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The Pacifism Defect: Update 19.12.0


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7 hours ago, DrFail said:

I usually try really really hard not to rant, especially in a news post. But you'll just have to excuse me this time.


After this long without an event

After a week of delays

The event decides that for the first time it's going to lock the main reward behind a clan, instead of having the clan be a trophy competition like it's always been.


There's no reason in or out of universe for the weapon itself's initial acquisition to suddenly be behind a clan. Putting the BP in the top 10% of clans is fine. Putting the armor set behind a clan would be, debatedly, fine. The initial gain of the events universal draw behind the clan? That's not quite so fine. Please, please stop tunnel visioning clans. It's fine to work on them, but when almost everything new you release begins to rely on clans you start ignoring the actual player experience on a personal level, which is the root of all gameplay in the first place.

I second this..... every other event has been to give the players the weapon after individually completing the goals. This is just more hema blunders. Trying to force people to participate in clans by stacking on even more onerous grinding is just going to have the opposite effect. Be smart, don't scare away whales please.

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The last hotfix was looking pretty good with QoL changes & fixes, this?

22 minutes ago, SnuggleBuckets said:

I don't get it.
I just don't understand why this event was made so grindy.
With Hema, you could sort of make the straight connection with platinum sales from the market.
(Though even there I argued it didn't make much sense even business-wise in the long topic.)
But here, plat will only indirectly be influenced, in the most toxic way possible (from greedy Warlords, what appropriate titles in hindsight).
This just smells of such spite and contempt.
Who made this?
You can't encourage Ignis Wraith sales from this, you're not even selling it on the market!
Why is this a thing?
Long escort missions, might be fun for a bit of a change of pace, but here requires immense grinding, which will only highlight the nature of escort missions.
Just doesn't add up to any kind of player satisfaction.
Some have argued again that maybe this is some indirect way of trying to ease up server load of all those inactive clans to force people to migrate to a few larger clans.
But even then it feels like such an evil manipulative move to make, breeding contempt and grudges amongst the players and towards the devs themselves.
No, it can't be such a short-sighted evil plot, just requires too much conspiratorial leaps to make and assuming the absolute worst of the devteam, and I refuse to do that yet.
If the devs needed server cleaning then I think they would have simply stated that they are getting bloated and require people to give up on some clans.
Or shift how clans are stored in servers.
But that leaves me still utterly mystified, why did this happen?


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sadly all this event is is a reason to leave my clan and search for a new one lots of people going inactive of late which means no chance at the ignis if i stay where i am unless the 4 of us that are active farm 15 hours a day  to make first teir for moon clan ouch! 

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Great event, nice lore and such behind it. So good job, But in all honesty?. Small clans are going to suffer alot. As they will be unable to get to that level of grind-walls. Even more so if your clan is either a personal one or has very little players. Now with that being said.

Where is Bard Frame, or infact where is the Infested Charger Rework?, Or even the Limbo rework?, I was hopeing either one of them whuold be here, Weapon skins & comics, are not really the bulk of content. Alot of players want the new Warframe, or the rework or to replace the placeholder pet. Not a Grind-Mission.


Just my personal opinion in this hole matter 


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Ok i got only  one question plz... i own a small shadow clan we have 20 members10 are active and mr15 -23.... so we also have some new members 2-5MR .... and 2 gys that play from time to time... my question is if some ov the clan members don't complete  any of the operation ... and me and my friends earn us that 12,100 points for ignis will we get ignis ... or all members must get operation done....??? plz some one answer tnc

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3 hours ago, PumaMrtvi said:


Its's simple, you don't, small clans like you and ones that I am in will be unable to do the event at all, be lucky you even have 10, i only have 2 numbers in my clan, myself and a friend and we both burned out of Warframe for the reason I said above you.

Sorry Puma, but unless your ready to make everyone do the clan event, day after day, to get to get what you want,then you'll be able to do it.


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I won't give any comment on the event before having the chance of trying it, even though I'm already ready to forget about Ignis W due to my Moon clan being full with un-motivated people (that's already difficult to make groups for Relics farming, Prime farming even Banshee, Sorties, Kuva, Samples), I don't expect anything for this.

There is the main issue now : If we fail this week, we won't have the Ignis Wraith. That's approximately fine (I love Ignis). BUT... Some clans will have the research in their Dojo. IT'S OBVIOUS THEY WILL MAKE PEOPLE PAY A LOT OF PLATS TO INVITE THEM IN THEIR CLAN.

That's an horrific thing. Be prepared for a lot of scams.

