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  1. They are bad for anyone who seeks farming efficiency, which would be pretty much anyone playing these kinds of games and try to get the highest reward per time spent. While ranged can clear SP and let you survive well in endurance, they just wont compare to melee, since melee will also allow you to shorten the intervals between acolyte spawns since you kill more. There is quite a big difference in having one of the emo clowns show up each around each 3 minutes or each 5+ minutes. After 15 minutes you suddenly sit with a difference of 2 spawns, which only grows the further you get. And shorter
  2. The only thing they should do with Eidolons is improve their arcane yield to make them on par with the event. Nothing else is needed since you'd then have 2 different routes that are close to equally viable. Because isnt that really the problem eidolon hunters see with the OV mode becoming a common thing? Or is the "problem" only an excuse to ask for "me me me!" rewards that lets you feel special?
  3. Been trying Outriders more, getting more into the classes and so on. It wont be a WF killer for me since it offers absolutely nothing that WF does, which is good imo. Outriders has its own appeal and so far it is a really enjoyable game. I think the game will be its own unique take on the arpg genre. Many people compare it to Destiny and Division, but it seems far more unique with how character progression and builds work given what crafting will bring to the table in the full release. Weapons are also different enough even within their own class. A submachine gus is vastly different from
  4. But what is the joy of bullet sponges though? If we had actual challenge in the game it would be a different story, but we have sponges and nothing else. Bringing ranged up closer to melee and bringing melee down a bit in the process is the right way to go at the moment. Then if they wanna rebalance other things down the road it will be easier to accomplish when both combat systems are closer together. Nerfing melee now would risk with the game ending up with scewed results since a large amount of players may skip things like Steel Path, which then may result in no changes being made sinc
  5. SE has very little to do with the game. They arrived late to it, somewhere at the end of 2018 as publishers. Everything that is official comes from PCF since they arent bound by being under the roof of SE unlike crystal dynamics, eidos montreal and nixxes. They've been very firm with the no DLC info and why it is the case. They've repeated over and over, no live service, though that is a bit odd given it requires a constant internet connection much like WF. But I guess they refered to content releases. Though they have said that if the game is popular enough they'd consider future expansions,
  6. Just use a specific browser for watching Twitch, one where you havent installed adblock for instance. I got the purple screen with text yesterday on Chrome, which runs adblock, so I opened up my Edge that I otherwise never use which has no adblock and it worked 100% fine.
  7. Na I mean for combo bonuses, not the counter. Like stacking slash at a far higher rate since you go through a combo faster. And yeah, there is definently such a thing as too much attack power. And I fully support that the artists want it reduced for non-combat reasons aswell cos it isnt exactly fun to watch something you've worked on bringing to life and you arent sure if you are looking at that or a frame having a seizure.
  8. Attack speed is a problem, on several different levels. It scales absurdley well with how combos work, especially on those weapons with forced bleeds. Plus, dont forget that melee has no ammo "punishment" when it comes to increased attack speed, so it is just a no-brain free scaling dps stat on a weapon category with so many other free scaling dps stat options in the modding. It also screws up the aestethics of the game, which I was very glad to here the devs also see the problem in. Honestly, I'm extremely surprised attack speed hasnt gotten nerfed earlier since most games I've played have ha
  9. Stat locking would cos more harm than good and result in complaints about it not being the specific way a player wants it. There are just too many ways on how to implement a stat lock system for RNG items with random stat lines aswell as random values. I think there are several people that think it would be great, but it would without a doubt come with several limitations once you decide to lock a stat. 1. D3-ish where you can only decide once which stats to keep and which to reroll. In the case of rivens I'd assume DE would go with 1 line possible to lock while the remaining are ran
  10. Could be. Atleast the devs for Outriders have no plans for future DLCs and expansions unless the game is well recieved, so it feels kinda like they just wanna break even and earn a bit for their work. The game really embodies the words generic and clunky atm. Not to mention that it is quite spectacularly ill-optimized with frame drops when not much is going on. In WF we slaughter through screens full of enemies at high speeds in all directions, in Outriders you face 10 or so enemies at once at a fairly low pace with barely any elevation or size to the maps and it still has issues to keep fps s
  11. You dont need any of it since there are so many different options for energy management that cost practically nothing. You are also under the assumption that pre-mission planning equals management, it doesnt. Management means something you need to keep an eye on during your active gameplay i.e missions, dungeons, raids or whatever the flark a game may call it. We dont need to actively manage anything in WF in order to go ham crazy bat off the rails nutty with our power usage.
  12. Yep indeed. It is also one of the things I question about the Outrider devs, they've said over and over "not a live service game" and then they require always online? I guess 1+1 = 55 to them. Aside from that oddity the game is pretty decent the little I've played it so far, gonna have to see if it feels the same further into the demo or if it is just the fresh car smell playing tricks.
  13. You dont need energy pads, you really dont need arcanes either. I was not worrying about energy prior to SS giving me easy access to arcanes, the only thing SS did was allow me to switch up my focus path. And why would you waste strength on any of the spam frames? Where in the game do you actually feel you need the extra strength on those frames? And wtf does anything regarding the eidolons have to do with the subject about spam frames and zero management? Also no, it isnt a major investment to build to get energy neutral, it is the smallest investment in the game since it ends up b
  14. Outriders look interesting, it seems to have alot of cool systems going into it. The big question is if the gameplay will be good or not. Aswell as if there will be further content releases for the game. In the end though, the full release will be a full "classic" release where you get a game for your money, even if it doesnt get popular enough to justify expansions and so on. The massive difference between Outriders, Anthem and Destiny 2, Division 1/2 for instance is that Outriders will have no cash shop or a gaas setup. The only limitation it will have is that it will be online always,
  15. But that isnt at all the case. This isnt about approving certain setups etc. this is about certain things just being extremely imbalanced and turning the game into passivity when you happen to end up with those picks in a group. And that is the games fault since the power creep has ran rampant with nothing to bring it back in line. The issue is more tied to the frames though since the weapons doesnt have near the same impact, with weapons it is more on a personal level where there just isnt really a point bringing an AR due to the game having high density and is best suited for AoE options. Th
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