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  1. He's been like that for a long time. edit: The problem is also that he often compares apples to bananas, just to sway things his way.
  2. Where are the ragdoll physics in that video though, since that is what you put the weight on in WF? I for one wouldnt want the over the top physics of WF removed, they are the part that makes it fun to use "bolt" weapons in the first place. We could have real physics where a grineer gets turned into a cascade of pulp, bodily fluids and bone fragments when hit by explosives, or just fall down where they stand when getting killed by small arms. That would however make "bolt" weapons less fun to use. We mostly have real physics that include everything from dismember and disembowelment with melee, to disintegration or acidic corrosion depending on what kills them.
  3. I could see them expanding on the Stalker and the acolytes, turn it into a full faction so we can face enemies that move and act like us. Or some new sentient experiment that fuses warframes and sentients so they can withstand the void and use powers from it. Something more than the avarage corpus/grineer goons.
  4. But the numbers arent accurate because we already know that people host far more than one server per computer with the current system i.e the foundation of what would be game wide dedicated servers. 7.5k instances already results in about a quarter of that in needed physical servers if you consider people running 3-4 PvP instances already per server PC. And that is before it gets optimized to hold even more on a single professionally run server, servers that will also likely be more optimized for the task at hand.
  5. I think aslong as DE sticks to those 3 things while constantly improving the graphics the game will stand the test of time for years to come. I dont need a much better looking game than what they showed in the RJ demo during last tennocon. The benefit of the next gen consoles will probably be that the console players will be able to experience the game at a more steady fps while looking better than it does now.
  6. 7.5k instances doesnt mean 7.5k servers though. If we take modern servers dedicated for PvP they host anywhere between 64 to several hundred players, some of them running with and others without NPCs. So if we take the low number of 64 players, that means 16 seperate missions per server, which ends up at a wee bit under 1000 servers needed for 60k players (if every single on of them plays in a group). You have to remember that missions are very small in WF compared to very large and dynamic maps in some games, so the info here is very limited regarding what the server needs to simulate and handle per group of 4 players. People are already hosting several instances on their personal servers for conclave. And I never said they wouldnt need to improve on what they had. I guess the part where I said we already had it for 8 players in PvP just swooshed by you aswell as ignoring the word foundation.
  7. With such an augment I might actually play her. She's just a massive chore due to how the motes work. Slow to deploy and limited duration followed by another slow application. REally unfriendly on maps where we constantly move. I had a similar idea a while back. The mote buffs are permanent on Wisp aslong as the dispensers are active. This would help her in missions where we constantly move, but would stll require her to recast them if she wants to rebuff others in mobile missions. In return they could have reduced duration on other so it is more a solo buff. I could also live with an augment that spawns all 3 motes at once, which would also help alot in mobile missions. Though this would suck since it would force all motes and sometimes we wanna skip the electrical one.
  8. I just dont get why he brought up those specific points when asked about what the next gen will bring, when all of it is already accessible or simply ignored as a design choice. We already have cloth physics in the game, they are just tied to the regular rigging and clipping issues that come with it.
  9. So much talk of next generation and you have no idea what it means even. Most of those things on your list are generations old, while others are simply design decisions (open worlds, current tile system) or overlooks in rigging and design (clipping issues). Destructible environments is like 2 generations in the past on PC and consoles, hyped like mad with BF4 at the time.
  10. If it has anything to do with tennocon and Duviri that means Duviri will come with tennocon, since they've said they wont show anything but that which we will get as a release in connection to tennocon this year. So I doubt it has anything to do with what is coming with tennocon since I dont think Duviri is that close at all.
  11. Sony is already part of the PC market and have been so for a long long time through Daybreak Games formerly known as SOE (Sony Online Entertainment). So this wont be a new venture for them. They're currently represented on the PC market with online games such as H1Z1, DCUO and Planetside 2. What areas of WF sucks though that have anything to do with generation changes? We've already seen the planned graphic improvements planned for next gen consoles. And that is pretty much what a next gen step requires, more up to date graphics. You throw around "next generation" alot without specifying much regarding what needs to change to make it "next gen".
  12. I like the whole idea of Gambit from Destiny 2 and I like your ideas here, but we would need dedicated servers for it to work. Just imagine the rage quitting involved when the host's team is bound to lose. It wouldnt just impact the host, it would risk everyone getting d/ced due to host migrations. Just look at Lucio Ball in Overwatch, it is the most causal and silly PvP, yet the moment the opponent scores a goal, someone will quit. And even though there are dedicated servers in Overwatch, leavers are still an issue. edit: I guess if rewards are balanced around performance in the match, no matter if you win or lose, it could work with peer-to-peer. So a loss doesnt reward far less than a win unless your team was really ineffective.
  13. Cause I'm R.N.G, I'm dynamite R.N.G, and I'll win the fight R.N.G, I'm a power load R.N.G, watch me explode I'm dirty, mean and mighty unfair I'm the wanted loot Player's enemy number one Understand? So lock up your daughter Lock up your wife Lock up your back door And farm for your life The loot is back in town So don't you slack around
  14. I wouldnt mind something on a smaller scale that is still huge and successful, like CD-Projekt. But sadly I dont think that company would be able to compete when it comes to buying all of Leyou. Possibly to buyout DE alone, but that would also require Leyou being interested in selling off that independent part and hope the other pieces are enough to get a sale through with others. So when looking at the big picture I guess Sony is the lesser of all the possible evils given their backstory etc. with DE already.
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