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Update 15.1.0+15.1.01

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Archwing interception Erpo / Earth. Happened to me and another player in the team only. We couldn't do anything aside from dying under enemy fire. Never had this bug before the patch. We had to wait for the next reward before being able to decide extracting or fighting ...

I was the other guy.

My report is here :


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Thanks De! Game works much better, I don't have crashes for now (at least on Liset), but some problem that makes this game "hard to play" is still here, well i already wrote about it:


Now i see something like "freeze image", i think game continues working, because I hear change in sound when I move the mouse, but my screen does not changed, it just freezing at some moment and i can't see anything else.



Currently playing. Gone to the 1st archwing quest. Still crashes for a while in it. =/


The screen freezes but I can still hear the game is running. Music, Movement and skills I can hear it working but the screen freeze and then crash.

EDIT: Okay so it doesnt crash and close. But the screen is freezed. Doesnt happen before the update 15. =/ Could you possibly fix this or is there something i need to do on my side?


Yes, just so.


Edit: it may happen not only on missions (so, still not able to do any one missions since U15), I "stuck" on this in arsenal, and in codex, and in market...

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I seriously hate the stalker I have never killed him not even once. The stalker causes lockdowns really was it even possible to escape from him beforehand. Well I don't have anymore stalker death marks finally so now I am going to stay away from bosses until I can play in groups.

Pluto's boss is the only one I have not killed. I once glitched into an early version of vay hek's boss fight when going to fight Kela De Tayem the glitch wasn't intentional and I don't think the sector counted as being cleared but the stalker still gave me a death mark for killing him.

how do you escape stalker? if you are the target he will teleport you back if you get enough distance, not to talk about the slashdashes and OHK from dread arrow.

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First off if you know your marked always assume every mission you do you'll be attacked, try to do missions where you have control of the environment, rooms you can duck into, long corridors that dead end, limit his mobility. He warns you normally three times so after the first warning put yourself where you can put your back to the wall this will force him to appear in front of you and most importantly always be armed with a high dps weapon, don't level anything till he has appeared. I use this as well for syndicate hit squads.

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I've run into several problems:


Archwing missions:

- I tried doing a Corpus mission. I ran into several areas where there were =invisible walls, preventing me from reaching the escape path after destroying the reactor in Sabotage.

- I graphics-kernel crashed twice due to the flame effects from the arbitrary burners starting up as I was boosting. I am using an Nvidia 750 ti with 335.xx drivers, and specific settings (Bloom and blur off, turned up texture detail, lowered AA to be less obnoxious to me.) Updating my driver to 344.xx caused my entire computer to die and I had to roll the driver back in safe-mode.

- Upon rollback, I went to try and do Erpo (Earth), and the HUD was rendered useless and Archwing did not move in sync with controls. Forward = fly up. I think this might be due to me turning off the auto-aim towards camera or whatever, but that was for Melee and it should NOT break the ESC menu, which generates as a hologram from the Tenno's hand. Because the camera lost the ability to lock properly onto the Archwinged Tenno, I wasn't able to exit for some time.



Bugs that have existed in general:

- When running around and crouch-jumping (Sprint, control then space quickly to launch yourself), it is possible to hit some geometry so hard you get stuck outside of it if you approach it from a close distance. An example is locker rooms in the Derelict Void.

- When using boosters, the booster is active but I wasn't actually receiving benefits from them after hotfix 2. I'm not sure why this is.

- Please fix the map direction markers. The fact they rely on boundaries which rely on the pathing system is kind of weird. They should be able to flow so as to better indicate if they are broken (as it seems to be in the Archwing Sabotage at the moment), and give more clear and concise directions to locations or squadmates.

- Placeholder. I can't think of anything else.


My system is Win7x64 Ultimate, 16 Gigglebytes RAM, 1st-gen core i7, GTX750Ti, Asus Xonar DS + Razer Tiamat ... can't think of anything else relevant.


Please and thanks for looking at this.

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Still getting stuck on Liset "warp drive" cutscene very frequently. 


Oftentimes whole mission passes by while player is in this screen, with Lotus blabbering as the mission progresses. 


Player ends up getting the reward, but doing nothing to earn it. With the guilty feeling that he was carried by the team. 


After the mission ends, player is still stuck in the warp drive cutscene. Must alt+f4 to quit the game, does not generate WAR-NUMBER.

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