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How Do You Use Your Secondary Weapon?


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I generally keep it as a backup weapon. If I need to reload my primary and I'm getting swarmed or can't get out of incoming fire, I'll switch to my secondary and keep going. Likewise, if I'm using my bow and need to start throwing lots of firepower downrange, out comes the pistols.


Now with Melee 2.0 and the ability to leave weapon slots empty, if I'm leveling a melee weapon I'll leave my primary at home (for more XP share to my melee) and take a secondary for those times when I can't reach something with a melee attack, like when something is flying around or if a stupid arc trap spawns behind stairs or other terrain.

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Besides leveling one for Mastery, I carry a secondary as a backup weapon or insurance against getting jumped by one of the stalker enemies.


The G3 or the other two always seem to show up if I'm leveling something in every slot.  It's happened too many times for me to not carry at least one maxed weapon.

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It's my main weapon, my beloved Brakk.

Yeah, I was like that, before they nerfed Brakk.

Now my primary is Marelok, with (Ak)Lex in the interim.

Although I'm kinda fearing that Marelok will get nerfed as well (dat accuracy).

Killing corrupted lancers/crewmen from the other side of a long room in T3 feels nice.


Mostly stopped using the actual primary weapons since they feel too weak.

Still carry one so I can rank them up passively.

Fallout weapon,when I'm not able to reload and a ancient is charging me, I switch to my Detron. course I could use melee, but I don't like getting T-slapped.

That's called a Fallback weapon.

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Depends on a few factors.


Generally, it's just that: secondary. Similar to the primary and used if the primary runs dry in...an exuberant action.


If the mission is a defense, the secondary is an explosive weapon (basically, it's the Stug or Castanas) to deal with swarms near the pod.


If I'm running a short ranged primary, then the secondary is a ranged supplement (Boar Prime with Sicarus Prime as an example).


If I'm running a precision primary with a low rate of fire, then the secondary will be a short range "alley broom" type (ex: Latron Prime and Bronco Prime).


Capability drives the gear train.

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I love my AKvastos, it's one of my favorite weapons in the game since I'm still on a gunslinger kick.  They pair well with most of the primaries and melee weapons I run now, not to mention every frame.  I use them when I need a powerful secondary with some beef or generally feel like being a cowboy, which is most of the time.

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