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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0


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Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0




Warframe Skins



Warframe Alt Helmet






Weapon Skin

*The Lympharis Skin was initially uploaded as a Staff Skin but for consistency with the TennoGen program, it has been altered slightly to be a Polearm Skin.

General Additions:

  • A new Grineer Sealab Defense tile has been added to Uranus!

Khora Changes & Fixes:

  • Khora’s Whipclaw animation has been updated to better reflect the aim direction.
  • Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal. This follows precedent with other Warframe abilities not being castable on Operators.
  • Fixed Venari’s ability stats and passive speed buff UI appearing to be affected by Efficiency Mods. Ability Strength Mods are what applies to Venari’s abilities/passive.
  • Fixed Venari’s Heal being permanently active when equipping negative Duration Mods on Khora.
  • Fixed not being able to see Venari’s hold indicator when switching postures.
  • Fixed incorrect icon displaying for Venari’s Healing posture.
  • Fixed Venari script error that would occur if you're controlling the Operator when Venari respawns.
  • Fixed Venari not disappearing when playing an Archwing mission as Khora.
  • Fixed a case of Khora getting the Venari speed buff HUD icon when Venari fails to spawn.
  • Fixed Venari attacking you in the Simulacrum Arsenal when Friendly Fire is enabled.
  • Fixed Whipclaw not spreading damage across multiple Strangledomes if it hits enemies trapped in more than one.
  • Fixed Khora Whipclaw/Strangledome synergy not using all Mods on extra Strangledome targets.
  • Fixed enemies bodies being auto-destroyed when falling from Strangledome that are not going to be sliced. Enemies that get that extra Strangledome slice will be auto-destroyed.
  • Fixed Strangledome turning MOA enemies invisible.
  • Fixed a crash when Transferring to the Operator when Khora is equipped.
  • Fixes towards possible motion blur on Khora’s spikes in the Liset.
  • Fixed Khora's spikes being visible when viewing Navigation.

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes:

  • Removed Kuria’s from Onslaught tiles since Simaris does not allow the use of gear in the Sanctuary.
  • Sahasa Kubrows can no longer dig up Resources in Onslaught.
  • Fixed several Host migration issues in Onslaught.
  • Fixed a Lua Onslaught tile having doors that appeared unlocked due to incorrect materials.
  • Fixed End of Mission rank being A- when aborting before a Zone has been completed.


  • A buff icon for Toxic Lash is now displayed so you can see the bonus (ie: after Growing Power, Energy Conversion, and other temporary power-strength buffs are applied).
  • Zaw Strikes Sepfahn, Rabvee, Dokram and handles Korb and Shtung now have a chance to be used in Hok's Daily Specials.
  • Ash can no longer Teleport to Cameras and Turrets, as it usually results in placing Ash outside of the map.
  • Melee head kills now count as headshots (they already counted towards the "Get 10 headshots" challenge). Face-crit-multiplier-ahoy!
  • Improved enemy navigation in the Corpus Outpost Defense tile.
  • Optimizations for memory/CPU by improving XAudio2 voice recycling.
  • Shortened "Warframe Animation Sets" to just "Animation Sets" in the Market category since it's redundant and crowds the box.


  • Fixed Operators not being able to slide/roll in some cases.
  • Fixed insanely fast computers not being able to transition to Cetus from the Plains.
  • Fixed Exodia Contagion's interaction with Covert Lethality, resulting in the +100 damage being applied to the projectile damage multiplier instead of the base projectile damage.
  • Fixed Exodia Epidemic ground slam wave counting towards finisher damage instead of the intended explosion damage.
  • Fixed Thrown weapons equipped with Power Throw scaling with the range from Wukong’s Iron Vault Augment.
  • Fixed Naramon’s Void Stalker Critical Chance buff being applied to non-Melee weapons.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Reaping Chakram damage not getting doubled for every enemy hit for Clients.
  • Fixed Opticor and beam weapons sometimes not being able to hit Corpus Nullifier bubbles.
  • Fixed players and enemies colliding with the Nullifier's weakpoint. Thwarted no longer shall be any attempts to vertically depart that ability-bereft spherical hellscape.
  • Fixed Pets disappearing after Warframe dies and Revives, even though the Pet was alive before their owner's death.
  • Fixed Pets losing loyalty when they shouldn't/not losing loyalty when they should.
  • Fixed a pickup prompt appearing in Simaris’ Relay Sanctuary.
  • More fixes towards crashes related to XAudio2 xWma voice recycling.
  • Fixed a crash where the audio device is lost and fails to initialize.
  • Fixed one rare crash that could occur when audio device is lost.
  • Fixed some Captura Scenes resulting in an automatic "mission failed" and booting you back your Orbiter after 15 minutes.
  • More fixes towards cases of ‘Supercat’ Kavat issues.
  • Fixed Sentinel customization selection not reflected in the Cetus Arsenal when hovering over them.
  • Fixed Archwings using its default colors when trying to copy default Warframe colors onto Archwing items.
  • Fixed coming back to the Relay from a mission/Simulacrum would pause your Kubrow, resulting in him/her standing in one place forever.
  • Fixed selecting "Return to Orbiter" in the Simulacrum and then cancelling would cause you to end up in your Orbiter if you then used "Return to Relay".
  • Fixed script error when switching modes in your loadout where the Warframe in the previous mode was Chroma/Nidus/Equinox and the Warframe in the new mode is Khora.
  • Fixed Zaw Components spot loading when hovering over them in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Client projectiles not getting destroyed which can result in performance issues.
  • Fixed ambient sounds disappearing in certain areas of Maroo's Bazaar.
  • Fixed level holes in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.

Conclave Changes & Fixes:

  • Reduced the casting speed of Mag’s Crush in Conclave.
  • Reduced the damage of Khora's Venari in Conclave.
  • Reduced the damage of the Dual Keres in Conclave.
  • Fixed avatars spawned from Warframe abilities being highlighted as enemies to their creator in Conclave.
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DE, I really appreciate you guys working with the community to bring out Tennogen skins - but please start offering more skins which are buy-able with platinum for those on PC servers.  Getting one deluxe skin for one Warframe every 2-3 months doesn't really cut it.

Having too many cosmetics now being locked behind another cash paywall doesn't feel right when we already have platinum in the game.  Someone had to pay real money for the platinum so I don't see why we can't have this applied to Tennogen skins, and I wouldn't mind if it costed more platinum wise compared to deluxe skins.

Console players are already able to purchase Tennogen with platinum so I don't see why PC users cannot.

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Oh my GOD I need that Mesa skin like yesterday... been waiting so patiently since it was announced.


57 minutes ago, de1337er said:

I didn't think anything could be worse than Stephano! :angry:



Oh my god, DE... 👀. If anyone hasn't done the new Defense node, you should totally check it out.


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