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  1. Different teams do different things though. Very unlikely that the ephemera and peculiar mods people would handle the other stuff. Terrain adjustments for legs would be a cooperative project between the world designers, programmers aswell as riggers most likely.
  2. Sorry to hear about your loss and the cancer. Went through a rough time myself in 2007 when I lost my mother and my grandfather (on my fathers side) within a period of 6 months. Mother died unknowingly from cancer which was a relief and my grandpops passed away from a lung disease earlier the same year. Then in 2009 my brother passed away in the US. He had been kinda distant since the passing of our grandfather and things never really turned around for him after that. We used to play WoW on a daily basis but after 2007 it became less and less with long periods of oddities regarding my brother up until he passed away from kidney failure in september of 2009. He simply took things way harder than me. When our grandfather passed I didnt think much on it, it was sad but the man had lived a long, good productive life, it simply was his time. And after our mother passed it didnt take me long to get back on my feet even though we were close. My brother took it very hard, even though he claimed he never felt close to her, maybe he just hadnt realized how close he actually was. The years passed by and 2017 I lost my grandmother, just a few months after my dad had gotten diagnosed and operated for exaclty what you have, bowel cancer. He's still alive and kicking with a pouch to poop in on his belly. But it doesnt stop him from doing what he loves, like riding bikes, mechanics, carpentry and being a general prankster d-bag to me. I'm not really sure where this is going or what my idea was, but uhm... keep on living (for her) and everyone else you love or have loved. Dont let the setbacks bring you down, face them with a stout middle-finger, a loud f-you and just keep on trucking man! And if you believe in something greater, flip them off and give them a happy f-you aswell, he/she/they deserve it. edit: Also forgot to say this. DE you never cease to amaze me regarding your generosity and caring about the community. Truely heartwarming to hear what you did for Paola. I rarely feel my heart getting warm after reading things like that, but this actually really got to me.
  3. On the top of my head without thinking too much on it. Loki - Spider, because that is one of the meanings of his name. Revenant - Draugr, he has a big freakin' norse worthy spirit beard! Frost - Wolf, Bear, Jotun/Hrimturs or Yeti Hydroid - Kraken Oberon - Goat or Beastman Khora - Spider due to her look and skills
  4. Because in the grim darkness of the future there is only war. Oh crap, wrong universe. Anyways, death to peace! edit: Also another reason, as mentioned in a different game "Might makes right!".
  5. Funny thing is that there are plenty of complaints about Anthem's "open world". A game designed and marketed as being OW yet still kinda failing on that whole part by invisible walls/ceiling that restricts how you can traverse the "open world". Also, who in their right mind would compare the open world of an intended open world game with the open world zones of an otherwise instance/mission based game? The answer would be someone looking for straws. I think DE have made a good choice with their open world zones. They are big enough to fit well into the game without being overwhelming or feeling too small.
  6. They likely follow a set lifespan plan like many other companies. This year, 2019, sees this exact change in several other titles aswell, not just WF. Many of them are also seeing this change in Feb, just as it will be for WF. I'm also like you, I'm not that over the tope when it comes to graphics, things can simply look good in several different ways. I also agree, the older models need an update, a material pass on the old frame would likely be enough to make a night and day difference. It is kinda like when I played Marvel Heroes, looking at a newly released hero or one that had just recieved a visual update/material pass and comparing either to an old hero made it look like they came from completely different games.
  7. You should probably verify and optimize your download cache. I'm running on a decently old PC and my loadtimes are instant between cetus/fortuna and orbiter. Yeah but how often do you go from cetus to fortuna though? Once per day for rep turn ins?
  8. This was a pointless post though since I answer it in the last few sentences of the post you quoted. It is natural to phase out the antiques, but that is hardly what people who want better graphics are talking about. They want to be catered to when it comes to their brand new hardware most of the time, with new pointless little graphical editions that not even the latest games lauch with because it simply isnt resource friendly yet. I mean, if they want just better graphics then they would know that there are reworks in the pipe already. Not everything can be done in one go. Biome per biome, tile per tile etc. that is how it will proceed.
  9. It is pretty damn closeminded to demand graphic upgrades in a F2P multi-platform title. DE are trying, like every other company on multiple platforms, to keep the costs and differences as low as possible between the different platforms. They need to make it all work pretty equally so they arent swamped with extra work between a pc and console patch. Many of the things we see are compatible with the hardware available on consoles. Also, saying that they should cut the cord with low end PCs is extremely stupid. A large portion of the playerbase sits on PCs that can handle the game well but being far from top-end rigs. These same people are also willing to pay regularly for prime-access, tennogen and other new cosmetics. Just as with me, I could have upgraded my PC or gotten a new one, but I dont need it because I mostly play WF, OW, PoE and some older games from time to time. I wouldnt go out and buy a new PC in order to play either of those games, unless it goes to the point where an OS is simply phased out of support, like we see now with XP and Vista. But at that point you have a PC that is an antique more or less. WF has really good graphics when you compare them to the system requirements and the age of the game.
