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  1. As I said, it isnt underdelivered based on the video, because nothing there was specifically stated to be part of one single release. It can take them 2 years to get everything in that video into a system and it would not be underdelivered based on it eitherway. They did underdeliver based on their written info, but that is purely because they had an early estimated time in 2020. You however have been ranting about underdelivery since the first playable RJ iteration, based on a video you watched that made no promises. You clearly also have little grasp when it comes to the reality of game development. Whatever you see in a barebones video 6 months ahead of time will have changes made to it prior to release. If you are going to go around and take such videos as promises of whats to come you will be forever disappointed when it comes to gaming. Your comprehension of words being used such as "gameplay demo" are lacking. A gameplay demo shown in a video does not equal what you experience in a playable demo of something. The former thing can mean several things, from early concept stages to day before release showing. The other is specifically a part of what you will experience in a game. The two are not interchangable. The plat analogy would only apply if we had actually gotten a strict release date and a point per point summary of exactly what we'll get, which we havent. We still dont know if all of the content in the video will be part of phase 3, we've never been promised all of it, we just expected it based on a video showing off their intent and idea as a whole. It is really our own hype and expectations that make us think all of it will be mixed together in the end.
  2. Nothing I've really seen or heard officially and one dev is certainly not enough to stop projects. We had constant content updates up to Wisp, Hildryn for instance was released in connection to an operation in early March, prior to that we had Profit Taker in the middle of december. There werent even 3 months between those content releases. Maybe it wasnt content that the content creators could find ideas to do stuff with, but who the #*!% really cares? It was still content we played as players. The content creators have constantly exaggerated things. That same person that said he was quitting claimed during a content draught in 2018 that WF was "bleeding players" when the numbers were still increasing during that very low-tide point in time. And that guy was never good because all he did was create click bait drama videos with rehashed gameplay and him blabbering on for way too long about nothing in particular. It isnt exacly hard to look up when things were released if you go to the wiki. Such lengthy periods of draught is not a thing, not even during 2019 when so many things were reworked.
  3. It is kinda like Plague Star, repetative and easy but rewarding if you need a special thing. Decently enjoyable aswell, just as Plague Star. You are looking at something like between 25-30 hours to get all arcanes if you just max the bonus pay for 2 different flotillas each wave you play.
  4. Underdelivered from the PoV of the plan, not underdelivered with the PoV of the video. Since the underdeliver/over-hype/bearking promises claims were burped out directly at the release of RJ, at which point in time it was spot on with the planned release cycle. It has however been dragged out since then because they implied part 3 would come early 2020, and early to me is jan-feb, not march, april or later. There is a vast difference in overhyping or breaking promises and having something delayed. Saying something is overhyped or having promises broken when we havent even seen the final product is kinda far fetched. Now if they dont deliver what was intended to be part of the final release that is a whole different thing, but we just arent there yet, so cant really judge. We've gotten phase 1 and 2 as planned while the third phase is still delayed. And it is not underdelivered by design, it is underdelivered due to delays and I doubt they design delays intentionally.
  5. That is a brilliant idea. They could keep it so we still can do it the old fashion way, but if there is a squad in space that does their thing the mechanic can be skipped for the ground crew or something. It would also fall inline 100% with the idea of squad link, the way they presented it to us at first, as something to let us skip things, things we'd otherwise be able to solve in a different slower way. Not like it is now where you are SoL in space if there isnt a ground crew, you cant hard crack the codes in space.
  6. Some things would be better when it came to in-game things, the game would however not have the revenue potential that it has now.
  7. What I kinda hope for now with the nerfs to 2 skills that totaly trivialize 2 game modes i.e stasis and enthrall+reave, is that they'll finaly do some gutting of the AoE frames that trivialize content in a far wider way than two skill combos effecting two game modes only.
  8. It is possible RJ turns out that way, but the different is we've seen an actual plan for RJ. With the orbs it was more quiet and they came over time. We only ever saw two orbs but then when the second one wasnt the one in the lake people started speculating about a third which DE also started to imply intent for releasing. But that was already after Fortuna was released. With RJ we've seen the plans in print prior to the release. Which dev had an existencial crisis when? All I know as causes for actual content delays have been masses of reworks during 2019. And liches released end of october, there had definently not been 8 months without releases. Wisp was added May 22 with a whole new game mode and full revamp of Jupiter (with a new boss fight also), a mode that later got expanded on with Gauss. It isnt like we didnt get things that involved work hours. We also had the revamped PoE during 2019. Someone in another thread said they already had a pool. So I'm not entirely sure anymore what the cause is and it doesnt seem like DE can reproduce it (according to the latest patch notes). So it is very likely related to latency issues for the people in question and I'm not entirely sure what DE can do about that.
