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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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RNG is not bad sometimes if it goes your way.

Crimson with Black Stripes - Sahasa Kubrow (Male)


Unfortunately can't determine if he just has just stripes or some kind of lotus symbol but probably the coolest one I have gotten.


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This is my kubrow Aegis.


DAM, ill repost how my kubrow looks like when its all grown up tomorrow >:( Looks like this kubrow breeder still has some blending to do ~

other than that. Nice kubrow, what type is it?

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Pretty nice. Did you use two genetic imprints or get this kubrow by luck through the random incubation process?

sorry if i ask quite a bit of questions :p i always want to know alot.

He was completely random and the questions dont bother me. I always get asked alot of them when I post pictures of him in these types of threads.

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I traded some dude 30p for an imprint which then i mixed with mine into a blender and VOILA


Quite the beauty?

Share your kubrow in this thread if you think it's better than this fine piece of blending material

That is beautiful!  You selling imprints?  >.>

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