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Please, Bring Back Sechura Rules


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Regardless, if someone manages to capture that node and wants to impose a tax there really isn't much you can do about it.


There's a 3% and 5% tax on Sechura for PS4 almost always, if that makes you feel any better.


 We cannot do anything except support the next challenger to it.


^Hey there's that one thing you can do about it^

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90% on cash and resources, 0 for members. Tell people if they want freebies, they have to join up or shut up.

you want copies old Eclipse? for the truth old Eclipse do agrement not to take off sechura for ppls farm credits and feel free

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Well... don't play the node if you don't like it.


After a while the currently holding alliance will run out of steam when there's nobody supporting their cause and then they won't be able to give out enough Battlepay so they will eventually lose the conflict at some point.


That and supporting the next challenger of course, if they are offering a better tax.


For example I don't play any nodes where I'm only playing for the sake of playing because I don't get anything out of it thanks to high tax. Then I'm just better off going to Eris if I want Infested or doing some other regular nodes.

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Who cares?

They could charge 10% tax and I'm still getting ~20k each time anyway. And hey, the tax means they can actually give battlepay when the eventual rail challenge comes.




Edit: I'll be explicit - I want tax on the rail, as the 0 battleplay conflicts are kinda sad imo, and teh credits will still be good too. (not counting stupidly high tax rates, hell I think I'd be cool with 20-25% tax as it = more battlepay in conflict)

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The good thing about taxes is:

1. You still get Credits. (win)

2. If you play for alliances/clans you ll get the tax you paid back AND the tax other players paid, too! (battlepay for the win!)

=> win-win!

The discussions about Sechura remind me of the Movie "Groundhog Day". Every day the same topic only slightly different.



Something in general:

you dont like something? well, then change it.!

you dont like taxes alliances/clans put up on your favorite node? fight against them instead of whining!

you want to change the actual situation? support a clan/alliance you like instead of complaining that something has changed!

you dont like an alliance/clan? dont blame and shame, fight them!


And don't spam the forums with the same kind of topic over and over again, because you can.

You wont get a single rail with discussions on the forums. You actually have to play them to get a node on the solar map.

So, I ll hope to see you on the battlefield(instead of the forums), my wallet is not full enough ^_^


tl:dr  there is no tl:dr

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better battlepay i will NEVER waste my time in a broken 30 min pvp unless  the pay exceeds  20k/3min - so roughly 200k battle pay minimum.


The whole dark sectors got screwed up due to pvp - majority wont play it since it provides no rewards and is broken and boring as hell.

And your alternative credit sources are worthless - since credit sinks have grown way beyond those.

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