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Warframe on ps5?


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4 hours ago, (PS4)pj791 said:

I'm behind on all statements and news, so my primary question is whether the ps5 will get Warframe.

Will be there at launch. PS5 is natively compatible with ps4 games, with few exceptions that will need a couple of manual tweaks.

The only question yet to be answered is if we will ever get an actual ps5 upgrade, for sure it can emulate ps4 pro hadrware but i hope in the near future the game will make use of the full hardware of ps5 supporting higher framerate and graphic fidelity

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2 hours ago, Kaotyke said:

Yes. DE will then stop giving PS4 updates so you have to buy the PS5.

Marketing Strategy,



Eventually that will happen but not at launch. 

Deploying War Frame on multiple consoles means a lot of work that is poured on ports. DE must take that decision later on when the PS5 is properly installed in the market. At least four years minimum. 


Evolution Engine is scalable. 



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