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  1. The best option I have come up with is to redesign critical damage system. By removing critical chance as a stat and making it a guarantee at a weak point hit, and then removing the chance for AoE parts of any attack to actually proc a crit; So you can still crit by a direct hit or by a well-aimed melee, but the most reliable way is to use single-target percision weaponry. This would also give ranged weapons more oomph compared to melee weapons as again; easier to hit weak points with a percision weapon. I know, it's a MASSIVE hit to general damage output. "This game is about mowing down hoards of mooks!" and all that. But is it? Does it need to be? And of course the always touted "Nerfs are bad! Never good! Buffs only!" And I respectfully don't subscribe to that notion and believe that if any real changes to WF's combat system are to be made, they have to be drastic.
  2. Honestly, I wish the sentients blew up all the relays but one, heavily damaging that one. Leaving that one as sort of a "refugee station" until all the other ones have been restored, the Bazaar would fit nicely for that role, if I am honest. And then once we rebuild them, we'd have at most 3 or 4. With each relay having a unique layout AND unique denizens. No longer would Darvo, Teshin or Simaris be on ALL relays, they would each be relegated to one particular relay. Same with syndicates, them being split into groups of two, thematically you could pair them up as friendlies but I am partial to having sworn enemies. One on opposite side and we can see some animosity between the syndicate memebers. This, in my opinion, would create a more anchored feel to the relays and "geographic distinction" if you will to the regions. Each is it's own thing with a particular sense in internal decor and people. And would create incetives to people actually participate. And if the players fail, we have the Bazaar for a temporary "refugee" station so players don't completely lose access to syndicates but there would be a downside like increased prices to all their wares or hits to player ranking within the factions. There could also be faction speciffic rewards for succeeding in protecting a relay. In the end, I just don't like how clearly singular individuals can be in multiple places at the same time. I mean Maroo got her own place! The rest is just icing.
  3. It's an interesting skin. If nothing else. I honestly can't see any other game doing a skin like that. Especially for a female character! The more I look at the concept, the more disturbing it gets to me. It's like her flesh is peeling off. A unique concept and I am interested in seeing what the textures are to see what the feel is with different colors. A lot of the times, changing one color or another can completely shift the theme of the frame. With a dark red it might look like flesh splitting open under pure muscle bulk, and with some other color it might look like a puffy jester suit over a lithe form. Reserve judgement until we get the actual skin. 2D concept art can be anything, but once they try to translate it into 3D that has to move, some aspects in the proportions are likely going to change.
  4. Right now, I think why most skins are very generic and are basically just texture swaps is to reduce bloat what such additions would add to the game. Meshes, textures, animations, sound and particle FX. All those things might not be much on a per-skin basis, but I imagine they stack up quickly to once again bloat up the space the game takes on a drive. This is especially important with regards to consoles as they tend to have much less storage capacity compared to PC. I mean, they just announced crossplay and save on everything including mobile! Sure, there are artists in DE and the TennoGen community who can make awesome skins but even they have limits when all you have to work with are textures and bump and lightmaps. And then, when talking about DE, if they go into all this trouble to design, model and rig a whole gun what logic is there to have this be a skin and not a whole new weapon? I am going to admit that I am somewhat surprised DE hasn't yet figured out a way to basically have a transmutation system for guns where you could make one gun look like a whole other existing gun. Total conversion skins show that it is possible, just wondering why technically I can't for some platinum cost, convert one gun into an universal skin.
