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Hotfix 16.9.1 +


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one major bug i had alot in my most recent apollo was my carrier would stop giving me energy, it would suck it up, but i would not use it when in the ULT or off of it until i used another power.

another thing (I dont consider it a bug, more like a really cool visual glitch) is when you channel in the ult then exit it, the channel energy on the frame will stay (really cool looking on proto excal)

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Energy waves still do not scale properly with weapon mods. Damage is sitting at really low numbers versus even Appollodorus enemies on mercury. Melee damage itself is now scaling with only some mods. It seems elemental mods may not be affecting said damage, numbers are so erratic I have yet to be able to pin down what is and is not working as intended(still far less damage than Dragon Nikana or Galatine though, highly disappointing considering it's base damage is far higher than either weapon).

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Alright here's my feedback right now :

Ayy!! Ayyy!!! 


Thank you to the community and DE for making this happen.


That said: Here's what I figured out so far


On excalibur 4th:,


the mini radial blind (slide attack) doesn't open up to finishers.. only the 2nd power does


High efficiency works very well I hope they don't put a timer D:


life strike works (up close no channeling) 


Beserker....well prepare for a barrage of blade waves


melee weapons with the syndicate mod works with procs


Slash dash:


its a hit and miss based where the enemies are but when it hits its a knockdown which opens up for finishers (nice one)


Range affects how far you travel and not duration like the old SD 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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