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  1. Sorry for the late answer. But yes, I'd consider it an exploit but not a cheat. I'd probably not class it as abuse either, since there is no real harm coming from it, no one is negatively impacted by it. Just as in real life, we can exploit flaws in systems, that doesnt mean we are criminal, dishonest, cheats or abusive every time we do so.
  2. A new player will not be aware that Yareli is a whimsical frame to begin with since it isnt apparent by just looking at her in the market. We knew she was going to be whimsical simply because we've seen her gradually up until release. A new player wont have that experience with any of the frames. We also got the whisical part of her fed to us through the in-game quest and the tie in to the ventkids and their bias towards her.
  3. I think any voice actor can in relaity pull it off. They are good at mimicing voices of others. I guess the only voice actor I have issues with is Nolan North, not that he is bad, it is just that you can always hear Deadpool no matter who he voices. And if we are to get a new person to voice Lotus I'd honestly have to say Tara Strong, her range is just insane.
  4. Not really, since the more whimsical things come very late in the game, at a point where the retention of that player has already been decided. If the whimsical parts came early, during the period where a player decides "should I stay or should I go?", then yeah, that "can" would apply both ways. So the "can" regarding whimsy additions will more or less only effect already playing players that are that deep into the game. Not that I think DE adds whimsy stuff often enough to actually have a negative impact. I mean we've gotten... uhm... uh... eh... Yareli that is whimsy and uhm... yep that is it pretty much.
  5. But you fail to realize that you are actually flat out wrong. Damaging statuses do not cap at 10 stacks. And with the statuses that do cap at 10, you need to consider the fight lengths of the game aswell, reaching the cap faster means you end up killing faster aswell, because your damage uptime under 10x corrosive, magnetic or viral starts earier for a weapon that applies 10 statuses per second compared to one that applies 2. And as I said, crit and crit damage of a weapon also impacts each individual damaging status, so gives status chances the exact same value difference potential as critical chance. You just cant ignore it, no matter how much you want to. If damaging statuses didnt increase through crits you'd be somewhat right, but we'd still have multishot, damage weight and fire rate to take into account to arrive at the correct dps increase benefit from status chance when comparing two weapons.
  6. I also started the game and I used the wiki for like 2 bosses, things that shouldnt be explained by the game eitherway imo. I had zero issues getting the hang of the systems on my own though. But as I admitted to the OP, my view on how easy it is can be shaded, or jaded depending on how you look at it by having long MMORPG, arpg, rpg and shooter experience in the trunk prior to picking up WF. For me, WF has been one of the least confusing games I've picked up and played. I'm very doubtful that an expanded tutorial would come close doubling the playerbase since the basic things arent that hard to understand, so those people would quit at the next thing instead, then people would beg for handholding, simplification and homogenization elsewhere aswell, and we'd end up with WoW post Cataclysm more or less. It isnt like WF has a small playerbase, that means that there are plenty of people that get past the basics without significant issues.
  7. Seperate obviously since they said that straight out on the last devstream. Where they also said all focus atm is on The New War, so it will come first. For now I expect The New War sometime in october, or november at the latest, then cross-play will come somewhere during 2022 when they've been able to focus more on it. edit: I wouldnt be surprised if the cross-things will be staggered releases, with cross-save/progress first and then cross-play later on.
  8. Actually playing on mobile? Nope. Logging in if I really need to grab something? Probably, if I get around to getting a phone that can run it. I assume the minimum requirement will be an S10 since that is what Marvel Future Revolution requires iirc which is a Unreal Engine 4 third person marvel action rpg with "open world".
  9. But you are very wrong in your thinking, because you ignore the fact that all other stats on a weapon also effectively impact how much you get out of your status chance. Number of procs per second is no different than avaraging out number of crits. Both then rely on other stats that are based on the weapon. If you increase your proc chance from 5 to 25% you will apply a status as often as you crit with a weapon that goes from 5 to 25% crit. Then depending on the status that proc also relies on the crit of a weapon aswell as the crit damage and base damage, just as crit relies on crit damage, status and base damage to arrive at the final value of increased crit chance on the weapon. For status it is dependant on the individual statuses available on the weapon. For all of them though, a weapon with higher speed will always benefit more since it will reach the cap faster or stack damage faster, reaching its potential in a shorter amount of time. You just cant look at status chance as its own isolated stat while treating crit differently since both rely on other stats to work. The chance only decides how often those other stats come into play together. A crit occuring is just another proc, nothing else.
  10. The only mod I wanna see for Merulina is an exilus augment that lets me activate it for the health buff without needing to see it or ride it.
  11. How is that any different from crit chance? The end result should be the same if you convert your crit chance to crits/sec. Crits impact/value on different weapons come from the damage multiplier of the weapon. The /sec increase in crit occurance is the same. Status' impact/value on different weapons comes from the available statuses on the weapon. A weapon with no stacking damaging status benefits far less from a status chance increase than one with heat, slash, electric or gas. And a weapon with a more beneficial stat weight benefits even more from the status chance, be it due to higher occurnace or an innate portion of the right element. edit: Like your example. The Kuva Nukor benefits far more since it has a much better stat weight to produce ever increasing heat procs, it also has the potential to proc 30 procs in a single second versus only 2.25 for the Braton. That results in a massively quicker ramp up time for those damaging heat procs.
  12. Pretty much any arpg, rpg, or shooter out there. Like different damage buffs. If you hit 100% crit you may aswell use CD over raw damage at all times if available. What would be two tons of fun? Changing a number and ending up the exact same? Nope it isnt if you want a healthy game with balance and somewhat of a challenge. Something we will never have in WF as it is now. You need to explain how you think it is more consistant now. Oh wow you use a gun or melee while the rest of the kit is 99% useless on the majority of the roster. Wouldnt a consistant loadout be more fun where you can use all tools at your disposal instead of spamming W or LMB? Headshots would become more rewarding since you wouldnt be able to rely on every shot critting.
  13. Yeah I think the main issue with status is the interaction with crit. If status was tied to the base and appropriate elemental damage on the weapon it would be easier to balance status and crit weapons. It would promote stacking base damage and elemental mods instead of crit stats if you want status to shine while also hindering crit weapons from producing insane status procs. Which would also resolve the "hybrid" weapons that really arent hybrids, just massive crit machines that also stack as much status as possible. Not so silly on ranged weapons though as it is on melee that have access to BR and WW. Both those mods would result in less issues if status was disconnected from damage dealt and instead relied on the damage of the weapon.
  14. And the depressing, dark, grim and brutal parts dont even have to be blatantly shoved in your face if the setting is done properly. The story and surrounding lore of WF is brutal, grim, dark and depressing enough without any lack of color added. The frames themselves are already #*!%ed up morbid machines of destruction no matter what they look like really. And this rings true for the corpus aswell no matter how much neon they use. Funny thing is, when I think of what the OP said and looking at my own roster, my Loki is less dark and "edgy" than my Yareli. My Loki rocks a green/yellow/brazen Knave setup with no particularly dark, grim or edgy skills in his kit, at the same time my Yareli is running around in metallic grey scale coloration and gloom in her kit, while also being able to exsanguinate people with aquablades or suffocate them in freezing cold bubbles of water. Yep that is definently bright and happy right there!
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