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Nora's Mix Volume 1: Update 31.2.0 +


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I get the feeling some Warframe augments were buffed through the roof, I get augments were made slightly more powerful and impactful for the slot they occupy. However, I feel Rift Haven is straight up busted and some mods will certainly need readjusting, with this Limbo can heal way better than many Warframes only for 25 energy.

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Best way to buff Atlas augments... 😋

Path of statues -> become innate effect of landslide.

Rubble heap -> just buff landslides innate combo counter to go up to 8x from 4x (2, 4, 6, 8x so there are 4 steps). Change rubble heap so it gains dmg resistance like adaptation (but it scales with how much rubble you have, example: 0 rubble 0% adaptation effect, 100% rubble 95%🤫 adaptation effect. Something on those lines). Keep the existing effects; at 1400 rubble = no energy cost for landslide/2x travel speed
*Just these changes open 2 possible mod slots if these mods are all used in current builds (removes adaptation and path of statues as "required" mods/depends on builds. I see 2 open mod slots better buffs than anything else).*

Tectonic Fracture -> Place as many walls as you have energy to cast the ability? No idea on this one. (Randomly throwing this 2min thought. Changes tectonics to an AoE, the wall crumbles and rubble is scattered all over the ground, enemies that walk over it stager every x amount of time and increase all incoming damage by x amount.)

Ore gaze -> 50% chance for additional loot. It should be up to par with all other farm frames stat wise.

Rumbled and Titanic Rumbler should be combined together. Where you can enter the massive rumbler like a necramech and gain boosts when "piloting it". 

Now only 4 good augments exist for atlas! 2 potential mod slots are open! Atlas gets some interesting buffs to Dmg, survivability, utility, and cool factor, cause who doesn't want a Rock Titan Necramech.

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Not sure where specifically to put this, but the last daily challenge (Kill two or more with a single arrow) was way too eas. Can we make it 25 or 50 times? It's actually been my hobby to kill multiple enemies with a single Bow shot. When I saw it I thought it was having to do it twice or something (assuming the two targets were one objective), but was disappointed it was basically drop a Glyph, do a Emote or activate three ayatans or something. You missed making it a real challenge, something that could be done for a few days or something

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On 2022-03-17 at 3:58 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Excalibur: Furious Javelin
Before: Each enemy hit would increase Excalibur’s Melee Damage by 10% for 16s
New: Melee damage is now increased to 15% at maximum Rank.

While more damage per hit indirectly helps consistency, the main problem with this mod wasn't damage to begin with, it was a combination of low duration, questionable consistency, limitation of being melee damage buff only, and baseline ability being extremely underwhelming and expensive. Could've at least increased the duration to ~25 seconds, or make it all damage buff to allow for more varied playstyle (would allow to use all three weapons as opposed melee only without feeling bad for missing on the damage buff), or at least finally make the base ability good by itself and not a 'throw 75 energy away for nothing' kind of button.


Really hope there'd be an excal rework one day.

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