  5. Trials were a neat idea, but I would not call them Raids. I admit my perception and idea is heavily skewed by Destiny, but the Trials we had were closer to Strikes then they were to Raids. The only similarity I remember there being were one or two "instant death" puzzles. Personally, I would not mind seeing Trials coming back but NOT in a Raid format. We are so far past that in terms of personal power and maturity of content that a mid-tier player now could probably solo nightmare LoR unless there was some mechanical puzzle that required more then one player to basically just be a Companion Cube and the puzzles themselves weren't exactly big-brain. What I liked about Trials is that they were a self contained story. Much like Destiny's strikes or Dungeons from most MMO's, they are a middle-ground between doing an openworld bounty (which is what I see our baseline missions being) and a Story mission. Usually they are a short dungeon-like area from a Story mission, retrofitted into a replayable segment. This opens up multiple different approaches and retrofits: I'm thinking that since we can replay quests now, how much work would it be for DE to take some of them and refit them into these missions? Modifying them to be a bit more challenging, removing the need to go return to our ships and craft some things and having the entire quest be a single mission that you could solo but meant for a full cell of players. Best outcome would be to have these Strikes or Trials or whatever you want to call them, be where you fight the planetary Boss. DE can do interesting and fun Boss fights. Basically every boss that has seen a rework in the past few years have mechanics involved that make them a little more complex then just a giant bullet-sponge. Ambulas, for one, is absolutely amazing mechancally, the new Jackal is also a joy. And then we have the Orb Bounty lines. They are basically Strikes, just split up and padded out a bit. Using those as templates or examples, making similar missions that incorporate all the bounty steps into a single mission that is on average doable in 15-20 minutes is also an option. Trials as Raids is something that I don't think DE can pull off. Not reliably or well. Most games that have Raids, have dedicated cryptographic sadists on staff whose purpose is to think up the puzzles and fights and they spend AGES building them. And after all that effort, at best only a small fraction of the community will play it more then once. I don't think it unreasonable for developers to find the resource costs for such content to not be worth their time. Especially if they are not confident that they can pull it off. And even IF DE ever decides to bring back Trials as Raids as I imagine them, then one big change that needs to happen to the rewards is that whatever you get from those Raids can't be traded to other players. I find this option to be the lesser of two evils concerning any possible power-creep gear is to make it so you can only earn the stuff by actively participating in the content and this also ensures that we don't regress back to the "good old days" of trade cartells for Arcanes.
  6. @Dauggie Reducing costs of Focus unlocks does not really fix the problem I see. It doesn't even address it. Also, lowering the costs would go against the initial design concept for the Focus system. While I am sure that the conceptual idea of what the Focus system is and how it should function and progress has changed both in the minds of the developers and the community, the core of it has to some extent remained. If I am not mistaken, the main progression concept for the system was that it is not something you grind out in a week, but something you are supposed to passively build up over a longer period of time. Clearly that idea did not survive contact with the playerbase intact. Players will grind for anything and everything, even to their own detriment. Originally there wasn't a daily cap on how much Focus or faction standing you could earn. While it is true that the concept of Passive Focus gain in the equipped focus school while in Operator mode would speed up the process of Focus gain considerably, the main argument remains that it does not make sense for someone who practices the path in question personally will not earn experience in that field unless they have some trinket in their pocket that provides the experience in a round-about way. Potentially, this would also have the benefit of more players not only playing Operator mode, but playing the schools themselves more, thus not only creating a far greater understanding within the community as a whole as to what works and how. This would, hypothetically, trickle up to DE as more informed and actually useful feedback in how to tweak, fix or rework some schools, perks or fundamental parts of the system. Theoretically, this means that this change would potentially be beneficial to any greater reworks that they might undertake, such as the mythical Duviri Paradox. History has shown that easy fixes like you propose are at best a short-term bandaid that doesn't fix any issues, just hides them from the larger conversation by making the systems they stem from progressively more irrelevant.
  7. I mean. You can play that way, I mostly do. If for no other reason then because it looks way better then the ultra speedy melee spam with the superboosted sprint speed. It just... looks silly. There's no feeling power behind it and it tends to be very janky too, so there isn't even a feeling of grace behind it. Now, this isn't saying that the game has to be a Souls game or that we all need to move at a snail's pace or that I don't use the bullet jumps and tricks to get higher and faster when the need arises. I just don't see the need for it all the time. I like it when my melee combos nicely with my movement and shooting. I feel like I am this superpowered space-ninja when my actions not only feel like they have gravity but that there's a sense of grace to it. Proficiency with a sense of flourish.
  8. I had an idea a while back where Operator amps operate on a completely different damage model to all other weapons. Rather then being damage point based as now, they are flat percentage based. Rather then hitting an enemy for... 100 points of Void damage (for example) and that gets boosted by some obscene 300% booster by Arcanes and Focus upgrades, the amp instead does 10% flat damage at base and these upgrades enhance it by small amounts; adding single digit % to that base damage. So how it would work is that the weapon would with one hit shave off 10% of an enemy's health regardless of how much health they have or what level they are. Of course there would be other modifiers like weak points, armor, resistances and likely a set lowest possible damage (so 100 points or 10%, whichever is larger). But the concept is that an Operator's Amp does not care if the enemy is level 30 or level 300. The reasoning behind this being that Amps don't have the benefit and/or curse of the base modding system. Instead relying solely on components, Arcanes and Focus upgrades to progress up in power. It would also give Operators maybe some clearer advantage in certain situations or against certain enemies and maybe even giving them some competitive edge compared against frames for players who want to main in Operators. Just a silly idea I had. Probably a bit too out left-field to be reasonable, but oh well.
