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(Nintendo Switch) Rising Tide: Update 26.1.3


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The good times keep rolling with a speedy Cert approval from Nintendo - Rising Tide is here! This means you can all enjoy this upcoming weekend with your Clan in your newly built Dry Dock. We’ve included everything from PC Update 26.1 - Hotfix 26.1.3. Adventure into your new Orbiter, build your Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo, and forge your Railjack. 

Rising Tide: Update 26.1.3 on the Nintendo Switch is a remaster update! 

When we remaster, we are essentially doing a big cache cleanup to optimize old and existing assets. When we do this, we decrease the overall size of Warframe. In this instance, Warframe will go from 22 GB to 16 GB

Since this affects existing assets, Warframe will be re-downloaded in its entirety when the update goes live. You will notice the small white progress bar that appears on the Warframe tile will fill up twice, this is normal! It simply indicates the two step process of the remaster. 

Please Note: You must have a minimum of ~16 GB on your Nintendo Switch at the time the update launches in order for the download to begin. This is due to the process of replacing the current existing copy of Warframe. For those that do not have the allotted space at the time of it launching, deleting Warframe and re-downloading the title from the eShop will begin a fresh download without the remastering process. 


The Dry Dock has arrived - it’s time to prepare with a new QUEST: RISING TIDE. By the end of this quest you’ll have assembled a Railjack, but it is not ready for flight. The time will come, Tenno.

The balance of power is tipping.  An imminent threat grows stronger, surging across the Origin System. Will you stand against it? Keep pace in the arms race by starting construction on your Clan’s Dry Dock!

Build the Dry Dock, assemble your Railjack and prepare for the coming battle. What will begin as a hangar will evolve into your sanctuary, a space to hone and upgrade your ship with powerful technology to become the weapon you’ll need. Build the Dry Dock by rallying your clan and contributing Resources to its construction. After that, if you have completed the Second Dream Quest, start the Rising Tide Quest to begin forging your Railjack.



The Grineer threat is mounting and you must rise to meet it. Track down the pieces of a long destroyed Railjack and breathe new life into it with the help of the newest Cephalon, Cy!

The Lost Cephalon

Building your Railjack begins with recruiting a Cephalon to pilot it. Begin by researching the Railjack Cephalon in at the Railjack Research Console in your Dry Dock. Once the research is complete, return to the Railjack Research Console to purchase a Railjack Cephalon blueprint and begin the process of crafting him in your Orbiter Foundry and installing him in the Dry Dock.

The Broken Vessel

Time has not been kind to the Railjacks. You’ll need to work with Cephalon Cy to find viable salvage from wreckage across the Origin System. After Cephalon Cy is installed in the Dry Dock, locate the six necessary Railjack components, retrieve them, then return back to the Dry Dock to restore them to glory. Once your Railjack is rebuilt, you’ll be able to board and explore your ship. Ignition and flight command requires additional components, which have yet to be located by Cephalon Cy.

  • Cy's Transmission volume are affected by the ‘Transmission Volume’ slider. 


This update previews new Resources for future update EMPYREAN! When Empyrean launches, a wide variety of Railjack Specific resources will launch in missions, but we are previewing 4 new Resources early to aid in the construction of your Railjack:

Eximus Units will Drop 2 of the new Resources:

  • Eximus units on Europa Ice Planet tileset = Cubic Diodes
  • Exmius units on Ceres Shipyard tileset = Carbides

Note: On-kill extra drops (like Khora and Hydroid) do not apply to these Resource drop type - Cubic Diodes and Carbides have a 100% chance to roll the table for a 50% chance, can't boost that 100% any further!

