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Orbital Haunt Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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Decorate a Spooky Orbiter, Dojo, or Dormizone to Win!

Do you hear that? It sounds like the start of the Nights of Naberus. Join us in celebrating this ghoulish season by turning your Orbiter, Dojo, Dormizone, or Spoiler Camp into a haunted house!

How to enter: Decorate your Orbiter, Dojo, Dormizone, or Spoiler Camp like a haunted house. Submit images or video of your haunted house in this thread for judging!

1st place – Revenant Prime Access!
2nd place – 2000 Platinum!
3rd place – 1500 Platinum!
4th place – 1000 Platinum!
5th place – 750 Platinum!

Orbiter, Dojo, Dormizone, and Spoiler Camp submissions will be judged separately, which means there will be 5 winners for each (permitting enough entries of each)!

Need an example?





  • One submission per player. You must choose one category: Orbiter, Dojo, Dormizone, or Spoiler Camp. Make it your best!
  • Submission must be your original work
  • Submission must be appropriate for the community forums
  • Images cannot be manipulated by external programs
  • Do not reserve posts in the contest thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified

Winners will be chosen based on the quality of their haunted house. Make it spooky!

This contest starts now until Wednesday, October 19 @ 1:00PM ET


Show us your worst, Tenno!

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1 hour ago, (PSN)Dizzzy12 said:

Just to clarify do we need to actually build a haunted house or can we make anything on theme for Halloween :)


Much love. 

Hello! Your submission is not confined to just being a haunted house. We are looking for all things and anything spooky :D 

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Dormizone entry:

Dimensional Leak - Accidental connection to an unknown dimension


What was once an old gate used to conduct research on the void suddenly burst open after having been sealed for eons because of its instability.Warframe0462.jpg

A pair of giant skeletal hands tried to force the gate open and creatures started flooding out of the gate. Warframe0464.jpgWarframe0463.jpg

No one knows where that gate is currently connected to but whatever is on the other side,Warframe0465.jpg

It. Wants. Out.Warframe0467.jpg

Screenshots are taken using captura.

Happy Spooktober everyone 💀

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My entry is for spoiler camp / drifters camp.
Big meaty behemoth and rescued Cetus guy cooking up a batch of nightmares. 
Meaty behemoth need not fear being heard while walking for his feet are made of squishy floofs.



Rest of the images are just side images and a daylight image for better clarity of the same build.




Without warframe wings



Side shot




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