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Update 31: The New War


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Just found out even Founders who bought just the Excalibur Prime cannot proceed to L2 when the test comes out next year, if before that there are no more new MR gear. Non Founders lack 8k and the Excalibur Prime-only Founders lack 2k.

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Vox Solaris changes don't change how egregious Solaris United standing is. You didn't even bother to change debt bonds sacrifices which, mind you, are a chore to get. Seriously, how untrusting is Eudico to lock you out of profit taker bounties but let's you fight the exploiter orb at ANY rank? It makes no sense. I'm speaking about gyromags and how you can ONLY acquire them at old mate with Solaris united. That's absolutely ridiculous. Every other open world let's you do unique bounties at any rank; For Cetus it's the eidolons, for Deimos, it's the iso vaults. So why do you get locked out of necessary materials through Solaris united at rank 5- which is already terrible enough for new players because of the daily standing cap limit.

Seriously consider changing the cap limit with lower Mr players. In addition, I do not in good faith believe you designed fortuna to be new player friendly despite how early you can access it, especially with Ticker who asks you to dump hundreds of credits and resources for a meager amount of debt bonds and the already terrible daily standing cap limit which only serves to be a nuisance then anything.

These changes just DO not help. Fortuna is a mess and people have been asking you to fix it for years.

As opposed to Deimos which has been crafted expertly and is incredibly rewarding through acquiring necramechs, resources, standing and even a companion, all easy to acquire and don't lock you out at max rank. 


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