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Color Blind Changes: Lockers

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There has long been a call for better color blind accessibility in Warframe, and dev is currently finalizing some prototypes for a particularly troubled area: Lockers.

The following depicts the treatment that Orokin lockers will be receiving to distinguish open and closed Lockers for our color blind players.


As many of our players have brought up, the solution may lie in shapes and patterns!

You can expect this approach to be implemented in lockers across the game to improve interactions for our color blind players. We’re hoping to get these out this month on PC. Our update notes will have full details once they ship!

Do you have any concerns at a glance based on the above image? Let us know here!


Edit: Another shot:



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Another shot!
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hmm, it is a good idea, but i feel like it needs some more work before it is done. in the heat of battle, i dont know that i would notice the horizontal vs vertical bars. perhaps make the openable ones shiny, whereas the locked ones would be dull in comparison? some other visual cue beyond simply a few shapes on the locker.

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inorite? I'm so happy to see it get addressed!


Many many thanks Rebecca and also the UI team. This is something that I have been campaigning for on the forums, and I am so glad that things are being worked on. Please pass on my thanks to the UI team for making those that suffer from colour defficiencies life easier!


Question from me Rebecca, is this going to also be applied to Grineer and Corpus lockers as well eventually and is it likely to be at the same time as the Orokin ones?

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I'm technically red-green colorblind, but I can see the pure colors. :P It's just red and green shades mixed together that I can't tell apart. (so I can see when a locker is unlocked and locked as well as someone who isn't colorblind)


None the less though, this will be an awesome change. It will definitely make hunting unlocked lockers easier from a distance.

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