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  1. There is still an avarage time per weapon. A game shouldnt be balanced around the most unlucky. A tenet melee takes on avarage 45 minutes to get and the quickest time per weapon would be 20-25 minutes.
  2. For me it comes down to the difference of accessibility. Nothing in the game is as easy and quick to obtain as the tenet melee weapons. It is understandable that arcanes, low drop mods, low drop components and so on are tradable, but tenet melee are already so very easy to get in the mode they belong to that it isnt really comparable. The drop chance for keys is huge and the cost per weapon is low, and you can hold onto your keys till the right element or percentage pops on the vendor. And sure it sucks that physical illness can get in the way, but you can avoid it already with tenet melee by running sisters instead. Yes it is slower, but it is an optional path to those melee weapons that avoids the storms alltogether. Not very different from grinding items to sell for plat so you can buy expensive arcanes instead of fighting eidolons.
  3. The reason I think Stalker and the acolytes are really old frames is their uniqueness. Feels like they are some of the earlier prototypes due to their mish-mash composition of abilities and so on. And another thing that makes me think they are non-operated is because Stalker gets infused with sentient tech, something we know doesnt do too well with the void. One thing that I dont really find reason behind is Stalker joining Hunhow. However, it could be that Stalker is fanatically loyal to the Orokin and any decision they (Ballas) make must have a reason, even if that includes being in league with the sentients. I just hope we get more info about all of it with The New War. And since we dont know exactly when Stalker + friends were created, it isnt impossible that it might be kin to Umbra. I mean as you say, it would definently be salt on the wounds, especially if Ballas manages to make them loyal to him. Not only would it be a punishment in itself, they'd also turn out to something better than their father who was a failure.
  4. That is a simple matter of opinion and I cant say I share it. I really didnt mind the storms as a mode to obtain new weapons. I dont think there is another place I'd rather do to get them atm. They could add it to sisters sure, but that would just add 4 more prog weapons to roll through to get the correct one you want. And I rather spend 5-6 minutes on a void storm with a 37.5% chance for 10 keys than spending 3-ish minutes on a trivial low level mission with a 100/x chance for the right weapon before being able to start the actual unlock process of it.
  5. But the storms also allow and show a new artistic expression for the whole idea behind the void and what it is. Of course it isnt everyones cup of tea but they still want us to see and experience it. Void Storms are quite visually different experiences than normal RJ aswell as normal fissures. Too bad that the exposure to the storm isnt more dangerous to our frames/RJ, would be cool with an actually hazardous storm setting.
  6. I'm saying it is pointless to re-craft a new Mag Prime if you are going to use transient fortitude, intensify or something else along with vitality on that frame too. If you had used 3 umbra polarity on the current Mag Prime then sure, but if you only have 2 slot with that polarity you already have the optimal foundation for a frame. At that point you'd be better of regulating your duration with Fleeting Expertise if you want short bubbles.
  7. Well the timeline is a bit odd. The early frames prior to Umbra cant be his kin, because Ballas doesnt sell out the Orokin until after Margulis is dead and the tenno are "part of" the Warframes. So when the early Warframes are created the person that becomes Umbra has not yet uncovered any secrets that Ballas has with Hunhow since Ballas hasnt sold out the Orokin yet. Plus Umbra is also fitted with a transference bolt, which is a post tenno thing in the frames, this specific one seems to have been designed not only to leave a memory inside the frame, but also to allow Ballas to control it (though that can be questioned, he might simply have a pet tenno to do it). So that indicates a "newer" model. And since Stalker seems unaware of the tenno I dont think he is controlled. And we know so far that the tenno were hidden in one reservoir aswell. Although, Stalker and his friends may have been covert tenno, specifically hidden by Ballas elsewhere and lost to a dream aswell where tenno/frame have no defining lines that seperate them. Where memories of what they were is all gone and they remember themselves only as frames and not tenno. Which would explain why they think other frames are just frames aswell. The big question is still when Umbra is made. It would be great if we could know when Battle of Hull happened for instance, since it was after that atleast. And if that battle was pre- or post the invention of warframes.