  10. I just dont see a reason to shell out 60 bucks on something that comes from EA when I have a F2P game that costs me way less and is already a solid gameplay experience. In addition to that I already have a free copy of Destiny 2 that I havent tried yet. I also see no reason why The Division 2 is even on the list. Why would I wanna play some Defiance/Fallout/DayZ fusion-wannabe game without any type of monsters, zombies, mutants or aliens. Nor are there any options to handcuff someone and then force feed them with bleach, raw/cooked human bodyparts or a rotten fruit.
  11. Keyword part is "was pretty good". We all know CC frames have no room in the current game, so releasing one with pure CC in mind, as Rev would have been more or less, would have been a massive mistake when you (as a dev) already know there are several way too CC heavy frames in need of reworks, because they dont fit in the game anymore. So it might have looked cool and everything, but in gameplay it would have been crap. And it is positive to have a side effect, no matter how insignificant it is. My point is, people complain about fluff, things that simply doesnt change the skills except giving them some flavor and minor utility. If they gave him utility that was actually strong, the skills themselves would also have been nerfed to account for the synergies. Overselling it would be saying it was on par with Mag's or Volt's 4, which the synergies arent. But they still work and fill exactly what little role they should. You also have to remember, these are synergies tied to his #1, a skill that is barely used except for CC. Putting too much weight ont hat skill and nerfing the other skills that benefit from it would have been bad design. It would have led people to feel the need to use his #1 instead of having it as an optional skill only, "if I dont use 1 my 4 will be weak". Now it is instead a small bonus if you thrall something. And regarding the energy change, it did nothing negative because it also buffed reave during danse by reducing the cost of it. And that change is far better than having a slightly cheaper danse/sec, because reave is how you dodge and conserve mesmer skin during your dance channel. A simple look at the mandatory "X Frame Feedback" or "Y New Content Feedback" threads should be a hint where they usually wanna look. What was said by content creators wasnt something new, or something that wouldnt have been said if they hadnt said it, because at the same time it was mentioned in a content creator video/stream it was on the forums. The only time I'd consider that DE looks at a video is if it is linked in their feedback thread. Do you really think they'll take time to go check a bunch of videos that may or may not have something regarding the new release and suggestions of changes? Lets check out partner012345 or youtubechannel354 and see if they miiight have something to say instead of going to our official feedback thread and look up the hundreds of posts already there.
  12. If he plays that little powerleveling wont help him get to an end-game ready state unless he plans on throwing massive amounts of cash just to get weapons and the right frames (although Nezha can get him through all end-game safely without much time or resources needed) to actually do anything meaningful. Not only is there an MR lock on "most" useful end-game weapons, there is also the resource costs that goes with them. So if he cant play for more than a day a week (hopefully a lengthy session) he should focus more on spending his time really well in the game when he can so he can get exactly the things he needs when he gets to the point of end-game. If you PL him it will lead to the point where he can do end-game but lacks everything to be able to build the items he needs, which in turn leads him to doing the same thing every session he can just so he'll be able to get those items ready and start the end-game properly. And since you say that he is a good player I expect him to want to be able to contribute well when he does specific content. With the limited hours I think he'd probably enjoy the rest of the game more since there is so much to do on a regular basis. WF isnt really the run of the mill gotta-get-to-end-game type of game. It is so open ended and you feel pretty good from early on to the late game because it all provides a good sense of progression. End-game in WF is probably the weakest part of the whole game.
  13. You are forgetting one thing though. He wont get around the "tediousness" no matter how much you boost him. You will simply get him into a more tedious spot by boosting than he would get into by leveling by himself. You completely neglect the massive need of materials to get anywhere when you've collected and leveled all the credit only items. Chances are he will get bored to death when he gets sent back to lowbie planets just to get the mats or blueprints needed for x frame or weapon, instead of simply obtaining it as he naturally levels.
  14. If there were to be a plague star incursion on Venus, would that be classified as a venereal disease?
  15. I dont mind people not talking about game related stuff. I enjoy the odd convo from time to time regarding music, comics, movies, bewbs etc. What I dont understand is why people start discussing religion or politics in a game chat. If I cared for politics the slightest and wanted to discuss those things I'd probably do it on a political forum or a *shudders* Facebook group. I would certainly not do it in a game. And if I were to ever want to express my ideas regarding religion and which god is a royal asshat or not I'd probably seek the same forms of media for it, or you know, go to the local invisible friend's clubhouse.
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