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  1. Nyx is in need of a complete rethink. If she is supposed to be this mind-control "Overlord" frame, then Revenant is that to a far larger extent. If she's supposed to be a telekinetic psi-soldier, "Psycher" then mind-control doesn't fit in and she should be all about affecting the battlefield directly. Her "Overlord" concept should abandon the telekinetic aspects like the bolts and absorb in favor of being a frame centered around taking over enemies and basically creating her own army. For example: what if enemies affected by Chaos get turned to fight for Nyx if there is a Mind controlled enemy to "champion". Basically it's similar to what Revenant does, but to a larger scale. And when the MD's enemy dies (either through damage, time or command) the effect trickles down to the converted enemies forcing them to willingly commit suicide, Code Geas style. And also she should have the ability to actually command the forces under her to defend something by being meatshields, attack something to draw fire or even for example support you and your friends by giving you stuff like ammo and energy. But if they want to go more for the "Psycher" version of a telekinetic warrior, then her mind-control theme has to go. Where her abilities are about redirecting damage from her and her allies. With her Absorb maybe even being a sort of "exalted state" where she can selectively redirect absorbed damage in pin-point attacks or larger AoE attacks and even use that energy to do things like hover around the battlefield, Hildrin style. Thinking about this, always leads me back to the psychers in Astartes Part 4.
  2. I like them for what they represent: divergent cultures. And not just in general, but inside an another culture. Honestly, something like that is missing from the Ostrons, where are their riggers? Those crazy bastards who climb up and down the tower with drills and explosives. Ostrons are a nomadic merchant culture, those climbers are unique to Cetus. So, I like the Ventkids for the worldbuilding they represent. The fact that I am not that into their "music" and style is irrelevant. You don't have to like something to appreciate it.
  3. We already have a cover system. You crouch behind a thing that's big enough to hide you and if it's a pillar, you can use the camera switch button to look over left or right shoulder. Thus minimizing your profile to the enemy. Sticky-cover systems only work in games that were built to use it. Warframe isn't that game. Sticking to cover is simply far too slow and stationary and for better or worse, this game is all about mobility. As the OP so admitted. Now the necessity of such a system against enemies that can oneshot is not a problem with the lack of such features but the inherent failing of a level-scaling system. But that is a completely different discussion. HOWEVER. There is a case to be made this system being somewhat present when we are not playing with frames. As more and more emphasis is being put to Operators and the Duvari Paradox implying aged Operators that can carry weapons, we might see a completely different style of play. Frames are simply too fast and agile for a cover system to be worth the effort. But Operators and possible possession of other non-frame entities would potentially play into a cover system as we see AI enemies utilizing something to that effect. A slower, weaker form that demands more careful play will benefit from a fleshed out cover system, Frames will not.
  4. Personally, I think they could improve the scoring for this and test it out for further events. I would imagine a more dynamic scoring system where the current amount is base given regardless. But based on kills we get bonus pearls, but not in a 1:1 conversion rate. Basically how I see it is that the bonus pearls are with either 1 pearl for every 3 kills or 1 pearl for every 2 kills during a single life or 1 pearl for every 5 kills done collectively. The numbers can be played with, but the basics is that some effort is to be put in for that additional bonus to be worth it.
  5. I would actually love that. Those pearls (while only 2D objects now) look dope and having them in some bowl with a plant of some sort would look quite nice. ... When did this game become less about genocide and more about internal decoration?
  6. Mods. ALL the mods. Get rid of the level scaling system while you're at it. Make it so pure +damage mods are useful, but questionable. Are you willing to cough that 20 mod points for +30% extra damage? What if those damage mods operated on the Corrupted mod principle that you pay a sacrifice for it. Elemental damage mods should see a complete shift in operation in that they don't ADD damage but converts it or simply adds on the type effect and makes it so more of your damage gets through. Critical chance should not be a required stat for a good weapon and a thing you must rely on. Basically damn near every mod that has a stat modifier bigger then three digits. Exceptions are abound with some aspects, but in general: if it has three digits, it needs the hammer. But before all that, a monumental task would be to scrap the leveling enemies and instead impose difficulty through enemy population size and diversity. We have dozens of enemies but they are all basically the same damn thing. Differentiate them, make an Elite lancer actually elite. Have the normal lancer run in like a dumb melon, but the elite can hit your head mid-bulletjump at 50m and throw a grenade through a keyhole. Once you got the baseline down around which you can actually consistently balance abilities and weapons around is when you will see some proper balance happening. It is an useless endeavor of wasted effort to do large scale balancing if the level-scaling system is in place because it is the only valid argument to keeping the unsustainable power-creep mod system as is. That and player feelings, apparently.
