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Hotfix 14.0.9


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  • Added in settings for ‘Invite’ reception preferences. This setting allows you to choose from whom you receive game invites: All Players, Friends Only, or None.
  • Added more idle animations for Kubrow Puppies.
  • Added new animations for Silva & Aegis idles.


Dark Sectors Conflict  Changes:

  • Added a 3 second spawn invulnerability to prevent players from camping in spawn points.
  • Added more visibility to nodes that are in conflict when navigating the Solar chart.
  • Increased knockdown recovery speed for all frames in PvP Dark Sector conflicts (and Conclaves).
  • To address general survivability (for Conclaves as well):

Reduced incoming Health damage to 25% of current values.
Reduced incoming Shield damage to 50%  of current values.

  • Added further UI support for Node selection and Conflict history for Dark Sectors.
  • Pulled energy regeneration stations from levels.
  • Increased the drop rate for Health and Energy orbs.
  • Spread out spawn points on map.
  • Cores can no longer be damaged/targeted by Warframe abilities.
  • XP is no longer Radial and is shared Team wide.
  • When joining a session, your level will now automatically be the same as the lowest levelled teammate in your session.
  • Level cap is now 30 to be consistent with PvE.
  • Fixed data not being reset when a player disconnects, resulting in wrong level, xp, etc. for players that might take their place.
  • Fixed Blessing healing defense core and generator in Dark Sector conflicts.
  • Fixed player health/shield/energy values. They should now scale up with your level instead of constant as if level 30.
  • Changed the layout of the middle portion of Dark Sectors and moved the hack objectives to not be within sight of the defenders immediately after spawn.
  • Added new sound and tactile feedback for Console context actions (Arming/Disarming).
  • Changes to conflict logic: Clans can no longer play against their own rails (whether their Alliance or Clan).


UI Changes & Fixes:

  • Players can now initiate the ESC menu prior to selecting the Prologue.
  • The navigation console will now move backwards when focusing on Planets so as to avoid potential clipping issues.
  • We now only focus on the news element when we interact with it.
  • We increased the legibility of the Drop Down Menu background to make it more legible.
  • Added consistency in material outlines to the Genetic Foundry, Auras, and the Drop Down Menu.
  • Changed the amount of screen real estate used when receiving game invites as well as changed the method to accept game invites. You will now be notified via the bottom-right notification bumper when you are invited, and you can choose to Accept/Decline all invites through the Diagetic ESC menu. With this change, we also increased notification awareness and made it so that the squad panel should be visible and showing the particles with callout if you have an invite pending.
  • We now remove the name of invite target from the panel after an invite has been sent to reduce spamming.
  • Made Stances/Auras more legible in upgrades screen.
  • Fixed ‘Invite’ button not showing up in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Extractor icon not being removed when collecting the Extractor.
  • Fixed items displayed in the grid format flickering.
  • Fixed not being able to ‘teleport’ directly out of the Navigation screen to another menu (Foundry, etc).
  • Fixed Matchmaking dropdown not functioning correctly when cancelling out of Solar Chart.
  • Fixed a permanent hang when attempting to invite friends by pressing the “+” in the top left of the Squad info segment.
  • Fixed players seeing the pause menu outline when a host migration occurred.
  • Fixed overlapping UI when initiating the ESC menu.
  • Fixed UI not prompting an 'Abort Mission' option when forfeiting after dying in a public mission.
  • Fixed text overlapping in the Foundry.
  • Fixed the appearance submenu in Arsenal having an extra top "Physique" title and bottom line in the middle of its elements when selecting certain melee weapons that have both a skin slot and an attachments submenu.


Warframe Colour Customization Changes:


Kubrow Changes & Fixes:

  • You may notice dramatic colour changes of your Kubrow - this is related to the above “Warframe Colour Customization Changes”.
  • Kubrows are now immune to Orokin laser traps.
  • Fixed an awkward floating animation that would occur when a bleeding out Kubrow was affected by 'Link Health'.
  • Tweaked the range of 'Howl' to prevent enemies behind walls getting affected.
  • Fixed Kubrow finishers dealing double damage. They will now do the same damage as their normal melee damage. The next step here is getting the Kubrow Damage values displaying in the UI, and we’ll get this up and running as soon as we can. Sorry for the disconnect.
  • Fixed Kubrow size/appearance discrepancies on Client in sessions.
  • Fixed 'Scavenge' causing permanent freezing when multiple Kubrow's tried to interact with the same locker. If there are multiple Kubrows in a mission, no more than one can target the same locker.
  • Fixed typo in the ‘Howl’ Kubrow mod.




