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  1. Peak is just peak, adding the word concurrent to it is redundant, because it by default shows a concurrent number isolated to that peak. It does not reflect the concurrent number of a day/month which on a steam chart would be shown "best" by the avarage number. We can see how little a peak reflects the avarage number by just looking at the charts. Peaks are probably the least interesting statistic. I also brainfarted in one of my previous posts. It was ment to say "total number throughout a day" regarding the BD thing and right before that part it should not say "concurrent number for the day" just "number for the day". And one thing I'm curious about regarding steam charts, do they actually show all regions on a graph? It looks very odd because there is only one peak per 24h period, shouldnt there in reality be atleast two since the game is international? Or does it show a simulated graph based on all regions? Peak hours are afterall around 8 hours apart per continent.
  2. What other mod effectively increases your max damage as much with no drawback? We have 8 mod slots, there is no other mod to place in the last slot that gives the same benefit. You have Primed Cryo or Armaments for that slot. If you play chroma you can easily replace serration with it aswell.
  3. And in that same devstream the only eidolon intent was that he was going to use that sentient energy. They've never had any indications of altering his kit to be "eidolon themed". Just that he was going to afflict others with the energy that afflicted him. Which is pretty much what he does, channels that energy through his powers to use against his enemies. His concept art at the time was already also refering to him as Revenant. But I never implied "all these different terms" ment vampire. I used one term and that was revenant and vampires are part of the revenant collection. That was all, then you started to confuse things when I quickly described eidolons as nothing more than zombies. He went to earth to seek out the towers to gain the kuva, since they were orokin towers and kuva is old orokin "life blood" or something along those lines. No, primes only came first in the cases where there was no gen 1. A prime requires an operator in order to work, Titania didnt have an operator at the time, since the timeline would make that impossible. They are still in the process of trying to understand transferance when Titania is created. It is what Silvana is actually working on when getting ordered by Ballas to create frames instead.
  4. I do hope english isnt your native language. I didnt point out that it wasnt the case for WF, I pointed out that "I'm not saying it is like either of those cases for WF", as in I dont know if either of those two apply to WF or if some third or fourth scenario applies. Which makes steam charts even less of a good thing to use for statistic. Peaks are not reflecting concurrent numbers. The name kinda gives it away dont you think?
  5. I think a big problem with the people saying it is bad is because they dont really understand that it is multiplicative, I get it when they dont enjoy it on weapons with big clips, but on Vectis/Prime it is probably the highest damage upgrade you can have. Now if only it worked on bows, that would be hilarious.
  6. It is good on vectis/vectis prime. All other snipers have too big clips. Riven, Split Chamber, Serration, Point Strike, Vital sense, 90 element, 90 element and primed chamber works great on Vectis/Prime.
  7. Can you atleast read all of what I wrote before answering? I even stated there are cases where the login/log off are beneficial to the game and gave one example out of many. It shows the number of players at the specific moment. Concurrent is all of those numbers added up over a day, week or month, depending what concurrent number you are looking for. The actual concurrent number for the day is many many times higher than what we see on a chart. Black Desert's devs explained it well. They had released numbers shortly after their western release, it had at that point 100k players at any given point of the day. The forums rioted and thought it was bad. One of the CMs stepped in and explained that their concurrent number throughout a day was around 2 million at that point in time.
  8. But that is player to player trading, they've said from the start it is between the players to make the deals etc. Just as people trade rivens for absurd amounts. And it isnt like there was an infinite amount of them to trade. We are talking a possible 100 per platform in total where those few that were sold went for alot. We now have thousands upon thousands of rivens being traded for 1/10th or 1/5th of the value of a Primed Chamber. And I think the people crying about the prices on the chambers are very active in the riven trading too. So I cant really support the crying.
  9. It isnt DE's problem that those people have gone blindfolded 7 years and not seen several comments from DE regarding that the mod will make a comeback in game. Maybe they should have raised their voices back then. Though I suspct there are several out of those 100 that arent around anymore or have sold off their mod to someone else. There is a guaranteed total of 100 of those mods per platform that ran the envent, then there are 20ish further spread out across all the platforms due to givaways.
  10. What assumptions? I said "I'm not saying it is like either of those cases for WF, I'm just giving reasons why someone would possibly see steam charts as a poor reference.". Yes it gives some numbers, but it also lacks a large part of the playerbase in those statistics aswell as other important numbers needed in order to get a good view on actual concurrent numbers. What steam charts show arent the concurrent numbers.
  11. That was in the same devstream where his nickname Vlad was shown. The eidolon frame was a concept art picture, you know the black and white pencil drawing. Then why have you argued against the kit not being proper for a vampire themed frame either? You were mighty mad several posts back where you thought it was bad the vamp theme had been based around "1800's" was it? Yes we do know that, it is in the story about the Unum. It never had a chance to taste the Kuva, it never got into cetus. It had destroyed several other towers previous to that. But I guess there was no Unum in those nor any Kuva. Nope, impossible that the Titania was a prime, because primes arent automated while the Titania acted on her own. All primes require a tenno, it is the whole point of the primes in order to remove the issues with several gen 1. And Titania killing the Dax happened at a time long before the collapse and the tenno betrayal.
  12. No I'm talking about players logging in and logging out. Without a number regarding time played 100k players for instance is just 100k players, we dont know if 90k of those are replaced each 10 minutes since people just log in and out, or if they are replaced each hour to an hour and a half since people play that long on avarage. If it is case one, then the game needs to reconsider they approach, it it is case two the game is in a good state. Of course, case one can also be beneficial to some games, like those f2p titles that get funding etc. based on "unique" users. Since if you have 90% of your playerbase refreshed each 10-15 minutes you'll have massive amounts of hourly, daily and monthly unique users. I'm not saying it is like either of those cases for WF, I'm just giving reasons why someone would possibly see steam charts as a poor reference.
  13. What problem? There werent even 150 primed chambers in game when it became available at baro. How in your wildest imagination do you think DE would be able to track OG Pchambers from the rest of them? Only the initial 100 should get anything, but even in that case several have changed hands over the years. Also what hard work was involved in winning it compared to grinding the ducats? And why should someone who has bought it get some recognition? Waste of dev time and resources to track down 100 mods out of thousands upon thousands in order to give those few a special effect or look. Those that had it already have been able to enjoy it for 7 years. Changing something for far less than 150 players per platforms is silly when there are millions of registered and active players on each of them.
  14. They tell us so very little. Steamdb shows it better and actually gives you a real view on how active the game is. Number of players isnt really interesting if those numbers dont actually play, so median, avarage, min and top time played brings a better picture of the actual numbers. Though steam charts arent a complete disaster, it is better than looking at achievments to see how active a game is. Regarding the raise in numbers currently, I'd say it is a mix of P-Star, kuva changes and primed chamber. P-Star brought in forma, kuva changes gave an option to effectively farm weapons we want, those two combined means alot of mastery farming or simply formaing the weapons you plan to use.
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