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6 hours ago, 1tsyB1tsyN1nj4 said:

Take a break and play another game then? If you force yourself to be a slave to the meta that's completely your own fault, do realize that. I can play the game just fine without the Hema, without Life Strike, without Nidus, without min maxing everything. Since when did actually having fun turn into this?

Yo .... this dude is absolutly right .... gys i have playec this game in over a year or more now... and i got all maxed mr 23... fcking arcanes and stuff ... then i get borred and strip all mods from the warframe and weapons ... and go spy mision with excalibur and a fcking dagger ... just to see can i do this :) ... and its more fun then grinding every day for arcanes or in this case hema .. or this operation...  its nice if u could get ignis W... iv u dont well fck it... i thik any one using ignis anyways have 4-6 already on it... so  i woulc get wraith just for mr... nothing more.. ps have fun with a game ..

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I've been playing this for a bit now, and it's pretty fun. We've always needed missions where supports played a bigger role. Although it's still another Endless mode where Nidus's design shines. One Nidus in a team of Equinoxes, and after giving them +55% power Str until their damage waned, I started killing like mad. Ended up getting the highest total damage and kills playing Nidus as support. XD

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Let me remind DE that you have come up with a very interesting an unique system where the primary progression metric (MR) is tied to breadth of equipment, this gives worth to equipment that would be completely avoided in other games. Here every Weapon/Warframe/Companion/Archwing has primary value even if it is only as "Mastery Fodder"

To be clear: Acquiring Weapons/Warframes/Companions/Archwings is equivalent to "levelling" in other games

However this means that when you lock any new Weapon/Warframe/Companion/Archwing behind a mechanic, that mechanic becomes a requirement for personal progression in the game.

Functionally this event says:

"Don't have a near full, active clan? You may not level your character"

And that is very, very bad. Facebook spam-games level of bad, "share this with 4 friends to continue" level of bad

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As much as I appreciate the effort, the way they did the scoring and rewards kinds sucks. If they keep this up, it will always be the same 10% of clans hogging all the rewards every single time. 

Want to play with friends who play every now and then? Too bad, you're not getting the new guns.

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3 minutes ago, K9Fenrir said:

It never will be. That would be a big F*** you to everyone who already worked hard and farmed for it. It's been confirmed the costs will stay the way they are.

No, it wouldn't. Those who were insane enough to grind out the extortionate price say that they want the cost dropped. See here:

EDIT: and you know what an even bigger "F*** you" would be? Setting an utterly enormous cost in the first place and refusing to drop it even when their excuses for doing so are pointed out to be blatantly wrong on several occasions.

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Correct me if I am mistaken somewhere:

  • to get the blueprint every member of the clan, including empty spots within a clan tier, should save on avarage 32 survivors in one singe tier 3 mission;
  • to get built ignis every member of the clan, including empty spots within a clan tier, should save on avarage 99 survivors in one singe tier 3 mission;
  • clans 99% made of avid grinders get to keep an ignis blueprint dispencer in their dojo.

Individually, scorring 32 resques doesnt seem very challenging. Scorring 99 - would require purpose built frames, prebuilt team and probably some gear not available to newer players. If your clan has inactive memebers or unfilled slots you multiply these thresholds by {clan tier max}/({inactive memebers}+{empty slots}). Example: 10 sleepers, 10 missing members if storm clan - 100/(10+10) -> 125% of thresholds -> 40 and 124 for bp and weapon respectivelly. Since its scaled with denominator one is progressivelly more in trouble the more clan members are missing. Only two thirds active players, everyone has to score 50% higher. Half players active - do twice as high...

While I can understand why DEveloper thinks clans should be punished for keeping inactive mambers, why not having a member equals having inactive one. Clan tier limits are rigid and arbitrary. This is uncomfortable, but bareable with research costs - really if it takes 10% longer, it will just take extra week or month. With this kind of timed events it isnt "fair" at all, you dont have extra weak or month, and in the long run, if events like this persist, would accomplish nothing, but promote douchbaggery on warlords part when they feel the need to constantly police their flock not only for activity, but also "productivity" replacing more casual players with more avid/resolved ones.

Another thing, if clans that scorred blueprint dispencer will be forever the only source to get it, wouldnt it promote trading admissions? While the idea of elite clans growing a stock of their unique weapon stocks sounds awesome, it might create drama and toxicity, since neither clan contributions, nor trading for promises is regulated. Warlords can be despotic rulers too, answering to noone on recruiting/expelling matters.

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