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  1. Side Vectors entirely cancel the charging of the Tunguska Cannon, so I don't know what this point is talking about. In fact, any "stamina"-related movement other than maintaining Drift cancels the charge.
  2. Oof, if that isn't the truest thing. I remain undiagnosed with Aspergers or ASD because I was trained from a young age how social interaction was supposed to work (advantages of being a 4th-(or more)-generation weirdo). Seems I don't have things as hard as you, but I understand that some things just "aren't allowed", if that makes sense. Hope you get your issue sorted.
  3. The trick there is to find other ways to make the numbers interesting or "OK", 1123 and 1024 being good examples of this. 3927 and 3981 are good for the same reason.
  4. I suppose you have a point there. With no functional difference between Walk and Sprint, there seems little purpose in distinguishing the two. I suppose I bring to Railjack my own experience with Freelancer through much of my youth. I'm used to the limited boost option also granting increased maneuverability.
  5. Just some quick thoughts here from me: Necramechs: I agree fully, Headrush does nothing and there is no real reason for all of the mobility options to run off the same resource. Hover certainly deserves such a limitation, but I can't see a reason why sprinting and rushing should. Perhaps if the effectiveness of Headrush was increased and ran off a separate pool from Hover, it could be workable. Railjack: I partially agree with your points. I think that the Stamina mechanic is not too limiting, but the system as a whole could benefit from a faster recharge of the resource, and to use
  6. So we go from 2 per year to 4 per year. Wonderful. Still doesn't solve the issue.
  7. You incredibly lucky space ninja. I'm pretty sure the only Lich I've hunted who had a quirk was traded to me.
  8. I don't really care how they add them, as long as they're added. Getting 2 a year off Nightwave isn't sustainable.
  9. Focus as a whole needs a rework. I shouldn't be punished for unlocking new nodes or upgrading them (*cough* Void Radiance *cough*). If that rework does happen, I wouldn't be averse to more options.
  10. It works well with Garuda and some hyper-niche Status Duration builds. It fills a role that no other ability can perform. I'd just like its base stats tweaked a bit to make it more user-friendly (wider & longer cone, mainly).
  11. In my experience, Fetch and Animal Instinct remain functional the first time the dumb fox gets killed, and not on subsequent deaths. YMMV.
  12. The screen that throws him from the group should give him the chance to throw away (not scrap though) excess wreckage, and then you can reinvite after that. I thought that was the fix that was implemented for this exact problem.
  13. It exists, but only in Railjack missions after a huge amount of progression. It would be useful to translate that functionality (along with the rest of the Tac Map) to the rest of the game.
  14. I have found great and terrible builds that make Expedite Suffering usable, and even good. Tremble in awe of scaling damage that requires significantly more effort than Saryn but ignores armour.
  15. Sadly we don't have the option to do this on a per-frame basis. I can't decide that tap swaps and hold casts for Ivara, then have tap cast and hold swap for Titania unless I go rooting through the settings menu every time I switch frames.
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