  9. As a heavy Rev player I fully support the nerf. He is still golden to use versus liches due to his defenses. And in return for this nerf (fix) to 1+3 they opened up liches to status effects that benefit all frames. I mean it was kinda silly to be able to 1HK a lich with 1+3 when it barely does damage to a Nox.
  10. Rev, immortal and has the option to 1HK anything except mobs protected by a damage cap gate. His 1HK isnt that needed now in endless content since weapons do well deep into the levels with the new enemy scaling. But his immortality is enough to make it the top choice since he treats everything as if it was a level 1 missions regarding incoming damage.
  11. Then I've been missing out for 3 years.
  12. I'm honestly not sure what you are getting at. We've gotten info about a 3 stage railjack, what was shown in the video was the plan of what would be in after/with the release of stage 3. We are currently still only at stage 2. I'm not sure what is confusing about that or what is confusing with the video showing some things we havent gotten yet, since we arent at the final release yes. We are currently in what they refered to as "take flight", what we wait for is the "find answers" part, the first part was "dry dock". If you dont understand why there is a difference between something showcased based on the final plan and what we got, which still isnt the finalized product then I'm not sure what world you are living in. As I said earlier, if the video was all we had to go by, then yes it would be missing the mark, but there is info after the video that makes their intentions all the more cleared, like the plan of the staggered release. If you think they over-hyped or promised you something that is on you. There were no promises spoken, there were no actual hype, except what you experienced. As I said I wasnt hyped the slightest by any of it. I though there were some cool aspect but also alot that was just bland, like the very shallow lich (that everyone seem to praise for some reason), some pointless ground mission on PoE and some flying. In the end I thought ot was cool to see what they were planning, what visions they had, but nothing more than that. It was the same feeling I got back in 2018, nothing at the 2019 showcase changed my view. Not until we got our hands on it did I feel like "this is actually really fun!". If a company wants to hype something they dont put half baked projects in a video. I mean, if you really want what was shown in the video, great for you, I bet you would have been even more upset with that. Facts do indeed support my stance because we have info on a 3 stage release aswell as specific info for both the dry dock part and take flight. Our opinion on hype or not is just a personal issue, there is no fact, you got hyped, I didnt, neither is right or wrong since it is for us to feel or not for something. Otherwise you get into Equilibrium territory. No promises were made, that is a fact however, since there were never any spoken words that promised anything 6 months ahead of time. The promises we got was when they showed the 3 stage release plan, if they dont fullfill that, then they have broken promises, but we arent there yet. edit: I can say this much, I think it is taking slightly too long to reach stage 3 since iirc it was planned to come earlier in 2020 than where we are at now. But with the corpus changes coming I hope that will also be stage 3 of the release. If not they really need to step up their game, even with the pandemic going around, since these delayes happened prior to all that fuzz for other reasons.
  13. Cant we skip them all and get Rev, Khora, Garuda and Hildryn prime faster?
  14. Hmm I'd actually like a male Mag. I'd go and make my own Brotherhood of Evil Warframes!
  15. Yeah that I could see working. Those interested could run, then the rest of the community would vote, kinda like a political campaign where each runner describes their view on things and what they wanna get out of it etc.
