to the amount of time left on the ‘Catastrophic Failure Imminent' timer. You can get anywhere from 5 - 15 seconds of Railjack invulnerability based on your Hull Breach Repair urgency.

The Omni is not infinite, and does require its own ammo, called Revolite. Revolite can be crafted in the PAYLOAD screen back in the Dry Dock, or onboard the Railjack in real time (see RESOURCE FORGE section).

Located in the aft bunker of the Railjack is the Forging Bay! Similar to the PAYLOAD screen in the Dry Dock, you can Forge Revolite, Flux Energy, Dome Charges, and Munitions in real time as the mission progress! Copernics, Cubic Diodes, Carbides, and Pustrels collected throughout the mission are directly attributed to this screen and are eligible for Forging!

  • Resource collection sound will alert you when Carbides, Copernics, Cubic Diodes and Pustrels are picked up as they are important Forging Resources!

All Resources earned in Railjack missions that are not spent Forging will be awarded upon a successful End of Mission!

Railjack Resources are littered out in that vast starry void of never ending stars! These will be crucial to collect to advance the technology of your Railjack:

Aucrux Capacitors
Gallos Rods

Alongside the Resources listed above, new and familiar rewards await you in Railjack missions:


  • Components and Armaments from The Old War exist as WRECKAGE in the Proxima regions. Find these and Repair them to use them! You can Repair these by contributing Resources, like in the Foundry but done in the Dry Dock, or instantly with a Repair Rush Drone.


  • AVIONICS are your key to Upgrading your Railjack. Obtain these to increase your offensive, defense, and tactical prowess! These can be upgraded with DIRAC (below). Avionics drop from Railjack enemies in space - destroy them for your Avionics!
  • Over 60 Avionics are out there - find them all, Tenno!


  • Introduced in The Old Blood Update, bring 10 of these to Palladino for a Riven! Limited to 1 Riven per week.


  • Players have often requested an alternate path to obtain Forma Blueprints. Forma Blueprints can be found within the rewards of Railjack!


  • We have added the Umbra Forma Blueprint as a reward drop for Railjack missions in the Veil Proxima region (harder enemies, better rewards)! 


  • This update includes the change that removed Credit Caches from the Railjack reward table! Relics were added in Railjack missions to compensate for this.


  • Dirac is a powerful Resource that makes your Avionics and Railjack stronger. Use it to Upgrade your Railjack’s Grid and Avionics! Wreckage can be scrapped for it, Avionics can be scrapped for it, and it can be found virtually everywhere in Railjack missions. Avionics are an important part of your Railjack customization and power experience, and are only found in a few places.
    • Mission complete, scrapping, point of interest, etc. are the best sources for Dirac. While Grineer Fighters are Avionics and Resource focused.


The deeper you venture into the unknown, the greater the quality of the reward!

And thus concludes our guide to Railjack! We hope you have a safe and pleasant flight!



He who has nothing to lose is truly free. This skin for Excalibur embodies the nomadic, unbowed spirit of those who call every world home.

This Nikana skin is an ode to a beautiful life cut short. A signature Nikana skin for Excalibur Zato.

Wander the world, beholden to none. The Excalibur Zato bundle includes the Excalibur Zato Skin, Zato Sugatra and the Oku Nikana Skin.

Both Excalibur Zato’s Agile and Noble Animations are available for purchase in the in-game Market! These animations can be equipped on any Warframe of your choosing.

The System is yours with this Excalibur Zato-inspired cosmetic collection for your Operator. Includes Zato Oculus, Zato Earpiece and Zato Facial Accessory for your Operator.



The Quellor was standard-issue to Dax Railjack crews of the Old War, dating back to the earliest, pre-Sigma craft. A rapid-fire assault rifle with a hefty magazine-size, the Quellor is an all-round workhorse.

The steel flag of Old War Railjack crews, the Pennant was invaluable in repelling boarders.


As no Zundi weapons survive from the Old War, this formidable pistol skin was created to honor them. Stout, distinctive, and intimidating - it is a reminder of times past.

A Sugatra that was traditionally clipped to the weapons of Old War Railjack crews.

The hardened Sigma Series Armor was recognized battle dress for Old War Railjack Warframes.

This Parazon model was gifted to the first Warframe Railjack crews.

This Syandana was a mark of honor, and part of the battle dress of Warframe Railjack crews.

Old-War-era battle-shell for shipboard mascots, service animals, and attack beasts.