Mining will reward 2 of the new Resources:

  • Plains of Eidolon: Pustrels (ORE)
  • Orb Vallis: Copernics (ORE)



  • Your Orbiter just got an upgrade, Tenno! See the stars through the new viewing ports and marvel at the improved lighting and materials coming with the Dry Dock update. Your decorations will mostly survive the transition, with a small chance for error near certain walls. Simply move pieces around, or start from scratch with the ‘RESET DECORATIONS’ option from The Old Blood!
    • Added a new slider for Orbiter ‘Wear & Tear ’in the Equipment > Orbiter > Orbiter Appearance menu! This new ‘Wear & Tear’ section allows you to choose how much internal amount of nicks and scratches you want the Arsenal section of your Orbiter to reflect AND what color those markings are.
      • Eventually these markings will apply to sections of the Orbiter outside of the Arsenal area once they have been given their updated looks!


Kill with contrast using this signature collection for Equinox. This collection includes the Antonym Equinox Skin, Astreos Sword and Shield Skin and Circadian Syandana.

Few things are more destructive than a secret. Unleash your opposite with this skin for Equinox.

A billowing new skin to provide a unique, ethereal look to your pistol.

Husband and wife, dawn and dusk. A signature Sword and Shield skin for Equinox.

Rise and fall, ebb and flow, peace and war. A signature Syandana for Equinox.


A cosmetic collection as ethereal as a misted mountain and as striking as a thunderclap. Contains the Stratus Pistol Skin, Cumulus Syandana and Cirrus Armor Set.

Roiling and swirling with the promise and threat of a thunderhead, the Cumulus Syandana is for those Tenno who dwell among the clouds.

The preferred armor set of those who call both the mists of morning and the fog of war home. A perfect complement to the the Cumulus Syandana.

The Origin Pack is the best possible value for a Tenno looking to boost their Arsenal and get some spectacular new Cosmetics! The Origin Pack features the new Parotia Syandana and 200 Platinum.

*This pack is available on Dec. 23rd on Nintendo Switch! Dec. 19th for those in Japan!

General Additions:

  • Added 2 new Challenges:
    • Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Enter the Dry Dock 
    • Some Assembly Required: Assemble a Railjack 


Critical Chance On Rivens
We recently increased the stats of the ‘Steel’ Category of Melee Mods (True Steel, Sacrificial Steel). We are now doing this for Rivens among other Mods to bring them up! 

Doubled the amount of Critical Chance on Melee Rivens and gave the Critical Chance 2x for Heavy Melee.

  • Amalgam Ripkas changed to 187% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attacks).
  • True Punishment changed to 100% Additional Combo Count Chance, -50% Combo Duration.

General Melee Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased the Combo Counter cap of the Venka Prime from 220 to 240.
  • Defiled Snapdragon Stance has received some spice:
    • Added a Slash proc to the third and fourth attacks in the neutral combo.
    • Added a Slash proc to the second and third attacks in the block+forward combo.
    • Increased the damage and combo point value of the last hit in the third attack of the block+forward combo.
  • Fixed ‘Chance to not gain combo count’ Riven curse not applying at all. This Riven curse has been reworded to ‘% chance to gain Combo Count’ for further clarification.


We have 2 design changes to Liches to aid in the co-op nature of our missions, as well as the general mission flow:

1. Rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 Liches now drop Kuva for all squad members when a Parazon is used on them - whether that leads to defeat or ranking up, the Kuva is yours on Ranks 1 through 4! Kuva numbers are balanced against Siphons / Kuva Survival missions, and take into account the fact that multiple Liches spawn in missions. The aim is to not make this the best Kuva run, just an added value. Siphons and other missions are meant to be the optimal path. Rank 5 Liches do not have Kuva as a drop as they could intentionally be kept alive for a vector to acquire Kuva. The Drops are: Rank 1: 150, Rank 2:  200, Rank 3: 250, Rank 4: 300. This is lower than some other discussed numbers because we are now letting it share across Squadmates.

2. Liches now run away (but don’t rank up) if you’ve downed them 3 times, but don’t use your Parazon on them. This allows you to overpower your Lich and have it flee, instead of having the only way to remove it from a Mission be your failure to know a Requiem.