  16. The creation of the frames is probably decided by who the creator is. Titania is created by Silvana and we know that she loves nature and wants to restore earth and Titania resembles an insect or a pixie. Also somewhere it is stated that Excalibur was the first, which implies there is some design decision behind it aswell as individuality. The vitruvian does however also imply it is more random in nature, where it mutates the subject to the brink of becoming a full blown infested. However I strongly think there is an intent behind the design, for instance, Mesa didnt just mutate into having two pistols just as Excal didnt just sprout a sword from his mutation. So there is probably a genetic code interaction, where helminth is told to do a specific thing, then armor and hardware is added afterwards. And with codenames such as Wukong, Loki, Nezha there must have been a plan behind the creations that would reflect that. Or did the helminth turn them into something at random and the Orokin were just lucky to get a monkey looking frame they could call Wukong that also had the powers turn into a cloud? I think the Orokin wanted to make as many as possible with different powers given the adaptive nature of the sentients they were going to fights. They did afterall not know if this project would work or not to battle the sentients. The reason we have Umbra Excal is probably because the Excalibur is Ballas original design and he is so inlove with that creation that he will make another one, but this time as a punishment that also is a perfect soldier (since the first Excal probably rebeled, or not since he might also be The Stalker (plot twist!)). But now later down the line he'll be able to erase all unwanted memories so it can be tormented by just one, the death of its son while still being controlled by the tenno, hence why a "different" transferance bolt is mentioned in the sacrifice. And another reason I think the frames are individual is because they were probably seen as a very high status sacrifice that should be remembered, kinda like all the young russians that were sent onto the roofs of chernobyl to clear them from radioactive rocks, dying in droves in the process. Ballas however, disgruntled at the Orokin at the time due to the death of Margulis, just said #*!% it and went on to make a duplicate individual Excalibur, even though at the time one had already likely been part of the uprising and the primes were already being ready for the tenno. And one thing, who did Ballas plan on to have as the operator controlling the tormented Umbra? But yeah, if they release genderbenders with lore to actually make sense of it, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  17. It didnt, since we havent gotten the finished product yet. See, again you ignore the info about the staggered release of empyrean/RJ. We've gotten liches and part of empyrean as two seperate releases, empyrean is still not finished. Not sure if the last things will come with the corpus expansion or not. They made a table of the empyrean parts, liches were never mentioned to be part of it. Liches came kinda out of the blue when they released the mode. The reason it was showcased together with railjack was because the showcase revealed the intended final plan of what empyrean will have when it is all done. They showed us their full vision. Railjack being a new system was most likely the reason for liches being seperate, in order to not have all kinds of bugs in the bag in one go. Easier to find bugs for a new system when it interacts as little as possible with other things. Likely the reason why we have squad link in an event to begin with since they can pinpoint the issues better (which already seems hard enough). I also wasnt talking about content, I was talking about the info leading up to railjack, regarding the plans on how to release it. Things far more concrete and solid than a random video from 6 months prior that isnt more than a showcase of several different planned systems. That info you decided to ignore, since it makes the claim of the video as a promise fall more into your favor. But since the video wasnt the last we heard regarding RJ, it is not something to be taken as a promise. Also not really sure what auto blocking has to do with anything here. Just because I dont agree with the video being seen as a promise doesnt mean I didnt dislike liches or hate the fact that auto blocking is a thing. Their state has no impact on wether or not the video was a promise. Those things are their own subject out of a mechanical implementation point of view. My PoV regarding them is that liches sucked, but work well now and auto-blocking is a frickin' plague, so is forced weapon switching when blocking/aiming.
  18. The lore in that they are made out of specific people, which is the reason why they look (and some act) like they do. The deluxes arent really out of lore, since there was a whole Tenno era where they made their own frames, which would likely result in more personalized exteriors. The Orokin had their hard on for specific earth history, the Tenno likely had theirs aswell. But going down to the core of the frame, it is still that woman that once got changed and turned into that specific frame. So even with an altered exterior, the respect for the subject is still intact. No, I dont shoot it down because of politics. As I said I'm fine with bewbs on excal if it fits the lore or the game. So I simply shoot it down because it breaks the lore, no matter if the want is based on politics or the love for exquisite shapes and forms. The Sacrifice is all the lore we need to go by, which is very much there and means that genderbending wouldnt be a thing. Everything else in the game is reverse engineered things based on the Orokin designs that date back to individual subjects. Our tenno arent bio-engineers, so creating our own frames with a new bio-structure just wouldnt be a thing. I was all ok with genderbenders when I played Marvel Heroes, no problem if someone played Hawkeye with a Kate Bishop skin or Black Panther with a Shuri skin (I did that myself) or someone running around as Lady Loki, because it actually had connection in the lore.
  19. It is a video 6 months ahead of time. Those are not promises, those are showcases of WIP, hence why it is 6 months down the road and not next week or the one after that, heck, not even the coming month. Several of the things in that video arent ready at all. It is like the people saying we got promised some better lich.. where exactly is that better lich? We have a bland one running around doing practically nothing and you really need to concentrate to understand it is an actual lich and not just some ship boss. They barely show the lich system except for an info sheet that shows the age of the lich and some other things. Mad hyping done by DE I so look forward to all of th... wait what exactly are they showcasing that is supposed to get me hyped? edit: Also, saying to compare it to what currently exsists means that you also ignored everything during those months leading up to railjack, since they kept bringing us info on what to expect, which was not the whole package in one go. That is more of a promise than some video 6 months ahead of time, since they actually state what will come and not with each stage of the release.