This massive bundle includes the full Sigma Series cosmetic range: Armor Set, Kavat Armor Set, Syandana, Sugatra and Parazon Skin. Also contains the Zundi Pistol Skin, Quellor Rifle, and Pennant Great Katana. Also includes 3-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.


Conquer the skies with this noble Railjack Skin.

Swoop in and attack with this streamlined Railjack Skin.



Consumed to upgrade the Railjack Grid and Avionics.



This single-use item instantly repairs Wreckage in the Dry Dock.

This Avionics Bundle showcases the House Lavan range of Avionics.

This Avionics Bundle showcases the House Zetki range of Avionics.

This Avionics Bundle showcases the House Vidar range of Avionics.


Archwing Flight Changes:

BLINK: Blink has been restored and is now a universal ability for all Archwings! We would like to apologize again for the temporary disabling of Blink on Itzal from Rising Tide's launch - but are excited that you'll now have the ability available to use on all Archwings! The new Blink mechanic propels over 2x the distance of original Blink (but can't be increased by Mods), with a cooldown of 3 seconds to prevent spamming - but at no Energy cost to you! 

  • Blink on ALL Archwings: Tap L Bumper (default)
    • Blink now shares the same button as "Move Down" (L Bumper by default). Players should find that the new binding has automatically replaced their previous "Move Down" binding! This button is now used to "Move Down / Dodge / Blink", here's how each works:
      • "Move Down": Hold down L Bumper
      • "Blink": Tap L Bumper to Blink on all Archwings (if it isn't already on cool down)
      • "Dodge":  Tap L Bumper while moving laterally
  • *If you are unable to Blink once you've downloaded the update, simply go into your Options > Controls > Customize Controller and you can either a) Default and Save or b) change one binding save and then restore the change binding if you wish to maintain your custom bindings. The act of saving any changes is what will fix Blink! 

DRIFT: Archwing also no longer has forward drift after propulsion has been released. Once you release any forward movement, your Archwing will now stop on the spot. 

AFTERBURNER: Adding to the mix, we’ve changed how Afterburner is triggered to allow for simultaneous upward movement during its burn. Previously, the default Afterburner was to hold forward momentum AND the Afterburner binding. Now, holding to Sprint while moving forward will trigger the Afterburner once you get some momentum going. This new method may feel weird at first, and we’ll be watching for feedback as we continue to polish for a fluid flight experience.

  • Afterburner: Forward + Click in Left Thumbstick
    • Helpful tip: “Toggle Sprint” on in your Controls option to maintain Afterburner without needing to hold the thumbstick down. 

*Titania also uses the new Archwing flight model in Razorwing! 

We have also re-balanced Arch-guns in Archwing mode only, held Arch-guns in atmospheric (ground) combat is unaffected. Submersible Archwing now uses your weapons like open world Archwing does. Arch-Guns in Archwing mode:

  • All hitscan Archwing weapons converted to projectile when in space.
  • Increased fall off range from 200-400 to 300-600.
  • Increased min fall off damage from 10% to 50%.
  • Increased projectile speed of the Kuva Ayanga while in space.

General Archwing Changes:

  • Increased the vacuum radius on Archwing from 25-50
  • Titania also uses the new Archwing flight model in Razorwing!

General Additions:

Added 2 new Challenges:

  • I'm The Captain Now - Pilot a hijacked enemy Crewship during a Railjack mission.
  • From out of the Sun - Shoot down 100 enemies while in a Railjack.

General Changes:

  • If you so choose, you can now ride the barges in the Dry Dock!
  • Mite Raknoid spawn time between broods will now increase over time if the Exploiter Orbs vents are not dealt with to address endless spawn abuse.
  • Improvements towards the algorithm of dynamic vendor (Hok, Ticker, etc) items to guarantee even appearances.
  • Vauban’s Flechette Orb Damage multiplier now scales based on average enemy level in range.
  • Removed an unnecessary friendship door from Saturn Grineer Asteroid tileset interior.


  • Improved network protocols to improve matchmaking, presence, and game-invitations in certain Eastern European regions without open access to the internet.
  • Optimized hitches when joining popular Chat channels (eg Region) when you have a large number of Friends or are part of a large Clan.
  • Made a micro-optimizations to Oberon Primes FX.
  • Made a small optimization and fixed a potential crash in rendering.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to memory management to save a few MB on large levels.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to AI avoidance.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to rendering.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur when certain types of lights were in view.
  • Fixed slow leak that would degrade performance in missions like Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed missing textures on the leg of the Infested Ancient.


