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  1. When switching to Operator, you can get kicked out into the deep black from inside the main objective ship, thus probably failing the mission.
  2. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." Whether something "looks good" is an entirely personal thing. For example I do not care for the vast majority of Prime weapons and most frames. I find the designs "noisy" while most people I meet are all about that gold.
  3. There is something weird going on with Focus presentation. In ESO I noticed that the Focus gain is being shown cumulatively. Meaning it doesn't show you how much focus you earned in that round, but how much you've earned the entire run! And yeah. Something is off with the gain in general as I have a Lua lens equipped on my frame with a 2x affinity boost, and I earn at best 10k for round 2. Best I can come up with without actually testing is that maybe we are only getting the base lens worth of Focus conversion, regardless of what lens is equipped.
  4. With my play-style I think shield-gating is just "there" I do feel that I am more survivable now but I am also a bit iffy on it's functioning details as I like to be in the thick of it more and I also don't see the fun in overleveled enemies where this feature sees most benefit. I get the concept of what it was designed for and I also find it good that players have found clever ways to make additional use of this system. To paraphrase DE_Scott in one of the devstreams: "They gave us the tools, how we use them is up to us." But there is also the caveat that in the end those interactions and
  5. All true. This is also likely the core reasoning behind DE developing and putting in new systems like Railjack, Necramechs and the "open worlds". Attempts at introducing potential new intrinsic rewards, as you so eloquently put it. People rag on the devs as being dumb or out of touch. But I think the opposite is true. They are far more acutely aware if things are not right because this is their baby and their main reason for employment. I also believe that the devs know that the Extrinsic rewards, new gear, is not sustainable and not engaging in the long run. I also agree with your mod
  6. I chalk that up to the fact that "service" games have to keep players invested for FAR longer then standard types of games. I mean, other then online competitive games, what other type of game product can easily soak up a thousand hours or more of a player's time? Take out the RNG loot grind and we're still looking at a respectable time investment. Note that Warframe is a wholly PvE focused with no practical competitive elements. The fact that WF has lasted this long without sequels is frankly astonishing. One thing to also consider is the fact that in stat-based difficulty games like
  7. My 2 credits in all this is that we have collectively gotten lost on a fundamental level in all this. People talk like this is a reward issue. That gun-play is not rewarding enough and this is why people go for least-effort melee spam because that somehow creates the game. But that is just one part of the issue. The smallest part, in my opinion. At risk of sounding overly naive, I will state that the main goal or drive of playing and making the game should be the gameplay. Meaning the main reward of any given mission is the gameplay, the fighting itself. The interplay between you and
  8. You're not entirely correct. The Unreal Tournament weapon skins, I'm going to venture a guess that this is just a case of handwave it away. But there is also a far more meaningful place where english script is used and that is in naming Railjacks. The names are not converted into any language script. It'd be nice if it did, but Tennobet is kinda weird to write out. As for Zephyr, I really didn't think about that at all! I wouldn't be overly surprised if the artists over at DE also didn't. An awesome design came up and this detail didn't pop up at all during the creation process.
  9. I like the concept of DE's idea. But I am hoping they really scale back some changes. I like the way Railjack does it. But I do agree that some Avionics that are basically individually oriented for your station on the ship being slotted into the Harness makes a lot of sense. But stuff like overall ship stats (armor, hull, shields) being tied to harnesses just makes little sense to me. How does that makes sense? Who's harness plays into those stats? All of them? Does that mean that their values will now be nerfed or with the upgraded avio slots being removed is that stacking intentional? How
  10. I think it will be a good thing. Will certain weapons and builds now become less efficient or even tedious? Yes. And while I can't and won't say that that was the goal for DE, I will say it is the only viable method of knocking melee down a peg or two in the overall scheme short of a full rework of everything. Melee is broken. This change is at best a the smallest whiff of a bandaid. But at least it is getting some attention.
  11. I get depressed whenever I skim through these threads. I, for one, DESPISE AoE weapons. At least I find it viscerally difficult to take them seriously. They are lazy. Far too effective for their ease of use. But I doubt DE has the will to change it as the community would implode on itself yet again for a while. I find precision weapons fun. Not because they are the most efficient but specifically because they are not. It's a handicap on myself to do better. Causing me to actually interact with the game far more then using meta-builds ever could. I also enjoy melee combat, but again
  12. The biggest issue I see is that there really isn't any downside to having the enemies be on high alert. In fact, with the way the game is set up, it is PREFERABLE for the alert to be set off so more enemies spawn. Same with running and gunning. There are no reasons why you shouldn't go in with an Ignis if it can one-hit erase an enemy squad. But putting handicaps in just to curb this style of play will not go over well with the player base. The only thing I can think of short of nerfing a lot of weapons and/or making enemies more like Nox units with dedicated weak points is for affinity
  13. From the front-end, this doesn't seem difficult. But we don't know how the back-end for weapon appearances are set up. There's a database that gets accessed and called every time we load a loadout might not take kindly to us rewriting multiple entries at once. I will also posit that while it would be neat to have this feature, it's not really worth the effort that might be put into it. Unless it's something a programmer at DE just sort of tinkers with on their own time, if it is an easy feature to implement.
  14. Eh. I'd like if they'd lean more into the Eldritch Lovecraftian weird-horror that is the Void and the tech that has come out of it. There are hints of it, here and there. The darker aspects are presented but never really... explored. For example: Fortuna and the Solaris. Fortuna is basically a slave-camp turned society. From what little lore there is, it seems the Solaris willingly entered into this indentured work relationship on Venus for the Corpus some generations ago. Why? What would possess an entire nation, for the lack of a better term, to enter into multi-generational service? T
  15. A pointer here, melee damage itself does not ramp up anymore with the combo counter. Your heavy attack damage does, but doing a heavy attack completely "drains" the counter. But yes, there are mods that do have interactions with the combo counter.
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