General Changes & Fixes: 

  • Operators can no longer perform Mercy kills on Larvling or Kuva Lich. Your Warframe is armed with the Parazon for a reason!
  • Fixed issue with Requiem Mod UI lingering and not updating properly after performing a Mercy on Kuva Lich as Wisp.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich weapons showing as fully Mastered in player Profile before hitting rank 40. Affected accounts should now see the corrected Mastered status based on progress.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich screen overlapping with the in-game Market UI if the Market is opened while viewing said Kuva Lich screen.
  • Fixed Kuva Lich despawning after getting downed while temporarily friendly from Revenant's Enthrall.
  • Fixed Kuva Larvling spawns automatically setting off the alarms.
  • Fixed issues with the Vanquish / Convert context action appearing on Kuva Liches for Clients.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur after Vanquishing your Kuva Lich.
  • Fixed failed Kuva Lich Parazon stabs showing as two fails. This was just a UI bug, and not actually counting towards two fails.

Archwing Flight Changes:

The changes that refined Afterburner and brought Blink to all Archwings were not included in this Update because we could not get them to work properly in time, and we did not want to hold the rest of the content. We were optimistic we could include it, but it was apparent in our testing that we’d cause quite a few binding blunders releasing it in its current state. So we are putting time into releasing a more controller friendly version of the changes for our console Tenno. That said, one Archwing change we did include in this update from the batch in PC’s Update 26.1 is Itzal's new ability “ARCH LINE”. This means that Blink will be temporarily unavailable until we release it on all Archwings with sensible bindings. It goes without saying that we know this is extremely disruptive for our Tridolon hunters who heavily rely on the ability - we will be resolving this in the next Update! We know this is not ideal, we apologize for the temporary hold on Blink while we work to improve overall Archwing controls on controllers. 

ARCH LINE has replaced Itzal’s Blink ability:
Launch a tethered hook that either pulls enemies close, or pulls the Warframe towards any stationary objects it hooks onto.

Garuda Changes & Fixes:

  • Added a projectile explosion range FX to Garuda’s Dread Mirror blood projectile for the local player (one doing the casting) so you can see your output.
  • Slight trim to the Bloodletting cast animation.
  • Bloodletting now gives 35% Energy instead of 25%.
  • Reduced Seeking Talons charge time by around 15%.
  • Increased Seeking Talons Status Chance from 50 to 75%.
  • Fixed motion blur on Garuda's Dread Mirror.

General Changes:

  • Increased maximum Dojo Room capacity from 100 to 128 to accommodate for the new Crimson Branch and Dry Dock additions!
  • Added a new Captura Orbiter Scene so you can finally take a family photo with you and your 99 Domestik Drones - now with a new skylight!
  • We now allow the use of Skins on Zaws - this 2 year old request is finally seeing the light of day after some under-the-hood restructuring. If you come across any issues with Exodia, or odd behaviours, please let us know! Skin compatibility is automatically determined by Strike!
  • Restored Mirage’s Eclipse granting its ‘light’ buff when Mirage is on fire AND when under the effect of an Electricity Status Effect.
  • Capitalized Ember’s name in her Inferno ability description.
  • Tweaked the density of Ember’s Ability FX on nearby hits.
  • Improvements towards Orokin Derelict mission markers to address pathing issues.
  • Reduced Orbiter machine sounds while in Menu screens.


  • Optimized batch removal of friends to reduce server load.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to screens with a button-bar.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the categorized grid UI and other UI scripts.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to the Mod and Upgrade screens.
  • Made some micro-optimizations to sorting Mods by "recent".