  9. @Dauggie They might, yes. Likely will. Problem for me lies in the logic of it, or lack thereof. And while this is a logic based suggestion, I will admit that it is also more aimed at the non-vet demographic, which I am willing to boldly guess and claim is the VAST MAJORITY of the playerbase. Veterans as you described are not part of this discussion, they excused themselves from the conversation a while back. And I also think that the argument of older players having gone through the content "the old way" that new players must also "share the pain" is not only flawed but well and truly buried. There are quite a few examples of grind being decreased even after some portion of the playerbase having gone through the gauntlet to it's end. I also believe that some things do not necessarily have to wait until some mythical distant larger content release to be integrated to the game. So it is entirely likely that this suggestion is a case of "eventually yes". But I don't see a reason why this should wait for a later release. As a side-note; I truly believe that veterans who have obscene stockpiles of every conceivable resource are "a lost cause" in terms of resource economy balance. Quite literally I do not consider them in such discussions because they are already out of the loop and thus not relevant to the conversation. In terms of Focus, I am only a few perks away in my last school to be in that pool too. Especially if and when DE were to implement new additions to Focus schools that would mean that the excess Focus is of use again as these players can just simply unlocking them outright and thus not even have to consider engaging in any upgraded Focus gaining system. I am not attacking or blaming the veteran playerbase of anything, just voicing an opinion I feel is fact. And if for nothing else; this suggestion must be brought up so if/when the Operator and Focus loops see new developments, this change makes it in.
  10. Hello. I always found it strange that Operators do not earn Focus points passively in their active school once you get past The War Within and are able to more properly utilize Operator mode, especially after we get our amps. I know we can slot our Amps with lenses and thus earn Focus through that, but it does not make sense when you think about it logically. The Operator is now personally taking to the field and thus practicing the skills and abilities taught in their currently chosen path of focus. While I understand the necessity of Lenses and that they are most of all just there for gameplay reasons and to give more veteran players something to grind for, I am questioning the reasoning behind not letting players who might want to lean into Operator play more to also benefit from that type of self-limiting style of gameplay. As such, I suggest granting Operators passive Focus gain in their currently active school. Lenses, even Lua ones, are not viable alternatives due to the silly way Affinity is converted and distributed in Operator mode. As far as I am aware, if we get a kill with an Amp, 50% of the resulting XP is counted towards the Focus conversion which is then converted to Focus at 3.25% rate. It is the same rate that a Warframe has if only the weapon is Lensed. The disparity here is that with Warframes, we at least have the OPTION to double down and slot both the weapon and the frame with a lens but with an Operator there are not additional options. As a general rule; in Operator form you are not able to kill as many enemies thus earning less XP and further diminishing returns by only being able to have one Lens equipped. Operators passively should earn more Focus then any of the Lenses are able to allow, but not by an order of magnitude. Just enough to make that style of gameplay actually viable. And to repeat a previous point: It just does not make sense that the Operator does not earn Focus experience by personally being in the field, putting themselves in harm's way. There are, of course, other issues with Operators and the Focus system itself. Seeing as they have been largely ignored in terms of additions and upgrades. The concept for Duviri Paradox hints at a more Operator centered gameplay loop but simply waiting for that does not justify keeping the system as is, in my opinion. The Visual customization is lacking in terms of mixing and matching, with the clearest examples being in the Koppra waistband not even matching up with the set itself. While the cosmetic options are not important, what is is the lack of incentives to really play as an Operator. And granting Operators superior passive Focus gain would, if nothing else, potentially improve the perceived reputation of Operators in general.
