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  1. When killing a Thrall next to a rampart, the character performs both actions simultaneously, resulting in being unable to leave the rampart without dying first.
  2. When attempting to use a Tactical Avionic from the Tactical Screen at the moment you board an enemy Crewship using the Archwing Slingshot, the game softlocks and refuses to accept input of any kind.
  3. Not sure if it's just a display bug, but I've definitely noticed this myself. Grid is either not affecting Tactical Avionics, or at least is not displaying its effect in mission.
  4. Chest armour, probably. Maybe a shoulderpad.
  5. It is, indeed, Current Year.
  6. We are not gifted materials, we are gifted the opportunity for materials. We're not handed potatoes, certainly, but we're told exactly where to get them for almost no effort. That's a gift, just not necessarily the kind you're used to seeing.
  7. I'm all for expanding on Archwing, but removing all the current ones in favour of a "rework" and the "addition" of modular Archwings? That's just a scrapping in disguise, no two ways about it.
  8. I have determined the cause of the black-screen softlock in Railjack: when on a Crewship after mission completion, if the Crewship leaves the mission and warps out, the game softlocks to a black screen with HUD and refuses to accept inputs.
  9. For some reason, regardless of the colours I pick for it, the Shedu has this blue shine on some parts that I cannot get rid of. There is no blue in any of the colours I picked, and the model is very clearly reflecting blue. It may have something to do with the material/metallics.
  10. I think equipment slots are actually very fair, and much better than the alternatives. DE needs some sort of pressure, somewhere, in order to prove to their investors that they're monetising their game, and equipment slots are cheap and not strictly necessary.
  11. See title, client players regularly consume 2 Dome Charges per shot of the forward artillery. I assume this is not intended.
  12. Can I ask for the option to remove the fade-out of the invisibility FX added with the new year updates? I'd like to be able to see what I'm doing, even when invisible. On that note, the bug with the old invis FX overriding and then entirely removing IP's Prowl FX is still happening, as per:
  13. Were you around for stamina? It was near-universally disliked, and nobody cried when it was removed. The game is better off without it. Some of this I can get with, there should be drawbacks to using a flamethrower against literally everything. Did you know that Warframe already has mechanics that encourage the opposite of this behaviour? You get damage reduction for rolling around like Sonic, and evasion for being a bird who never touches the ground. In theory, this could be great. In reality, limiting the power of mods people can bring as well as the number of them just gives rise to an even stricter meta. Removing "required" mods though, I'm all for it. Finally, this kind of insult will only bring such people crawling out of whatever corners they were hiding behind, waiting to strike at such things. I wouldn't recommend using these kinds of tactics to convince them to leave, you only make them more aggressive.
  14. So basically, DE adding something nobody wanted caused a (previously encountered) problem that they solved by implementing a system that they already knew people didn't like. Genius.
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