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The Face Behind The Name! V2

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11 hours ago, Noamuth said:

So, it's all Christmas in my little town right now and I just found these in my Gran's car.

While we were on the way to a late lunch with family.

In a restaurant.

Yes, I wore them the entire time.

The question is, why were they in your Gran's car in the first place

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14 minutes ago, Noamuth said:

I left them there when I borrowed her car in Halloween.

Noamuth confirmed for littering.


Maybe I should post an updated picture of myself, but that would require my appearance to have changed

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2 minutes ago, Skycook3y said:

Trust me, but you have the least to say in this, given that you'd jump at the chance of me posting one.


i still have that picture of your face plastered to cephalon suda and i need fresh material

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11 minutes ago, XaelathRavenstorm said:


"Disappointment look that no Telos Boltace(Melee Rivens) this year" Look XD

I really want to make a joke about high expectation asian parents now but my fear of getting reported stops me from doing that.

Pretty sure Telos Boltace is just gonna get a faint disposition anyway, though.

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