  11. I have been using Nyx a lot for a while. One thing I will say is that Nyx is in DIRE need of a proper reimagining. Not tweaks to her kit, but a full rebuild of the kit. She's currently trying to be two things that don't make a lot of sense. She's both a telekinetic frame and a mind control frame and she's bad at both of those. If DE wants her to be be the mind controlling overlord then Absorb and Psychic Bolts don't really fit, in my opinion. If DE wants her to be a sort of psy-soldier who throws enemies around by the power of the mind, then Mind Control and Chaos don't fit the theme. In my head, I see Nyx as one of those two archetypes: Overlord or Vanguard. The former is all about turning enemies into her pawns and basically forging an army from them that would make Revenant feel inadequate by comparison. Where the bulk of the fighting is done by the enemies who selflessly act as both soldiers and meatshields. The later version is based on the Mass Effect class of the same name. A brutal telekinetic warrior who throws enemies around like ragdolls and maybe even uses chunks of the terrain as projectiles. This, however, overlaps with Mag in a few ways.
  12. Well, Parvos was stuck in the Granum Void much like the Solaris we find there are. He needed us to use our Void mojo to bust him out as Protea was basically dead and turned into a specter running on some limited loop that meant he couldn't get out. So I think it's kind of safe for people in that little pocket within the Void. A sort of bootstrapped version of the Orokin Towers in the Void. And it's pretty clear that Nef's people have figured out how to go into and out of that pocket.
  13. Here's a hot take: How about DE remove critical chance as a stat all together and instead implement it as location/weak point based for non AoE weapons. So shooting a grineer in the face or some other unarmored point is how you get a critical hit. Maybe even add in defensive elements like helmets or armor plates we can shoot off to actually GET to the weak points. And we know they can do that en-mass because Corpus crewmen exist. Couple that with a rework to IPS damage types where they can at least partially bypass these defensive elements if present to directly hit the weak points. Impact for shield emitters, Puncture for armor plates and Slash for soft armor, for a quick example. Boom! You now have an incentive to use single-target weapons because explosions can't really hit critical points unless there's a shrapnel mechanic and those are random and melee simply isn't accurate enough to hit these points reliably. Melee can still be a powerhouse in a fight because it can hit multiple enemies and deal a lot of damage. Great for close range mooks who are generally lightly defended. Just not critical damage. Status still works because status is about the effects it imparts on the victims.
  14. Steel Path IS a challenge mode. But it's not for everyone and truth is that at some point people will meet and exceed the challenge. I think people also need to consider the return of investment here. How many people ACTUALLY play Steel Path? I don't mean the people here in this thread, but overall percentage of the player base. This is what doomed Trials and Conclave. So few players played those that the amount of effort that DE needed to keep them working and up to date just wasn't worth it. So much so that Trials were removed entirely and I'm not sure if Conclave has seen any notable changes or additions in years. Truth is, that the core part of the game is the starchart and the base missions in there. That is what the vast majority of the community exclusively interact with and as such keeping that part of the game up to date and in working condition takes absolute priority over late game content. And yes, I mean just that; late game. Steel Path, Arbitration, ESO, Sorties. All those are late game and not "endgame". I haven't the slightest idea what endgame is supposed to be, least of all in Warframe's context and I sincerely doubt anyone else in the community can confidently and clearly define what that is either.
  15. You're proving my point. It's not overtly competitive. People don't consciously set out to have the biggest number or be the fastest, but they do so out of necessity to not be bored out of their mind and actually be able to play the game. Simply the desire to actually play the game and have enemies to kill has resulted in this weird arms race of one-upping each other because if you drag behind even by the tiniest percent, you will be left without enemies and thus without anything to interact with. Of course there are exceptions and other details. There are also people who are out for maximum efficiency. If that is borne out of some self-rationalization for the one-upping or an actual mentality is entirely individual. And there are people out there who are all about having the biggest numbers and the fastest mission times. All those things are valid and I don't think badly of people who go for that, it's their entertainment. My problem lies in all that seeping into the core game and general meta and my opinion is that ultimately that kind of mentality is detrimental to player retention and enjoyment. First thing some players get is a youtuber min-max meta build and from there on, everything is downhill because anything else they might want to try will be weaker or less efficient and in a public match, that is more likely to lead to the player being bored because there is nothing to do but go to extraction or mop up the crumbs. Of course there are those who just play solo or with friends. Arguably a majority. And as far as they are concerned, everything is working as intended. As such we don't get their opinions because they are playing the game and not browsing the forums to air their grievances.
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