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Optional Mission Feedback Survey


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We have an optional Survey available for the next couple of weeks (until March 18th) to gather targeted feedback on Warframe's Mission Types.


It's completely optional -  filling it out will help us get more data on Mission Type feedback.


If you wish to participate, see here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZEGk94c5HIoytnZjS-KfdaFADLFi8AvJgudcAo1CNpk/viewform


No personal information or anything that can identify you is collected.


Thanks in advance!




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Oh, neato.

Edit; Anyways thanks for doing this guys, I really hope having our input will make missions like deception or spy a lot harder and not just streamlining everyone to play mobile defense etc. The main reason being that people play Mobile defense is those missions are worth while not only in affinity gained but the rewards on top of giving a progressive challenge.

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No more 4 data mass, then "Change of plans" asking for another 4 data mass.


Rescue NPC AI is terrible about following and running in circles.


Also, separate Survival extractions, please and thanks.




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Woo, a chance to send rescue missions screaming into the abyss.


Also RIP raid, why couldn't they have done this before killing you off :(


I also support the idea of throwing the datamasses out of the airlock. Carrying stuff is bad.

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Should have done this before Raid missions were removed/replaced.


Same thought here. Raid used to be the most fun to me before it got replaced. Actually I can't say objectively why it's been like that.


Probably because there are more enemies to fight than during random Exterminates (which I start to hate ever since repetetive Invasions even them being the fastest to complete) and you don't have to carry around a data-mass during half the mission, protect a dumb AND weak AI or capture cowardly fleeing targets, while still not being as grindy as Defense and Survival missions are. Haven't tried Interception yet, but I guess without Raid I'd vote for Mobile Defense, best of two worlds.


Edit: Going to celebrate the death of rescue missions by doing a ... rescue mission. Call me masochistic, but probably that's the last time we are able to do it.

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