  8. I didnt think people could be that naive regarding what the OP actually suggests. Yes lets grant direct in-game interaction access to some random people hosting a fan-based market site, and let that site handle the transactions. What could ever possibly go wrong with that!? /s
  9. Chances are more that Stalker and the Acolytes are actually some of the very first frames, a group of them that never turned on the Orokin, so got promoted into these "low guardians" for the empire, instead of being experimented on and having a tenno control them. We know Stalker hates other frames because of what happened at the end of the war during the victory celebrations, he is a witness of that betrayal. Umbra is a fluke, he isnt ment to be sentient, he is only ment to have a burning memory left, which is him killing his son. So the chance for Stalker and the Acolytes being related to Umbra is extremely small. Not only because Ballas would have to fail the exact same way several times over, but also because he would have to successfully, through some odd miracle in his failures, manage to not have those subjects turn on him like Umbra. And after everything his son witnessed with Umbra, I'd bet he wouldnt be all pink clouds and unicorns if he went through the same thing (incase his father never killed him to begin with). As for the rank of the son, he is a Dax soldier, that is all we know.
  10. Dont you use vitality and damage mods eitherway on Mags? If you do you cant get better value than what you get from umbra vit plus umbral int. Since that ends up as a better vitality and a transient fortitude without any penalty, for a total cost of 2 more capacity (if you polarize eitherway).
  11. Yep done that. He's just been sitting there for a long time with his regular despoil build. Plans so far are to replace equilibrium, stretch and primed vigor with Tesla Bank, Overextended and Umbral Fiber, then replace vitality and gladiator health mod with umbra vit and umbra int. It would drop his health a wee bit but I'd get 4 potential 15ish meter extra nukes to increase his AoE kill potential.
  12. I hope DE doesnt enforce regulations to such things, since many things that may be "dirty" words in some regions are simply names or regular words in others. I mean, as a swede I wouldnt be offended by seeing a lich named Kuk or a sister named Fitta, even though it is slang here for wee-wee and ho-ha. But those are also surely just plain names in other regions of the world. It is already bad enough that you cannot use the nickname for Richard in the game i.e $&*^, just because it can be slang for wee-wee in english while at the same time being a nickname without a thought to offend anyone.
  13. No I think it started cause you thought he ment steel essence, from a palce where you cant even get steel essence since the mission type isnt available on steel path even. 😛 Anyways I just wish I had a frame to use the Umbra Forma on, but I just cant find any atm. Pondering a bit about slapping it on Nekros Prime to get capacity freed up so I can go with a Tesla build on him along with decent range and still keep most of his survivability intact.
  14. All that ties into rarity, dilution is part of that, so is the specific rotation/mode they are locked behind. I should have probably gone deeper into detail in my example but I though it was fairly clear when I described the differences in both drop chance and rotational availability. All that have to be taken into account. You can target farm any relic in the game as easily as the next when you unlock the correct missions for them. They all sit at a 14.19% chance to drop if you farm the correct way in the game. And they all appear in "rotation A" when you do that.
  15. I find plenty of uses for void dash, which is why I mentioned the missions I did, since they involve alot of travel either between objectives or to extraction after objectives are finished. Displacement of enemies is utter and total S#&$e because it is counter productive if you are going to kill things and pointless to have on the dash if you are to use it for travel anyways. Cos well, you already go through and leave the enemies in the dust... so why displace them aswell? Which is why I prefer Naramon all the way, because it no longer displaces enemies, instead if opens them up to finishers for every frame, so the dash can be used offensively.
