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The Grineer Systems Transmission And U13 Hype Megathread

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There is a difference between rudeness and proper criticism. If you do something improper in real life, you expect to be criticized, or it may not work in that fashion in your resident. However, the gist of my counter argument would be that our respect to the Devs are expressed through our monetary support. 


All I see in return of that trust and support is a spit to my face and a troll face implying "deal with it.jpeg." Therefore, no, I don't see how my respect is returned, but it is surely delivered before this disaster.

I understand how one could think monetary support shows respect. But in this occasion Monetary support is more your choice in it's entirety, they don't ask for your support or respect or your money for that matter. It is of your own volition that you choose to spend money on the game it doesn't show respect. It simply shows that you made a choice to spend money on a game that can be played without paying anything.

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A bit late, he says. As of now its been over 8 weeks since melee 2.0 was initially to be done.

True, but things don't always go as planned. I also questioned DE about this and predicted that the system was made into Update 13 but oh well, what is past is past and here we are, now finally waiting for the melee 2.0 to be released. I do hope that the system is great and you guys have good times with the update when it finally comes out. I will not likely spend a minute on it since I will be leaving for my well earned vacation within less than an hour. Still, I can not wait till I also get to test the system out, especially so that I have been on a break for a while due to burnout and I miss Warframe so much.

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Some people said it was yesterday, Warframe runs on EST time and now its 12:02 am and there is still no update. This is ridiculous, I have half a mind to uninstall warframe considering they can't stick to their word or even update everyone who has been waiting patiently.


Damn can't they set a @(*()$ time and stick to it.

Good gawd go take a nap do something productive cuase its still gonna take some of us a hour or three just to download the update 

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The important thing to remember here is that there's a big difference between immature jackasses flaming DE whenever they don't get what they want and those who understand that complications arise but still feel frustrated with the way DE handle said complications.

Trolls and idiots definitely deserve the scorn they get, but people also have a right to be upset with the lack of clarity that is becoming commonplace with warframe updates and if you're going out of your way to silence THOSE people then all you're doing is suppresing sorely needed constructive criticism.

DE are a great company and I have a lot of respect for them, especially regarding how often they go above and beyond to make sure our gaming experience is the best it can be, but they really suck at communication with their players and that's something that needs to change.

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Still not sure if you are "just a Troll" (EDIT: Now updated to "Concern Troll") but really you aren't adding anything constructive here.


DE "lying?!?" - yeah I'm sure they are all working their Trinity butt-flaps off at the office refreshing this thread and laughing at their playerbase...


Or maybe they are working this hard because they really do care and want to get it out to their players tonight?


A delay of a day, or a week (even after previous delays) really isn't a big deal. Honest.


Compare this to Blizzard telling their paid subscribers they won't be seeing an update until maybe Decemember... now that is a "problem"


Its all about the hype, the more they delay the lower the hype the less chance of plat being spent. Every second they delay the update the chance of someone spending money to get the new Katana goes down. You have to look at this at a manager standpoint not a consumer standpoint.


I get that i am not bringing anything constructive, but i don't think its fair to attack players who are annoyed by the delay because they have every right to be annoyed, and white knighting the DE isn't doing anything constructive either.


 (ok seriously i am to serious i need to check some memes, don't worry i will probably be back to posting clever memes soon)


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There will be blood-shed
The man in the mirror nods his head
The only one left
Will ride upon the dragon's back
Because the mountains don't give back what they take
Oh no
There will be blood-shed
It's the only thing I've ever known
Losing my identity
Wondering have I gone insane
To find the truth in front of me
I must climb this mountain range
Looking downward from this deadly height
And never realizing why I fight

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I see you Grineeer!


so tomorrow will be the day for me

THIS will be the day were waiting for! 

Never give up! Never back down! Believe in the me that believes in the DE that believes in you!

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A desolute place (PLACE)!

Without any trace (TRACE)

It's only the cold wind I feel. . .

I'm the only one who I spite

As i stand up and fight

The only thing I know for real. . .


Edit: Lyric Tenno'd

Sorry, man. I saw the opportunity and I had to take it.

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Well this is mostly why I am upset about the constant delays but Im sure others feel this way.


  • You created hype for something you couldnt bring in time.


  • Its already delayed a week. (It was supposed to be finished last week)


  • Grineer systems screens are no more but still no update.


  • Constant delays with other things as well.





DE I suggest not creating hype for things when they arent finished, instead finish the project and create the hype then.


Dont keep bashing the devs and just tell them in this thread why you are upset about the update not being out yet and how they can do better. Give constructive criticism instead

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Damn it I'm going to sleep. It's not like I could play it tomorrow anyways, what with a physics test Friday...

But Friday night will be glorious.

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