  7. We have very limited information to what Orokin era "cutting edge" combat gear was like. The only concrete evidence I have seen is the Crewman synthesis entry that states how the guard shot at the proto-Sentient starfish thing with a "Whisper round". This was centuries before The Old War, so debatable if this is "the cutting edge" but it clearly indicates that Dax guards used firearms that fired solid projectiles either as main ammunition or as some kind of attachment. I mean, it clearly states it as a "Whisper round" so an actual physical bullet. Maybe some kind of subsonic ammunition meant to get the job done while not annoying the Orokin nobility with tinnitus? Or their weapons can switch between ammo types on the fly. And then we have the Mag Prime entry that states the soldiers using "zero tech" gear with "percussion rifles". Now, you might accept that it means just as it is written, gear that has no electronic components, so ballistic plate armor in counter-pressure combat suits for low pressure environments (but not zero atmo) and actual 1820+ era percussion weapons. I can see the armor thing, but weapons? It might be that "percussion" implies a kinetic slug weapon with chemically powered ammunition or just simply a different word for "slug thrower". But a full on percussion cap musket is just way too big of a step-back. I am honestly going to sound a bit heretical here and say that current ingame personal infantry weapon tech might be on part or in some cases more advanced then Orokin Era tech. A case can be made for "technological plateau" which is something of an issue we have hit in reality too. Once you reach a point where material sciences have drawn all they can out of what is available, there is only so many ways you can efficiently do a job.
  8. I would expect that the catchup to the rewards of previous seasons would be made available again during the little pause period between seasons. And while I get that it's annoying, but a point can be made that no cookie for those who didn't see the race through. Regardless of reason.
  9. Problem with horror in this case is that the core part of it is fear. And in games that fear and sense of dread comes from the player not just being, but feeling underpowered and completely out of their depth. This is why the best horror games don't give players any meaningful ways to fight back because as soon as that ability is given to the player, they will get a sense of empowerment. For us to have this kind of dread is to hit us with something that completely bypasses and ignores 90% of the game. Something we CAN'T outrun, outgun and outtank. Something we can't really avoid either and something that will leave a mark you. An opposing force that is there and so far above us that even the most meta team of the most hardcore cheesegraters will find themselves at a loss. This might all sound awesome to you, but now think about what this thing would be. It would have to be something that's functionally immortal. Maybe something where "killing" it causes the situation to get worse. But practically, such an enemy would be just frustrating on an actual gameplay level. Alternatively, "horror" could be of the eldritch variety. Meaning stuff's happening that has no explanation and no way to correct. A moment where the world went mad and when we somehow manage to crawl out of the other side, we have no words to explain just what happened. This would be a great storyline for The Indifference. But this has the very real danger of coming across not as terrifying, but trite. Feeling so random that you'll find it funny then scary, though that could be partially wanted as a "coping mechanism" to witnessing stuff that our void-powered human minds can't process. But this type of horror can't rely on jump-scares, it has to be this "presence". Something that's constantly at your back, there, but just out of screen. You feel it, this sense of wrongness you can't escape. I didn't color my frame this way, that room wasn't here. Was the camera always this way? The point I am trying to make is that "horror" in Warframe has to be done with a bit more effort then in most other games. Because the sometimes used versions of a stupidly dark map, spooky noises and jump-scares gets old and loses it's mojo in the first few minutes. After which it becomes annoying.
