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The Kubrow Pics Megathread!


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Edward 2.0. Her original coat wasn't ugly, but it didn't compliment her at all, and she needed a boost to compete with her tubby twin. Now she looks like a real hunter-killer beast, those poor Grineer should watch their necks!



Found out how to make her leave her bubble too:



Not the loading screen kubrow that everyone craves, but she's my little Angel nonetheless.



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OH CHRIST LORD HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE DO YOU HAVE IMPRINTS? HOW DID YOU GET THAT WHITE? could you share its natural color for reference? its really nice and monstrous.


Here's a pic of her natural color:


I used nova grey, lotus purple and derelict black from the new palette and no, I don't have any imprints left (sold them a while ago).

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