Expand spoilers below for full list of fixes



  • Fixed the ability to hack a single Corpus Spy console repeatedly, thus gaining an endless amount of Affinity.
  • Fixed progression stopper in the Profit Taker fight due to inability to rehack the console.
  • Fixed enemies in Gas City Sabotage not rushing when a hacking console is failed.
  • Fixed being dragged under the floor after hacking a panel in the "Follow the Stalker" mission in The Second Dream quest.
  • Fixed a recurring issue where hacking a panel on a Corpus tileset would prevent you from hacking it again in the future, potentially locking the player in the room during lockdown.
  • Fixed a Kitgun Riven Disposition always displaying 3/5, even if the Riven disposition itself is lower than that.
  • Fixed inability to see what players are selling in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed inability to pick up Domestik Drones once they’ve been placed in Decorator Mode.
  • Fixed a number of UI lock-ups if you launched from Discord and attempted to buy Loadout slots or rush items in the Foundry and didn't have enough Platinum to do so.
  • Fixed enemies in the Mastery Rank 28 test not taking damage when ragdolled by certain CC Abilities.
  • Fixed small invisible ledge sticking out along the Plains of Eidolon boundary wall closest to The Ribs.
  • Fixed the Zealoid Prelate getting stuck underneath staircases in the Orokin Derelict Emissary Assassinate node.
  • Fixed Archwing Gox enemy ending up with Storm Trooper level aim when players are too close to it after its laser arm weapon is destroyed.
  • Fixing enemies losing their weapons permanently if an Ivara casts a Sleep Arrow on them while using a Rampart.
  • Fixed Atlas, Frost, Valkyr, Nidus, and Oberon's left arm bending in an unsettling way when holding the Opticor with their Noble Animation Sets equipped.
  • Fixed Corinth being attached to your Warframe’s left hand in an awkward position if reload was interrupted.
  • Fixed K-Drives being able to capture Cases in Fortuna Bounties.
  • Fixed rare case of loading screen hanging when loading into Caloris, Mercury and Relays.
  • Fixed certain enemies (mostly Hyekkas, Drahks, and Feral Kavats/Kubrows) having poor hit detection while held in Vauban's Bastille.
  • Fixed passive Focus buffs not being given or restored if the Arsenal is entered/exited in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed Alad V firing his electric shield ability out of his rear during his boss fight.
  • Fixed Ballistica's alt fire ammo not being reloaded properly for Clients if equipped with Mods that reload while holstered (ie. Tactical Reload).
  • Fixed firing and reload animations for Titania’s Hawkmoth Skin for her Dex Pixia exalted weapon.
  • Fixed counter for Razorflies missing for Client Titanias until one is either killed or spawned.
  • Fixed "No Mods Mode" UI prompt not appearing for Clients in Grendel's Locator missions.
  • Fixed hitting an Eidolon Lure with a Heavy Slam Attacks causing it to disappear after the lifted status ends and respawn far away.
  • Fixed the Kohm and Kuva Kohm's Energy ring in the middle of the weapon not using the chosen Energy color.
  • Fixed Mirage's Hall of Mirrors Clones dealing Modded damage in Grendel's "No Mods Mode" missions.
  • Fixed being unable to cast Nova's abilities for a period of time after casting Null Star. 
  • Fixed Atlas being unaffected by Vauban's Vector Pads. Rocks gotta go fast too.
  • Fixed the Golden Maw in The War Within quest pursuing the player at a crawl after dropping into the pit.
  • Fixed Golden Maws in The War Within quest not attacking player-controlled (Transference) Maw.
  • Fixed being able to Synthesis Scan more than than the maximum number of Scans required per target.
  • Fixed "new message" Inbox status being cleared immediately when viewing a new message -- now the message title will stay bold/white along with the green "unopened" envelope icon until you actually click off it (or exit the Inbox screen).
  • Fixed inability to switch to Primary from the Gear wheel if no Secondary is equipped.
  • Fixed Domestik Drones colliding with their own spawn points - was causing wobbly pathing as they ran over them.
  • Fixed Captain Vor being affected by the melee "Lifted" status in the "Vor's Prize" Quest. He will now stay firmly grounded as he does in all other scenarios.
  • Fixed Inaros no longer using his Sarcophagus if he dies at any point after using Archwing.
  • Fixed a small collection of enemies such as Sentients and Amalgams when not alert not turning around to look at you when they should, even if you were pumping their backs full of bullets.
  • Fixed enemies being unable to get up if they got Rhino Stomped while they were under a Heavy Ground Slam ‘lifted’ effect.
  • Fixed the "Advance Time" tool in Captura causing your Warframe's upper body to swivel when aiming down sights/blocking with melee.
  • Fixed enemy AI having trouble turning around when very close to their target.
  • Fixed AOE Status Effects such as Electricity or Gas not occurring on killing blows.
  • Fixed Naru Syandana violently clipping through Warframes.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Chimera’ Prologue could not be completed.
  • Fixed the Orb Vallis Coildrives driving in erratic circles and sometimes becoming stuck when going off course. This also fixes an inability to complete Coildrive Bounties!
  • Potential fix towards Stalker not remaining in the mission if a Host migration occurred while he was out for blood.
  • Fixed Companions getting distracted by Roller Floofs while being viewed in the Arsenal, making them near impossible to customize.
  • Fixed inability to Revive after getting clocked by a submersible mine underwater.
  • Fixed teleport volumes to catch players going wildly out of bounds in The Sacrifice quest not doing exactly that. 
  • Fixed Khora’s movement breaking when inside a Corpus Nullifier bubble with Strangledome active.
  • Fixed an incorrect spawn location that was located inside an ice block in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed broken lighting and reflections in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed overzealous ceiling teleporters to make the ceiling less invasive, allowing you to jump higher in the Grineer Settlement tileset.
  • Fixed a small corridor in the Grineer Shipyard tileset appearing darker than intended from the outside.
  • Fixed level hole in Grineer Shipyard and Orokin Moon tilesets.
  • More fixes towards Infested Corpus ship doors clipping into other rooms.
  • Fixed missing description for the Narvarr Prime Armor.
  • Fixed a [PH] tag appearing in the verification prompt when trading Requiem Mods.
  • Fixed Audio Options text appearing as boxes or otherwise being smaller than expected.
  • Fixed script errors in when Wisp casts her Reservoirs.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if Revenant tried to Enthrall without a target.
  • Fixed a script error in the Syndicates screen when shutting down to load into mission.
  • Fixed a script error related to Companions losing their original pathing instructions once you’ve left a zone (Onslaught, Vallis, Plains, etc).
  • Fixed a script error when casting Octavia’s Resonator ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Decorate your Dojo.
  • Fixed a crash when a Host migration occurred.
  • Fixed a crash when using Baruuk’s Desert Wind's Heavy Attack.

