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  1. If Atlas is the next prime I sure as hell hope they have a rework planned for him. Because he is hot garbage in so many ways. Wukong would be a much better choice because he is getting reworked soon into something that looks very good so far.
  2. We will run into that same horrible issue later on with Revenant aswell. He is supposed to be some frame that got killed or similar on the plains, only to be infused and corrupted by sentient energy and technology, giving him new powers etc. How does something like that possibly have a prime version with the same skillset?
  3. If you want it as an actual mission reward from something like that, then yeah I support that. I might have missed that part when I answered, if so I appologize.
  4. Knew all of them, although I had to look up the spelling of the last one. Had an african classmate back in the day that liked to use that word when he got asked about if he done the homework, essay and so on when he had forgotten. Often just followed by the teachers either looking O.o at him or just going "good good" cos they had no clue what he was saying. Rest of the words are mostly scandinavian, or specifically swedish along with russian, polish and german. I even think niet passes for a dutch word aswell or that the russian word is spelled net. In soviet russia, word spells you!
  5. It is mostly the duration. However, iirc, Ash can recast Smokescreen on the run and during it's duration. Loki needs to stop shortly and requires the stealth to run out before reapplying it. Ash can also be useful in most content that requires damage dealing while Loki is more of a straight up defensive frame. Ivara is a bit of both, slower but more reliable at everything. She has decent CC, good damage potential and a permanent stealth that is very cheap.
  6. Have you not read the forums lately? One guy even claimed that Plague Star had been delayed several times (and months) for console when you have in reality had zero delays (besides this latest one). And it isnt white knighting for pointing out the faults i.e consolers complaining and DE caving in. That is criticism towards both parties in this. The fault simply doesnt end up on DE to 100%, it is a 50-50 problem. And so somehow you also say it is OK for the "content draught" to hit PC but not console. Atleast that is how it sounds by your implication that PS should have been delayed for console. Nevermind that PC have already waited over 3 and a half month extra for this return. It is good both platforms will have the same "content draught".
  7. Besides no? Nej, ikke, niet, never, aldrig, inte, nope, na, nähä, nein, nie and kungekho.
  8. Yes and were only obtainable if you slaved around alert wiki or apps. During regular play it was very easy to miss them, or in short if you had a life. One per day for doing nothing would come out at a higher weekly avarage than we had through alerts. They are supposed to be a rare resource.
  9. Not really. It points out that the fuel or source is different but not the actual damage. The shield simply nullifies the void that binds the molecules in the powers together. That is why an Ignis works but a fireball from Ember doesnt. Same as the reasonw why a Nullifier can walk through a corpus facility without crashing all widows or glass floor at the same time as he breaks down Gara's wall. It is also why exalted weapons work against nullifiers until the actual dome hits a warframe. Exception being Mesa where I'd say it simply scrambles her targetting. So nullifiers arent a reason as to why frames shouldnt have innate resistance to their element. Frost is likely built to withstand extreme cold and Ember extreme heat, while Volt is probably designed to either be powered up by electricity (his speed for instance) or just be a conductor or similar. He kinda already works like a dynamo since the more he moves with friction under his feet, the more power he builds up. We also already know Frost is extremely cold because his passive pretty much indicates that. So how exactly can you freeze something or hurt it with cold when it is already at such sub-temperature levels that simply touching it may freeze you in an instant?
  10. Reason that happened is because console players cried and exaggerated their need for the Plague Star event. DE decided to cave in and make it an all platform release from now on. So thank your fellow consolers for your stacked events.
  11. Since it is a limited number of frames that actually fit the "aspect of elements" theme I dont see the harm in if they were to be immune to the status of the elements aswell as naturaly resistant to the damage type aswell. I mean the different Eximus units already have that mechanic, why shouldnt the frame who are more advanced not have the same? And we are really talking about 3 frames here, Frost, Ember and Volt. Saryn shouldnt count because toxin isnt an element, nor is she a pure toxin frame. I can really see the other 3 bending those elements with the powers of the void in any way they like.
  12. Soooo you're saying Nightwave is like pretty much any content ever made in any game ever made. Not everything can be 100%, there are certain parts you will not enjoy as much as the other. Nightwave has both good and bad acts to do. Overall it is a massive improvement over alerts.
  13. No and no. Nitain is already common enough to get. One per day would be way too good/common. Remember you only need a limited number of them to create everything they are needed for. As for spiders, no we dont need more automated crap that leads to even more lazy gameplay or incentives to afking.
  14. Agreed, Frost Prime is lackluster. I had to replace his skin with Harka. I have however kept his Prime helmet because I really like the look of it and it actually fits well on Harka. I wouldnt mind if they improved his Prime skin. Fur and tribal looking leather with golden metal trims and highlights would go a long way.
  15. Main: None really. Damage: Mag, Titania, Saryn or Enox. Tank: Revenant or Oberon in general, Inaros or Hildryn for Arbi survivals since they make companions immortal. Support: Oberon or Wisp, depending on mission. Defense: I'll include Excav here too. Frost overall, Saryn or Enox for all sorties or infested arbi defense, Nezha or Hildryn for corpus/grineer arbi defense. Spy: Ivara, hard to resist lazy mode. Farming: Frost, since most I farm nowdays is Kuva and incase it is another mission he'll seperate bodies for whoever plays nekros. Fun: Not sure, I have fun with most. Frame I can utilize pretty much everywhere: Revenant. Mr. Spirit Beard is really a jack of all trades and he does them all pretty damn well. Only places I dont see myself bringing him to are spy missions and excav. Frost comes close second. He is durable enough for higher content and his avalanche is such a useful skill everywhere pretty much.
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