  16. Roar, Gloom, Tesla, Xata's Whisper, Breach Surge, Larva, Dispensery.
  17. Well kinda, though those mods are more hybrid playstyle enablers. They dont directly increase your dps, they just allow you to shoot when you want to with most weapons. Reload mods would turn into pure dps increases and on some guns they'd be equal to fire rate because certain guns have their dps determined by their reload time and not their actual fire rate. It would also give guns like Shedu infinite ammo without requiring the use of a normal mod slot or a specific arcane. Plus the regen mods dont work on all weapons, you cannot utilize them well (or at all) on low mag capacity weapons like tonkor, exergis, tigris and so on, nor do they work well with Tenet Tetra, where they instead increase the reload of the weapon by quite alot compared to manual reload.
  18. I'm just curious when these threads pop up, do people only ever think of one mission type when they write these? Operator dashing is really only useful in lowbie exterminate missions, capture/rescue/mobile defense and some spy and at times in excav. Most other times you are either moving and killing at the same time or you are hanging out in a certain spot to make the most efficient killing. It also really depends on the map. I just dont do the one-off missions often enough to see void dash as an overarching mobility winner. It is a nice reward we've unlocked through progress to make those tedius and trivial missions less tedius when we are forced to go back and do them.
  19. You shouldnt bet before looking. Neo range from ultra rare to uncommon, depending on their rotation/mode. Meso can also be ultra rare, but at the same time it way be obtainable in a rotation earlier than Neo at that drop rate, while in the next rotation which it shares with Neo it turns rare or uncommon with a drop rate several times higher than the Neo. Like Meso may start out at say 1.5% drop chance in rota A, then in rota B that increases to 7.5% while Neo also gets introduced at 1.2%.
  20. But that doesnt take anything away from being able to play a pure tank. We dont have weapons that make you tankier, so you can play that tanky frame all you like and be just as effective. You can even skip your nuke gun and just go melee or subsume a specific ability to make anyone/anything a nuke aslong as you are willing to invest a wee bit in range.
  21. My suggestion for Lavos is to replace his 2 with Roar, Xata's Whisper or something, unless you really love to have a mobility skill that constantly turns off auto-run. After that invest in strength, range and umbra mods while keeping duration at 100% (since duration impact status duration on Lavos, so sub 100% is a big no). Dont care about efficiency, since as pointed out earlier in the thread, you dont need it. So you can easily get great strength and also get really high range at the same time with overextended etc. Mine is pretty much Umbra, Umbra, Umbra, Blind Rage, Overextended, Stretch, Augur Reach and Adaptation with Growing Power and Primed Sure Footed. The massive range helps alot with CD reduction from #3 since the radius of the skill becomes quite large, so less worry about throwing it in the right direction in dense places like Steel Path survival. And even with overextended you still end up with decent strength at near 250% when GP is up. And if you go with Roar you gain a nice damage boost aswell to everything you do. Outside of that I pretty much just alternate between pure fire branding or gas on his skills. Versus corpus just use Toxin with his #4. Use a Panzer with him for free viral and an extra element that scales your #4. I would only suggest using Cedo on him if you really wanna gimmick him up. He is better off with an AoE gun even though Cedo stacks statuses. You will still need to shoot or melee when your #4 is on CD. And there are few things in the game that survive his #4 as it is, unless you plan on running really long endless runs. Yup they do. You just need the initial hit to kill if you use rad/corrosive/cold/magnetic/viral, it the innate DoT effect of his 1, 3 or 4 kills the target it wont count.
  22. I think it depends where the relics drop from otherwise and how easily they can be target farmed. Axi doesnt positively mean rare if you can farm them quickly from say rota B and C interception with a 15% drop chance per relic and nothing else that contends with their spot.
  23. Then you need better weapons. I play anything in there as either pure nuke, pure tank or hybrid, it all works the same, the approach between the 3 is just different. No struggle to keep up with just relying on weapons as a pure tank. It was different when Essence came from Eximus, but since that change the need to kill at an optimal rate is no longer a thing. Now you need to kill at a rate so you can sustain yourself through the spawned life support at worst. So pure tanking is very much viable, and with the right weapons it isnt hard to stay within the 90-100% oxygen range in survival, the only mission type that actually require some kill rate.
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