  • Fixed being able to start the Rising Tide quest before completing Second Dream if you set it as your active quest from the World State Window.
  • Fixed inability to Install Cephalon Cy in the Dry Dock after initiating the Rising Tide quest while in the Dojo.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when attempting to modify your Parazon on another players Orbiter.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich having the attention span of a squirrel when surrounded by Nidus’ Maggots.
  • Fixed Kuva not appearing Taxed on the End Of Mission screen.
  • Fixed the World State Window's "Next Objective" panel directing players to the the Mars->Ceres Junction before Mars->Phobos Junction.
  • Fixed Grineer Guardsmen blocking 100% of damage.
  • Fixed enemies like Sentients being put into a ‘lifted status’ and playing wonky or popping animations because they weren't set up to ragdoll or rise from ragdoll.
  • Fixed Ancient Healer Specters not teleporting to players in Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed Coildrive hacking console not appearing for Clients.
  • Fixed the Vitruvian power surge during The Sacrifice quest causing the Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear’ to strobe as if it were a light.
  • Fixed the Orbiter floor not matching the amount of ‘Wear & Tear’ as the rest of the Orbiter when at the lowest value.
  • Fixes towards Elemental FX being misaligned when using a Zaw Skin - some alignment issues still remain.
  • Fixed the Astreos Sword And Shield Skin being opened by default when loading into a mission.
  • Fixed missing in-world transmissions on Jupiter's Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed Terra Embattor Moa's mortar attack breaking if a target was destroyed while being targeted.  
  • Fixed inability to play the Kuva Fortress Pago Spy node.
  • Fixed being loaded into a completely different mission when attempting to play a dynamic mission types (Kuva Siphons, Syndicate etc) when using Public matchmaking. This only occurred if there were more than one of that mission-type on the same planet at the same time. 
  • Fixed Sawgaws being near impossible to Tranq.
  • More fixes towards Syandanas clipping into Titania’s Empress Skin.
  • Fixed the Gear wheel not having correct tooltips when switching back and forth between Gear and Emotes.
  • Fixed two different weapon sounds being heard when firing Titania’s Dex Pixia with the Hawkmoth Skin equipped.
  • Fixed a network race condition that could lead to missing Client-side FXs in Hijack missions.
  • Fixed Kubrow animations popping/jittering when returning to the Incubator after the menu is opened.
  • Fixed broken HUD elements in Hijack missions after a Host migration.
  • Fixes towards the Cumulus Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes.
  • Fixed text being crunched for some languages in the Kuva Lich UI when it spawns.
  • Fixed collision volumes in the Orbiter Arsenal wall.
  • Fixed filepath text when attempting to add a Friend on a newly created account. 
  • Fixed a script error when removing your Cyst.
  • Fixed loot appearing under the floor in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed a level hole in a Plains of Eidolon cave. 
  • Fixed numerous level holes across the Grineer Asteroid and Grineer Fortress tilesets.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if you opened a locker before the Master Key Parazon Mod triggered.
  • Fixed a script error from Inaros’ Undying Passive.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Rhino’s Iron Skin ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Energy Shell.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Nekros’ Desecrate ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Gauss’ Redline ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Mirage’s Sleight of Hand ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Wisp’s Reservoirs ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Vauban’s Minelayer ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Hildryn’s Balefire ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Discharge ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Molecular Prime ability.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from enemies using Switch Teleport.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from Fishing.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from completing a Bounty.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur when fighting Vay Hek.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur when fighting the Raptor.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur in the Disruption gamemode.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur from a Grineer Scorpion enemy.
  • Fixed script crash if an Arbitration Shield Drone tried to protect certain types of NPC.
  • Fixed a script crash that could occur when dealing damage with Rakta Dark Dagger.
  • Fixed script crash that could occur when picking up a Convergence Orb.
  • Fixed script crash if an Ancient Healer tried to protect certain types of NPC
  • Fixed script crash that could break specific encounters on the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur if a Client joined a fishing party in progress.
  • Fixed a script error related to Kavats.
  • Fixed a script error when viewing Profit-Taker Orb in the Codex.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when Nullifier dome collides with a Kuva cloud.
  • Fixed a script error related to Venari.
  • Fixed script errors when your Kuva Lich would attempt to Dodge or Decoy.
  • Fixed a script error when the Molecular Conversion Taxon Precept Mod deactivates. 
  • Fixed a script error when being pulled by a Grineer Scorpion.
  • Fixed a script error when the Eidolon Teralyst screams.
  • Fixed an issue with Grineer Ghouls causing a script error. 
  • Fixed a potential script error in the Revenge Sentinel Precept.
  • Fixed a potential script error in the Unleashed Kubrow Precept.


