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  1. Something I just remembered: While we're muting Nora, can we bring back the Scanner? I miss having the random radio chatter in the background, my ship is so quiet these days.
  2. Rather than mute her, I'd rather take the fight right to the Grineer Skoom's doorstep, take her stockpile, and replace her with Ordis. No mercy for Grineer sympathisers! But if I can't act on the knowledge I have because "plot reasons"... mute would be nice.
  3. And what of those who are "Trading", neither buying nor selling?
  4. This would just lead to the same overfarming issue that caused DE to remove Umbra Forma from the RJ drop tables. Not that anybody seems to know how they were overfarmed, but the point stands.
  5. This is actually not a bad idea. There would need to be limitations, of course (how do you distinguish Axi Conclave from Lith Conclave?), but it's a workable concept. I'm just saying, Potatoes are a limited resource unless you want to pay up, so they cannot be implemented as a regular reward.
  6. Interesting that you chose those 3 things particularly. It really shows how little you play PvE (which I consider quite impressive in this game). Primed X and Forma both come from Relics, with Forma showing up in some niche rewards rarely in other places. Potatoes are exclusive to Alerts, the Market, and Nightwave. You cannot acquire them in regular play. If Conclave dropped Potatoes, people would rush to it to get the quick easy reward and hate every second of what they were doing. Not a good plan, chief.
  7. How many points did we just get in Forum Bingo from this post alone?
  8. Sentinels in should not be able to be killed in the first place. There's just too much QoL wrapped up in them.
  9. Because it's not an entitled few - it is a many who are completely in the right about this being an unreasonable "challenge". Most of which are minor stat variations on the same thing. If the standing isn't an issue, it's still a significant time investment on an unenjoyable experience. As though the existence of the Mote Amp solves anything. And we've come full circle. Time and again, I must continue to question: Why on Lua did we ever move away from Alerts? This wave of chores has only brought division and suffering.
  10. This constantly comes up. Somebody remind me why anyone thought it was a good idea to replace Alerts with this nonsense?
  11. I'm honestly kind of insulted by this exchange. You're dismissing anybody who takes issue with the current knockdown spam with "they just want to press 4 to win" or "they just don't want to have to dodge", which is entirely disingenuous and doesn't inspire much confidence in your ability to have a reasoned discussion on the topic. Additionally, by all that is Grofitable, how can you take issue with Ancients and Butchers of all things, but not the OV Corpus or the new Juno Corpus? Ancients are a non-threat in most scenarios (as long as there are fewer than 5 in a tight space), and are large and easily noticeable priority targets to boot. Butchers are slower and squishier than the other default Grineer, and they don't even have a ranged attack. If you meant to say Scorpions then sure they're faster but they're still made of squish, and they launch their hook once (really inaccurately). Compare this with Corpus' constant area denial, knockback that gets around certain knockdown resistances, stagger spam, the list goes on. That's just the basic enemies, they have heavies on top of all this. The Corpus aren't made harder by all this, they're just more annoying. Not every enemy needs a special Anti-Warframe Gun that instantly obliterates the player for the game to be challenging or fun. Taking agency from the player to this degree just means the game plays itself, which is seemingly what you want to avoid too.
  12. Knockdown-capable enemies are fine. There is a limit to how many is fine, though. Over the last couple of years, the Corpus have become increasingly ridiculous with their knockdown/back, both in how much it effects the player when it occurs and how often it occurs. The new tileset is supposed to just be the default Corpus these days, and yet they have how many AoE area denial skills in such a relatively tight space? They can claim a region with regular body blocking and a thousand of those little mines (that deal disproportionately large electrical procs too).
  13. It's a pattern of speech I've developed from disliking lies, I feel the need to cover all my bases when talking (especially in written form). Most members of a movement won't go down that slope, but there will always be a fringe group that wants more. I will be proven right in the end, it's only a question of how right I'll be proven. I maintain that the "Slippery Slope" is not a fallacy, but the argument derived from extrapolation. "If we perform (x), why should we not perform (y) under the same reasoning?" is too often dismissed as the SS and ignored. I didn't truly bring it up, and meant no harm by the phrase. I used non-standard to imply that it was not standard, nothing more and nothing less. If I had used "deviant", "abnormal", "different", or any other of the host of words that could describe the various states of mind that were encompassed by it, I find it likely that either you or somebody coming later and reading this would find it even more offensive. I simply used the word that I thought would be the most neutral and least offensive. Apparently I was mistaken and there was an entire essay of meaning behind a seemingly harmless phrase. I'll admit, it's not the first time I've encountered this problem (All Lives Matter springs to mind...). It seems that I have misconstrued one of your points in a previous response then. You claimed that the other oppressions I mentioned were not equivalent and thus not worthy of being compared as a double-standard. You did not explain why, at least not in a manner that I could read out of your responses. I would appreciate learning why you think this way, and why that is not the same as considering some types of oppression more important to deal with than others. Now this is interesting. I'm especially noting this part in particular: Why should non-minorities feel cast as 'the bad guy' in the first place? Why should anyone need to scramble for a minority to be a part of just so they aren't persecuted by the Warriors of Social Justice? It seems like exactly the kind of thing that got us to this situation in the first place. I also don't like how this feels like an attack on Neurodivergents in general. I know that's probably not what you meant to do, but something about this just hits wrong.
  14. Iamabearlulz


    Alternate option: Give us the chance to convert 10 Dirac into 1 Endo, and 10 Endo into 1 Dirac. That way people with an excess of either can convert between them without ruining the resource economy.
  15. On the bright side, it's a 3 minute grind per shot at the weapon you want, rather than the 3 hour grind it was initially.
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