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Exploiter Orb hasn't aged well (Power creep and soloing)


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So over the weekend I decided I wanted to farm a 2nd Hildryn for Helminth, to put Pillage on Styanax.  I looked at my inventory and just needed a systems.  So off to the queue.

I always queue public (it's a co-op game) barring spy missions, and I'm paired with 2 others.  Fight goes pretty smoothly and I re-acquaint myself with the fight (it's been 2 years).  No systems but we go again.  No systems again.  One guy leaves and I duo 4 more times.  6 missions, 3 neuros and 3 chassis.  That's Warframe RNG for you.

I take a bit of a break, and end up coming back the next day (yesterday).  Nobody joins, so I'm solo.  And this is where I notice an issue.

The inside portion of the fight is fine.  But outside, Coolant Raknoids are either not spawning, or spawning so far away and NOT coming to the boss.  I end up soloing this 3 times before I get a systems, and in the first one, I'm looking around and find 4 Raknoids just chilling at the Corpus compound over the hill.  And more far away at the teleport spot.  Of the 3 times solo, only 1 time did any actually come to the boss.  Most were just randomly AFKing off in the distance.

That's an issue due to the timing of the mechanics, with heat gradually rising until the "division" move cooling the boss down.  If there aren't enough mobs to generate heat cannisters then you can't heat it up fast enough.  And once there wasn't enough mobs, once there were, but they were so far away that the time spent flying to them to kill them was too long, and only on my 2nd solo run did they actually approach the boss.

In the end, the best play was to go out and collect the cannisters, heat them, and then collect a pile and wait.  Just stand in front of the boss.  No threat of mobs coming.  Once I had 5 I'd just wait for the division move to end, and spam all the collected cannisters (4 or 5) and then do the move.  And repeat again.  The first stab was always fine, but the 2nd and 3rd had major issues with mobs existing, or existing close enough, to make the mechanics make sense.  Only when they actually came to the boss (1 out of 3 solo) did the fight "make sense".

So this isn't about Attenuation or anything, but about mob spawning and AI.  Something isn't quite right with it when solo.  Maybe always, but if not solo at least the density is there and you have more than one person grabbing cannisters.  Is it the reworking of Orb Vallis from last Christmas?  Not sure, as the last time I did this fight was mid 2020.

And power creep has made this fight incredibly easy.  To be fair, I was Wisp (for the speed, though even an Archwing wasn't always fast enough to bring back cannisters fast enough to heat up all the way before "division").  But nothing was ever going to damage me, even just standing still in front of the boss for 5 minutes straight.

As I'm building my 2nd Hildryn now, I'm likely to never run this fight again, so any changes won't benefit me, and I'll never see them.  But something is most definitely off about this fight compared to 2 years ago, and I don't think it's just power creep.

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This is Warframe.  There's a sweet spot to engage with content.  Hit it when it's fresh and new, and you'll be bug-testing even more than usual.  The grind will usually be most brutal then as well.  But if you wait too long, you won't find other players (usually not a problem) and more recent updates are likely to have broken something, like your experience with the Exploiter Orb.  Or the eximus changes and their effect on mastery rank tests.  DE fixes things sometimes, but not always.  For example, running repeated bounties in the Orb Vallis is a bad idea now, and has been for years, as they've let the bug preventing hacking the same spy panel twice in an "instance" fester.  It wasn't always like this, but a post-Fortuna update introduced that bug, and there it remains.


I have no interest in Soulframe, but I hope for DE's sake that they build with future-proofing in mind.  As much as they can.

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16 minutes ago, Uhkretor said:

Imagine that, AI nonchalantly going AFK...

DE, nerf please, we can't have AFKers in Warframe.

Yeah, I can at least understand the AI getting stuck on geometry (which the New War messed up a lot on both Orb and Plains), but walking in circles in the middle of a flat field when your boss wants you to cool them down is reportable.

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3 hours ago, Drasiel said:

I tend to solo exploiter and prior to the New War I didn't encounter any issues with the raknoid spawns, in fact often there was a bit too many at once.  I would suspect that there's a pathing bug with the new orb vallis map post new war.

Not sure if it was pre or post nw but I got 0 raknoid spawn (yeah, mission failure)

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