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  1. Honestly... I am a bit tired of open worlds. I am somewhat surprised that DE did not take the Hellgate approach with Deimos. Meaning there is a central "hub" and a few others that are connected through expansive, procedurally generated corridor maps. Basically maybe having some of the larger setpiece elements and areas be a large room to themselves and have them be connected through infested caves that are different every time. In some respects, combining the open world tech with our standard gameplay tech. It'd make a lot of sense on Deimos as it is an ever shifting infested flesh-plane
  2. Of course. For the ecological balance of the Origin system, all actors within need a population limiting element. And in the end, that job primarily falls to the Tenno. No harm in having a bit of fun when getting the job done, now is there? Also for a bit of tangential musing material there's also a small, maybe non-canon bit of lore about Grineer that has been "implied" if nothing else. And that is that not everyone in the Grineer empire is a grineer clone. Basically giving the word "grineer" two meanings when addressing someone. It can mean that they are clones of the grineer variety.
  3. Last time mine came for a visit, I swear the eyes appeared black but with bright spots. Like a telescope picture of space. Black but with bright stars, nebulae and gas clouds.
  4. It's a free thing. It costs the caster nothing once ranked up and it costs the people getting blessed even less. But ok. Feedback. Maybe it would be better if the Blessing lasted for 10 missions of 6 hours. Whichever ticks over first. So if you are a very sporatic player, you can make use of it, But if you're a full blown farmer, you aren't running around constantly blessed because that shouldn't be your standard state of operation.
  5. There's one bit of logic I wish balancing took into account. Regardless if we are talking of melee attacks (in combos) ranged weapons or even abilitites. Point for point, bullet for bullet, hit for hit, a single-target strike should AS A RULE (with rare exceptions) be more powerful then an AoE. In an AoE, you are using the energy/ammo/strike in question to hit an area and everyone in it. In a single-target strike, you are putting all of that into a single, focused point. It just doesn't feel right to me that a weapon or ability that deals damage in an area deals more overall damage then
  6. I'm of like mind about the pulsing. I spent 30 minutes looking for those damn chains on a wall alone. The Nihil fight was a challenge and I got it in my second run. It was refreshing to actually fail at a task because of my own shortcomings and not something glitching out. More of that, please. The biggest gripe I have with the last diorama in particular is just how... WIP it looked. It honestly has the feel of being at 90%. The major assets are there and the art and animation work has been done on all the segments. But they haven't been properly meshed together. Heavily infested floors
  7. Honestly, the most likely versions are that the game will trundle along all fine and dandy for an another decade. Some new additions and patches but at some point, the devs will have other projects, deliberately or not. Some will want to go for other things simply because they have other wants and the fact is that in such projects, changing of design leads is the single-most disruptive thing to the whole endeavour. Second option is that at some point in the near future, the game will stop recieving updates and instead, the devs put their efforts into a sequel or spin-off. A way for them
  8. I can understand being miffed at other players who don't contribute. I do. But I must ask, is it really that common for players to actively set themselves Global, pick a bounty (as you need said bounty to matchmake with other players with said bounty if preselected from Mom) and then ignore the objective? I can honestly say that I have NEVER in all my time playing the Roaming missions seen this kind of behavior. Sure I've seen one or two members going off-course for a minute because they are multitasking as they should be doing. But never to the extent that OP seems to indicate. If anything, w
  9. The issue I have with Nyx is that in my opinion she has a mismatched kit. She is either a Psycher or a Mindcontroller. Right now she's trying to be both. A Psycher is essentially just telekinetic. This is where Absorb and Psychic Bolts make it clear that she is not there to control the minds of the enemies but the environment itself. Personal idea would be to reimagine her to be similar to Hyldrin in that her energy would be her shields. And she would use it to maybe concentrate those defenses at one angle, shape spikes out of it to attack enemies or even use her telekinesis to use the e
  10. Probably Slash Dash or Radial Javelin on my Excal. Depending on what abilities I can get, I will opt for armor strip ones. It's one thing I feel that he needs.
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