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  1. Actually no. Just running mutation on a few weapons like Kuva Zarr.
  2. Hey, atleast it has evolved now, cos now it's the console crowd throwing the rotten apples, rancid meat and moldy taters and bread at the mobile port.
  3. But we also have an abundance of ammo drops. I havent ran out of ammo in the last few years. The last time I did was when I leveled the regular Kohm.
  4. Which is highly unrelated to the topic and exactly what I said it was, since you complain about the players having an opinion and not the individual opinion(s) themselves.
  5. I'm simply pointing it out. You come into a discussion regarding a frame and drop completely unrelated comments that also try to belittle/dismiss the opinions of everyone disliking Yareli for once reason or another. And you try to mask it as something else aswell when it is pointed out that you just made a meta complaint. edit: I guess the actual feedback forums would be comedy central for you.
  6. And that is exactly a meta complaint yes. Your edit of the other post made it even more so. It is also against the forum rules.
  7. Yeah 15% duration and some magazine capacity would be a nice addition.
  8. The system as it is works well, why reinvent the wheel?
  9. But isnt the reimbursement there automatically in the whole dev time/cost to make future cross-play, cross-save, cross-progress and merger possible? It isnt like people bought the things with a promise of future cross-whatever.
  10. If they had actually tested it properly we wouldnt have gotten Merulina as part of the kit, since it simply isnt gameplay friendly on small maps. Heck, K-Drives handle poorly on open maps too. Merulina should have been a visual while the controls should have stayed with the core Warframe movement. Bullet jump and Merulina jumps with you and when you land you embark her again. Rolling could have been solved with a standing board spin and so on. All of it could have been solved with animations that dont impact gameplay.
  11. It is still tied to the core gameplay of the game. Different mission types and modes doesnt go against the core gameplay since they all fit the system of the game. We can question RJ and Archwing since they arent tied so much to the core gameplay, though RJ is partly since you use the core gameplay both inside the RJ and in inside areas on the RJ maps. I mean, the combat and the gameplay loop would be defining core parts of WF that would define the core gameplay. And everything is tied to that. Then that there are islands mostly is a completely different story. Steel Path made that better, since now the whole chart is viable to use at higher levels. And sisters of parvos changed this a bit aswell since now the encounters are tied to both the star chart and railjack, and even to the granum void (though that was a questionable design decision to get the sister).
  12. Nothing will ever make me touch that horrible system willingly. Nothing, nada, zip, inget and so on. And that is coming from someone who played the old THPS on PS1 like a madman. It needs to be nuked from orbit.
  13. The main issue is that they are just weaker and more clunky versions of what other frames have. Her 1 is a worse Spellbind or Lantern, her 2 is just bad, her 3 feels like an unbuffable splinter storm that doesnt hit things in melee range reliably (nor provide DR) due to a minimum unscalable range. And 4 is like a bad mix of Photon Strike and Airburst or Larva. The worst part for me is still Merulina, it should have never been part of the frame, atleast not as an actual k-drive. I hope this is the first and last time DE comes up with such stupid ideas for frames. I dont think there is anything they can do about that skill, outside of removing it, that will make me use it. Heck I didnt step outside the orbiter before I replaced it. She just feels like a massive rush job.
  14. Objection! You are out of order sir! Bringing logic to the Warframe forums... pfft, shame on you sir. These forums should be like flatworlder soccer, where only frisbees are allowed.
  15. It depends on the fix, if it is PC tech related or so it can be hotfixed, but if it has to do with content we'll have to wait unless it is so small that it doesnt need a cert process on console. What I guess we'll see slow down are balance changes, like the addition of valence fusion and so on, or balance changes to new frames and weapons.
  16. Not only that, but DE have also shown that not all platforms are effected by the drawbacks of one, instead they streamline it for that platform. The Switch has shown that most notably. What should be worrying is how cross-play will effect PC given the limitations we've seen being done to things like Orphix Venom mob density and so on. Hopefully we can avoid the bus to plebtown in some way while on PC. I dont play on PC to experience console limitations, I play on PC to avoid them.
  17. What? O.o How on ea... uhm, seriously what? Not even in steel path does anything survive for 6-8 hits, neither pre- or post- patch, and nothing stand straight for 20-30 hits.
  18. Honestly I have no idea what to think since I have no clue how this thread has much to do with the current intermission. Wasnt this thread about failing to hit the increased cap during a normal nightwave even though it had been around for ages and the last increase was just a safeguard for it to last? Current intermission is just neglected, which is a completely different issue, or well an issue unlike the "issue" raised in this thread. So my opinion is, they should flip the switch with increased levels and the regular retroactive ranks. Or more accurately they should have done that long ago. Right now it would be silly since it ends very soon. And in the end I dont really care since there is nothing I actually need from NW outside of the regular 30 ranks.
  19. Very good point. Would be a nice carrot sine it would bring meaning to grinding the k-drive customizations and so on. Which is why modding options would also be good for it, an incentive to do k-things. That Austin Powers reference made me laugh, because it is just so damn true.
  20. Yeah. Though I wouldnt stick with the k-drive eitherways since it is just too clunky and I really dislike the system. Would have been cool if it was just a visual that let you play the frame as a frame. I ditched it directly and just picked up something to let her camp while playing around with 1+4 and a secondary. The main issue there is just that such a playstyle can be achieved with Vauban or Protea aswell, just much much better since they deal so much more damage through their skills.
  21. Hmm... nope I think you can only customize the colors of it, nothing else.
  22. In fact it is. Heck, it is probably the best passive.
  23. I wouldnt be surprised if Sonar gets nerfed, or DR gets changed. It is really no different from when Revenant could 1HK liches with Enthrall+Reave, which got capped. A simple change to the sisters/liches would be to simply add a % of max hp damage cap, so a hit cant remove more than x% of max health in a hit. That way there would be no potential exploit outcome with skills like Sonar, atleast not at the extent of how it is now. But I guess right now a high strength Gloom+Sonar Banshee would be quite devastating.
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