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  1. "Just dodge" isn't an appropriate response when the enemy hits you even when they miss. "Shoot them first" doesn't work because of the way Warframe functions... and these aren't supposed to be priority targets, they're meant to be the standard fodder enemy!
  2. This is some 9th level Necromancy if I've ever seen it. It's fun to look at old theorycrafting though, really takes me back.
  3. Imagine the change that literally every player who criticized anything about the update complained about being a bad idea. No, no way DE could've seen this coming and changed it. I tried playing Garuda recently (for the quest missions), and while it does work in the Railjack portion, I feel like I'm missing something compared with when I'm playing Lavos. I may enjoy Lavos, but what if I want to do something different, or there's a spy mission on the ground and I want to bring Ivara, or maybe we should consider the players who don't like Lavos and how they'll cope with this... In conc
  4. Anyone playing on a setup requiring the double-cast prevention probably shouldn't be playing the most ability-intensive frame in the game. Also, why did anyone think that the ability with a 6 second cooldown needed to be conserved? I'm all for reverting this change.
  5. As long as we're mentioning lore And is nobody going to mention that the Tempestarii weaponized a Void Rift? You cannot go introducing tech like that and expect people to just say "yeah, that's fine and it's ok for that to never come up again". We've seen DE write better than this, and I want to see it again.
  6. The changes to Railjack brought a change to nearly all the old guns. Notably, the Carcinnox lost accuracy, but we were told it was "cosmetic, increase in projectile size counters any gameplay impact the decrease in accuracy brings". So that was a lie. Carcinnox can't hit the broad side of a barn these days. I request that DE playtest their changes before making rash promises to the players that inevitably won't be fulfilled, and maybe revert the accuracy changes to Railjack weaponry.
  7. Right, I remember now why this is the one person on the forums who I've ignored. It is unreasonable to expect anyone but the most veteran of veteran players, those who do nothing but grind Warframe for hours daily, to be anywhere near capable of maxing Railjack mods in any useful quantities. Previously, players of all levels who had access to the Railjack itself could upgrade it, but now that privilege is reserved for people who are literally out of other things to do. These values are not healthy for the gamemode, or the game as a whole. Reducing the maximum level of the various Railjack
  8. So, you may not know but there was a time before The Second Dream came out. The theorycrafters and armchair lore unravellers (among whom I am included) came up with several possibilities for why and how the Warframes worked. The theory I subscribed to turned out to be the correct one: that the Warframes were remotely controlled by an overarching being called "The Operator". What exactly that meant, nobody could know until TSD released, but it was always a logical step.
  9. Certainly, on this we can agree. However, Railjack 3.0 has cast aside the Railjack almost entirely, leaving only the standard Warframe mission behind. The new Corpus missions aren't "mixed", they're even farther segregated than the Skirmishes in Grineer sectors are. If you can answer the question of "Does this mission meaningfully involve the Railjack?" with "No", as is true for the "new" missions in the Corpus Proxima regions, you can't really call it a Railjack mission.
  10. As we all know and lament, Corpus Railjack missions forcibly warp all crew members aboard before starting the main objective. If the person who initiated the forced warp is back on the Railjack at this time, the game has no idea what to do and leaves the players stranded on an invulnerable Railjack with no way of entering the objective.
  11. For some reason, after I finished playing on a clanmate's Railjack, my Railjack's name was forcibly changed to the name of their Railjack. I am uncertain as to what caused this. It is easily fixable, but highly disturbing. EDIT: It's possible that it's related to using the Drydock console while in another player's squad. I remember this being an issue at the launch of Railjack 1.0 and Railjack 2.0, so whatever you did to fix it back then might work here.
  12. It's just a word for the extra lock they put on car doors so you can't open them from the inside while somebody's driving. They're for small children who don't know better. I thought the word was appropriate for the situation.
  13. It's not less of an island though. It's still at sea, but now people can are forced to jump on and off the island mid-mission.
  14. This change is really hitting me hard, since I play Lavos' abilities off muscle memory at this point. Maybe it's a good thing that people can't accidentally trigger a 6 second cooldown (oh no), but I don't really think that a Warframe deliberately designed to be played differently from the others needs a childlock.
  15. I've just noticed that the looping video behind the Command Intrinsics is just a duplicate of the Tactical tree. Not only is this lazy, it also includes footage of the old Railjack internal map. I understand it's not a huge issue, but it feels off.
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