  10. But if every semi-auto is a crit weapon by default, then that already shoehorns them and their builds. Half the setup is already gone to Crit mods. If an entire weapon class/type is reliant on a set of mods and a specific build, then I'd argue that the stats need reworking to the point where the base damage output is near to where sensible crit builds (no rivens and primed mods) would put them, and then that crit build aspect toned down in base stats so they are not shoehorned into crit weapons all the damn time. Crits should be a bonus you can lean towards, not something you rely your entire arsenal around. The entire damage system is borked and in need of a proper kick in the head.
  11. I have been begging for such cosmetics. They could be cosmetics or they could be straight up "visual weapon slots". Either way, I would LOVE to see two general types of this, Weapon racks for multiple weapons, compactly placed in a utilitarian fashion. And weapon displays for one or two weapons a piece, in a more prominent presentation form for the really fancy ones. Think what you want about Destiny 2, but their Black Armory weapon display room has a certain zing to it that I wouldn't mind replicating.
  12. As far as I can tell, all the waist decorations are sized up to match with the bulkiest armor sets. End-result is that even with matching sets like Koppra and Vahd, they look complete garbage. I understand that having these cosmetics automatically size down to match a particular chest piece would be a bit too complex for something so niche, but I don't think it'd be too difficult to have two versions of the waist piece, one for "large" torso armors and other for "small". Just have to create a classification for the torso armors if they are large or small and then the game chooses the appropriate size version of the waist cosmetic.
  13. Hello. This has been bugging me for a long while and would wish to see this option added to Orbiter decorations for mostly immersion reasons. Basically, I would like to see a toggle option while placing decorations to make said objects solid. As in you can't walk through them with your frame and operator. This is already the case by default with Ayatan sculptures and I believe there might some other few items that have this quality. One of the issues that might pop up with this is in regard to kubrow and kavat pathfinding and them getting stuck in these decorations. But I think the easy workaround for this option to only apply to player characters and not pets. Any problems with decorations sealing off sections of the ship are end-user error as if this was a toggle option, seemingly solid decorations would still be merely "holograms".
  14. Aren't Delux skins basically passion projects for developers? Basically some artist in DE has an idea for a skin in their head and they pick at it on the side until it's ready. Meaning the concept of that Deluxe skin is entirely subjective based on how that one or few artists interpret the theme of the frame. In many cases, the idea was specifically to go for something radically different from the base frame visuals. Quite a few Deluxe skins are not to my liking, but so are an ever greater many standard frame looks.
  15. Hello. I would like to preface this by saying that I applaud the concept and idea of Thumpers. A sort of miniboss that requires a bit more then just a very big number to defeat. However there is a small reality that I have to voice when it comes to fighting them: Thumpers are annoying and frustrating, but not challenging. The issue is not that they are bullet sponges. That is an acceptable state of that enemy considering the methods of play that a seemingly great part of the community subscribe to. Problem lies in that there is only ONE way to defeat these enemies. When they were first introduced, I was holding out hope that there would be an alternate way to take them down, much in way like the Orb or the Ropalopyst, in that we have the option to weaken or stun the enemy and then actively engage it through a short, animated sequence or an alternate weak spot. Problems with the current Thumper: The fights are boring as there is not variation to how you can defeat any of the three types. Fights are frustrating as the only target we have to engage are the knee weak points that are very mobile. A frustration even more notable when using slow fire rate weaponry. Probable solution I find would be to either implement an additional weak spot that is exposed for a short time after a certain action is taken on the Thumper. These actions could, for example be: Disabling of the weapons. Disabling of the "pump" close to each of the legs. Both At which point a hatch could open up for a time on the now immobile Thumper allow the team (or solo fighter) to shoot at a core until a damage stage has been reached (so 75%. 50%, 25%) or a timer expires. Alternatively, the opening of the hatch can be a cinematic moment and possibly leave the exposed weak point as a permanent feature after that action. What this would achieve is creating more methods of engaging the target beyond the current simplistic and obnoxious way of dealing with this enemy. It would speed up many of the fights and I think that is a good thing, considering the enemy is not particularly rare. Thank you for your attention.
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