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Update 31: The New War


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Good update needs some polishing of Aya , increase void endless % to make it worthwhile. Currently bounties are the only reliable way after playing 2 hours Void interception I barely received 2 Aya, repeated the run and got 3 Aya while one bounty can give you almost a guranteed Aya, which is completely out of context since endless mission increase in difficulty compared to bounties who stay at the same level. This is unreasonable and should be addressed as soon as possible to allow players an alternative to bounties.

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explained further
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Has the following bugs been fixed? I do not see them listed.

Profit taker leg regen

Akarius explosion fx not working properly as client

disappearing weapon bug(one method is triggered by casting dispensary followed by discharge in quick succession)

excavation UI being messed up for clients

E: Not even 30 minutes of playtime after logging in and still seeing all of these bugs still persists, DE can we please get some acknowledgement on these bugs since apparently there isn't acknowledgement via posting them to the bug reporting forums

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