  20. I dont think he was neither toxic nor had a narrow point of view. He is just another person that wants the actual lore of the game to stay as intact as possible (or that is what I get when I read his comments) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is trying to inject political agendas into a game that would result in breaking the lore, which to me is no better than the burning of books or records, because you defile the creation of someone else with your own needs and gains. I'm all for people wanting bewbs on their excal or a fine ass, but I also expect those people to take no for an answer when it will break possible lore. If there was a lore connection that would make gender options viable on frames I wouldnt mind such skins. We've already seen lore getting completely #*!%ed over with a broken bottle in recent gaming history. DICE swapped several key figures in their Battlefield 5 campaign from being men to women, just because sjws and others demanded it, they also lied about it and said they based it on actual stories from WW2. The sjws didnt give a #*!% after they had their demand met, most of the didnt even pick up the game and the actual heroes from those stories are probably turning in their graves still. Not because they were replaced with women, but because their memories, deeds and struggles were trivialized and made unimportant to make way for litteral first world problems. Which in the end is shameful as #*!%. edit: To take note, those first world problems people are being so hellbent on these days wouldnt even had been a thing if it wasnt for those real men (and women) back then doing what had to be done. If it werent for them we'd sit here in brown shirts and celebrate Adolf's Day or some equally worse S#&$.
  21. I'm just curious on the part where they have over-promised anything. Which release was that tied to? I cant think of a single piece of content where they have expressed any actual promises regarding anything. They show alot of stuff, stiff that doesnt always make it into the game, but is that called a promise these days? In other games they've been know as spoilers, I guess I need to freshen up my interwebz-lingo.
  22. Yes but the council will not be chosen by the playerbase i.e the community. So what makes a council work IRL doesnt apply here, since their mandate comes from elsewhere. We want a council that represents the players, if that council is small and picked by DE, the point of having it is kinda moot, since all it is is an extention of DE. So in such a case it would be more treated like a poll, with a bigger size. Now if we were to pick the council out of the community it would be a different thing, since then they'd be chosen to make our statement and put forth our opinion.
  23. I've seen that happen in other games, with official polls regarding certain new releases, where the winning side has ended up being called out as cheaters because the losing side assumed the thing wasnt popular enough since it was less mainstream. Heck in Marvel Heroes the losing side even went to calling people racist and anti-islamic because Angela won the hero poll for a future release and Kamala Kahn (Ms. Marvel) ended up on the bottom. Everything that adds the slightest competition, even when it is something as trivial as a next hero release, it brings out the most vile side in a community. I can see it working here if DE would have strick management over the polls, so they can easily see alt accounts from main accounts and remove double votes etc. So people cannot run off and claim one side is cheating when they won, because it is obviously always the winning side that cheats only. If they add several groups each group would still need a large enough represenation, since even within each of those sub categories there are so many opinions. You are also right, it would slow down development since more steps would have to be taken between planning and actual release. Kinda and with far more regulations and monitoring directly by DE. Best would be if they made up the subject, since obviously they'll still have their visions, then let the people voice their opinions on the idea aswell as bring their own view on what this project could entail. But that would also mean more work for DE indirectly since they'd have to be seriously involved so people dont alt-post to shift the lay of the land into their favor etc. They'd also have to read all the feedback and accept that their vision may not be what people want. The optimal approach would be to bring out several idea that people cant have their opinion on, then go with the one that is recieved the best and has the most useful input. In all honesty, I dont think this community (nor DE) are ready for such civilized behavior nor commitment. Even with the "design a frame" contest it kinda felt like it died off after page one or so. And the guy that won even said that the way DE interpreted the idea wasnt at all what he had in mind when he wrote it. Same as how several people jumped the DE interpretation of the idea and wanted it to be the "meme" frame. Which to me gets kinda silly when the guy that spawned the idea didnt intend it at all to be like that. That kinda shows how far from a working council idea we actually are, a place where thousands would try and have to agree over some ideas. I think it could be the ultimate nightmare, fitting for a Kreuger frame.
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