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  1. Given that the other factions didnt appear as actual militant factions until after the orokin fall, it makes it quite impossible to have prime versions of their own designed weapons. There is surely a prime somewhere that the weapons are based on, but not a prime version of the actual weapon. There is for instance no Hind Prime, the Hind however may have been inspired by a Braton, a Burston or one of their primes, or maybe some other prime weapon of tenno or orokin origin.
  2. Well you cant have been an early adopter and chased the Nukor, since the Nukor wasnt introduced until 27.1, when the whole system was reworked and even valence got introduced for kuva weapons to make them easier to max.
  3. Probably not a thing that is really fixable because it is mostly related to latency between the host and the clients. It happens at time elsewhere aswell when the host is poop.
  4. Ah that sucks. Just unlink your WF account from Twitch here then set up a new Twitch account with a new email and link your WF account to that new Twitch account. Should work. edit: Though if it is SMS verification they use it should work on any phone you pick up aslong as you use the same SIM since that results in the same phone number.
  5. OP, how can you complain about something free that wasnt there at all before? You compare it to the tea set and other things. Those didnt come from the daily/weekly "community" streams, they came from the Devstreams or special streams only, or from something related to a release in the game (like the tea set). How did 2FA lock you out of twitch?
  6. I hope it either has to do with augments or something about "attributes". More innante skills would just be more "meh". I am however more interested to hear about the Helminth expansion than I am regarding anything ranged weapon related.
  7. Manual leave has little to do with it. The nature of Warframe is why people sit with short friends lists most likely since there is near zero need for other players in the game. In WoW and other MMOs the reason my friends lists had people on them was because I actually needed people to group with on a constant basis due to the content setup of those games. Crafting/trading in those games was also a reason why I had people on my friends lists, since I tended to lend my services to others in return for theirs. Then look at WF, Diablo 3, PoE, Marvel Heroes etc. Squat need for friends, so no
  8. Kinda, but it got revamped pre-release and turned into a "true" sentient that ended up on Jupiter instead.
  9. After the workshop comes up we can probably rename the forums to Bonneville.
  10. It does need to be removed otherwise he will be so horribly disconnected from the timeline that it is sad. There is no reason the orokin willingly created a frame with sentient parts in it, since the prior sentient related creations resulted in the very war the frames were built for. There is also zero lore to support a prime getting corrupted by sentients, more specifically eidolons, since eidolons werent a thing until the sentient on Earth got kaboomed by Gara at the very end of the war. The eidolons are found nowhere else, not even on Uranus where Hunhow rests. Danse can easily have a
  11. There are two things in life I avoid like the plague, those two things are the corpus ship defense map and churches.
  12. Yep there should be some such mod for weapons somewhere. And yeah, some simple scaling to those mods would work. They just need to add more of them, like "on head shot" or based on a cooldown similar to how the mods work in Outriders. On crit wouldnt really work here since we can get guaranteed crits on weapons too easily. They could also follow pretty much the same system as Outriders where on-kill mods have a 1 sec internal CD, on crit/headshot tend to have 3sec and then on-hit mods sit between 1-8 seconds depending on what exactly they do, how much damage they deal and how much area th
  13. That is why they would also implement mods that remove the interaction with the counter but give an avarage buff instead for ranged. They already seem to be thinking about the no-melee ranged option given what has been heard. But in the current state it wont help much, melee will still be the best option unless they completely nerf it to the ground. Forcing a sync between the two for best output would solve it, while making full melee or full ranged focus viable but maybe not optimal. And isnt that really what they want to achieve, balance and usage between the two in general? If not, why even
  14. 👍 Thumbs up since sometimes I want to move my most used Helminth skill on a frame to my first config slot. It is a drag to have to go to Helminth every time and overwrite/remove the skill I wanna move and then replace the skill in config 1 by that skill, followed by reinserting that least used Helminth skill to the old slot of the skill I moved to config 1.
  15. The root is in the mods. And I'm not saying the combo counter damage buff should apply to melee. It should apply to ranged weapons only in order to give synergy between the two and promote using both together. Hence why WW, BR and other combo related mods should also get nerfed, a point you for some odd reason left out.
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