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The Operator with no Warframe.


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So, where do i begin...

What began as a simple Handshake test ended up in hysterical laughter.

Me and a friend wanted to see if our Operators could shake hands, Since that would be awesome. (they could not btw)


A little while later i realized my Warframe is nowhere to be seen and i could'nt hit 5 to enter it, Which was a bit fun but we thought nothing of it.

So we went onwards and I was a little bit sceptical about dying at this point, But we decided to bring my hp down and see  what happens...

I enter Bleedout State and i totaly loose it, I snap a couple of screenshots and he revives me.


I try to die again just to test it out and sure enough i enter Bleedout State.


I try to go down a few more times and each time it enters Bleedout State, And now i realize that I can not Loot aswell.


After this we took a short "Break" and took some nice screens in the Silver Groove we found.

While there, We decided it's time to test if I can revive and get my frame back.

(Note affinity gained/revive cost)


This is where the real fun begins...

Upon reviving I looked HORRIBLE! And to my friend I looked like a mini Excalibur (with standard colors)....



This broke both of us.

After this I tried powers, And I could turn invisible aswell...


And not just to our eyes, Enemies could not spot me either. (I could turn invisibility on/off with some timing using skills but enemies never saw me again)


It was around this point I realized my energy level had frozen aswell, Meaning that I was immortal, Had unlimited power and looked ugly.

We decided to try to die again, However after multiple Wormhole jumps I realized that after the first jump my HP went down to 16, And the second jump brought it back up to 100 again.



After this we found a cliff, which i jumped off to try to "reset" or something but my game crashed and i wrote a long message in the Bug Reporter for DE to laugh at.

I've been playing WF a long time and this has to be one of the best bugs i've ever encountered.

I guess the moral of the story is; If you find a bug, See how far you can take it :D


PS: I left out a few details about "how" I lost my Warframe in the beginning, since I realize this can be abused somehow, and I dont think DE wants players to be able to have immortality, invisibility, infinite energy etc.

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