  • Shifted the Cholistan Dark Sector node by one.
  • Further finessed matchmaking logic to ensure your past presences are cleared before hosting or advertising matchmaking sessions.
  • Tweaked wording to add clarity to Stasis message for Kubrow.
  • Added number of remaining interactions to Kubrow menu.
  • Sentinels and Kubrows are no longer able to spawn in Mastery Rank tests. These tests are for the Tenno to prove their worth, not the pets!
  • Tweaked the sound of Frost's Snowglobe.
  • Tweaked the 'Revive' sound.
  • Corrected Tenno Default Colour Picker to use proper Gamma colour values.



  • Fixed Arcane Helmets being untradable.
  • Fixed a common game crash/hang that would occur when adjusting matchmaking settings, or simply ‘quitting’ the game.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when attempting to leave a squad.
  • Fixed crashes caused by low-level low-integrity Kubrows instantly entering bleedout.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when trying to remove the Parrot skin from your Carrier.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when spawning into Dark Sectors mission.
  • Fixed a game freeze that would occur when attempting to purchase an item to place in the Gear slot from the Arsenal menu.
  • Fixed the “Hidden Messages” quest giving the wrong inbox message on the third leg of the quest. This fix includes a less ‘chatty’ Ordis for that leg of the quest.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple Sentinel Codex entries not working correctly.
  • Fixed Kubrow collar mission not being completable.
  • Fixed issues with Clan name, Alliance name, and Message of the day appearing as exponents of the number 1.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mirage’s Prism visuals persisting in the game world if the ability was casted repeatedly (spammed).
  • Fixed an issue with Friendly NPCs, including Kubrows, being affected by the Sleight of Hand blind effect.
  • Fixed issue where the Dual Cestra project can be started before you ever start the Fieldron research. Every other item in the energy lab has prior requirements except for Dual Cestras.
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD becoming unresponsive when joining Interception missions.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Europa Region resulting from a Conclave node being located between two PVE nodes.
  • Fixed some awkward wording in a string about the Sunika Kubrow.
  • Fixed a common Furax stance card appears in the combos list for Valkyr while Hysteria is active.
  • Fixed the Rai-jin and Do-jin having identical descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue with Search and Join options overlapping if the Accept button is hit repeatedly while searching for a match.
  • Fixed the Carrier sentinel being seemingly 1 hit killed by enemy Kubrows and Volatile Infested.
  • Partially fixed random disconnects at end of mission, efforts ongoing!
  • Fixed issue where players can join or be invited to a Solo Lobby if a player enters and exits a mission and then sets their Matchmaking to Solo.
  • Fixed issue where the Accept/Decline Invite panel overlapped other screens, even when it’s supposed to be invisible.
  • Fixed several localization issues.
  • Fixed being unable to create a squad outside of the navigation chart.
  • Fixed water in the Forest Extraction tile being misaligned.
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck when trying to get back to the main menu from a session.
  • Fixed players being sent into the Harvester mission as Excalibur with default weapons.
  • Fixed several Corpus Crewmen  not having ability reaction anims (e.g. levitate for Bastille).
  • Fixed alarm panels not resetting alarm sound and effects triggered by gamemode events.
  • Fixed multi-sized elements in the Store having buttons that don't cover the elements entire height.
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Hysteria not functioning properly if a player picked up a data mass while Hysteria is active.
  • Fixed weapon charge amount not resetting when the weapon is ready to refire/charge.
  • Fixed missing VO lines in the Rescue Darvo Tutorial Mission.  
  • Fixed being unable to close the Booster Pack popup on ‘how many days’ you wanted your Booster for.
  • Fixed issue with missing Rare 10 cores seen here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/264084-my-rare-10-fusion-core-is-gone/ On login, your 'broken' cores will be converted to a proper functioning core that will stack.
  • Fixed Sentinels being un-colourable and the 'Default' option not functioning.
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Now time to spend the next 30 minutes fixing all 23 of my frames.....


Edit2: I approve of this change and most of my frames look much richer, some flat out better than before (after a minor adjustment). Colours are now much more varied and easily to distinguish. Thank you.

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