Hotfix 1

Nothing to see here! Just preparing some future Twitch fun.

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I HATE YOU GUYS!! Yesterday you kept me awake during the Game Awards (they started at 2.30 am on my country) to see the announcement. Today you launch Rising Tide at 10.15 pm on my country and it is a 2 hr download. How do you expect me to sleep today again if I need to start the dojo room, redecorate my orbiter, buy Equinox deluxe bundle and try to grab some Thumpers with the itzal rip line? 😂

Edited by (NSW)Belaptir
If it wasn't obvious enough, it's SARCASM. I actually love what you've done here and wasn't expecting it at all! THANK YOU!
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20 minutes ago, (NSW)Belaptir said:

It's a pun. Mesa + Index = Mesa-dex

In case you didn't know, index is one of the fastest way of earning credits on the game.


No I of course know index, but I prefer use revenant. Just I don't except Mesa in index so I don't get it.

Index is boring to me, but it's look like it be necessary evil. 

Start day with arb to get first mission bonus then few rounds of index. Maybe it will be not as bad.

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3 minutes ago, (NSW)zook-pl said:


No I of course know index, but I prefer use revenant. Just I don't except Mesa in index so I don't get it.

Index is boring to me, but it's look like it be necessary evil. 

Start day with arb to get first mission bonus then few rounds of index. Maybe it will be not as bad.

You can always do profit taker. With lootkat and double credits together with chroma's effigy you'll get a bunch of creds.
I personally prefer index on party with my friends because we have a lot of fun trying to get to Prodman to murder him.

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Well, this is a pleasant surprise! I'll be right on it once my download is completed.

2 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Operators can no longer perform Mercy kills on Larvling or Kuva Lich. Your Warframe is armed with the Parazon for a reason!

I wonder what would've happened if you did that to a Lich with your Operator and you got the wrong Requiem order...

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