Hotfix 1

This Hotfix is bringing in some behind the scenes goods to be revealed at a later date! We are still building for a bigger Update that will bring many Railjack changes and fixes, thank you! 


  • Added long requested Wisp Walk, Run, and Sprint movement to Melee weapons, and fixed her movement when equipped with the Shedu.
  • Fixes for weapon hand positions, walking animations, and t-posing issues related to this change from PC’s 27.0.10 - .11 will be coming in a future update! 


  • Tenebrous Ephemera Removal and Future Acquisition: 
    • TEMPORARILY removed the Tenebrous Ephemera as a drop from Reinforced Sentient Containers aboard the Sentient Anomaly in Veil Proxima. The drop method is causing numerous issues in terms of connectivity stability and player frustration. We’re going to be changing the acquisition method that won’t involve a direct drop rate in a near future Hotfix/Update, and will instead be closer to a token system (complete X Anomaly missions to buy Ephemera from a vendor).
      • The Tenebrous Ephemera will be coming back as soon as possible in a better acquisition method
  • Made performance improvements to Vauban’s Flechette Orb projectile FX.


  • Fixed the ‘Hijacked’ Grineer Crewship spawning inside geometry. 
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in an infinite loading tunnel when launching Railjack missions from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed getting a mini Grineer Hacking Panel UI that is unhackable if the hack is canceled upon hitting the context action. 
  • Fixed purchased Warframe skins still appearing as available for purchase in the Arsenal. 


Hotfix 2

This Hotfix is bringing in some behind the scenes goods to be revealed at a later date! We are still building for a bigger Update that will bring many Railjack changes and fixes, you can read our plans for the first console update of 2020 in the PSA we posted earlier this week. 


  • Fixed being in Operator mode in the Dry Dock and then starting a Railjack mission resulting in your Operator being in it’s non-combat Dojo state.
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Still no tennogen catch-up bundles. Most of us want to have the same content Xbox and Playstation players have already. Please give us an update on that or include it in the next big update for the game!

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My body is ready, so hyped!


Anyone noticing blocky textures now? Specifically on reflective surfaces. Prominent on the railjack. Also customizing the railjack is really really blurry. Looks like the camera is too far back to it moves out of optimal render distance or something?


Edit: someone else looked at the blocky textures and said it looked normal to them. But they took one look at the railjack during customization and agreed that it looked really blurry and messy.

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Nice to know the update is out, thanks guys! 🙂

But quite a lot of visual bugs on the Empyrian nodes, it's very rough around the edges even for Switch standards. And about the overall visual quality...I don't wanna sound disrespectful, but is that just a "test" build to see how the Switch can handle Empyrian before a proper visual overhaul or will the proxima missions always look like...you know...this?

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7 minutes ago, (NSW)Bayodrake said:

Nice to know the update is out, thanks guys! 🙂

But quite a lot of visual bugs on the Empyrian nodes, it's very rough around the edges even for Switch standards. And about the overall visual quality...I don't wanna sound disrespectful, but is that just a "test" build to see how the Switch can handle Empyrian before a proper visual overhaul or will the proxima missions always look like...you know...this?

Yeah tonnes of visual bugs, and the first mission I played turned into a slideshow the second we were boarded (single digits fps if that). Very first mission loaded in to a fog cloud that was in a perfect cube shape. Taking lots of screenshots so as to submit bug reports.

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1 hour ago, (NSW)ohgodzilla said:

Yeah tonnes of visual bugs, and the first mission I played turned into a slideshow the second we were boarded (single digits fps if that). Very first mission loaded in to a fog cloud that was in a perfect cube shape. Taking lots of screenshots so as to submit bug reports.

THIS! EXACTLY THIS. You described exactly what I had in mind. The fog (???) and lighting on the Railjack missions are in one word atrocious! That cube/edgy thing that should be the visual effects of the space scenario is disturbing. Empyrian is probably the ugliest thing I have ever seen on the Switch and that was absolutely unexpected from the most graphically stunning game on the very same platform. And the fps drops? God, on free flight the turret blasts were like 10/15 fps.

I'll give the benefit of the doubt as the whole Empyrian update was rushed in all platforms and I imagine that optimizing it for the Switch would take longer than one month for a consistent build, imagine for the messy horror that Empyrean is atm. I think it may be too early to say "the Switch can't handle it, we reached the limit", but DE has to give us better than this on the next hotfixes and updates.

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