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  1. What monster of a PS2 were you playing on? That face looks amazing.
  2. You think you have it bad, just losing out on prime parts that will grow in value again soon enough? I saved a sentinel riven. A SENTINEL RIVEN. Now they're coming back, and it's basically worthless again. :(
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Focus/Vazarin#Protective_Dash
  4. Allow me to present... infinite free health.
  5. Where "every so often" is like 4-8 years. It's basically the same as upgrading your console gen.
  6. I honestly wouldn't be surprised. You know who the only other character to use the name "Dreamers" is?
  7. Perhaps make punch through affect their bubble, so that we have a real response to them?
  8. I've encountered the same issue, and it does seem to be related to distance from the console. I think the specific wording was different though ("unable to trade item" rather than "partner locked"), but that might just be because I was trying to trade a riven.
  9. So, most people won't encounter this, but if you're in your Operator on the ship, the Nightwave banner appears behind the menu, rather than in front of it. (I have a screenshot, but the forum is annoying about trying to copy it here.)
  10. Much as I usually find myself at odds with @(PS4)guzmantt1977, I have to agree with him here. You're whinging on GD because everyone else got what you so preciously bought, where the definition of "precious" and "bought" are both very loose.
  11. Actually, the drone is an object and is moved by warframes attempting to move through it. I've gotten the drone unstuck by jumping on it a bunch, and I can guarantee that if you do it right it does work.
  12. Cross it off your bingo cards, boys! Operator Toilet's back on the front page again!
  13. Reminds me of that one time I picked up 16 toroids off a single drop... good times.
  14. Further testing has revealed that it may only be Umbra suffering from this issue
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