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  1. But why would you do that though? I could do the same with a 24h blessing, though I'd need to shower longer, eat more and slower and maybe do some naughty stuff. It would make just as little sense to activate if I knew I was planning on something else that would eat the time right then and there. Maybe eat, shower and do whatever before you activate it and actually have the time to play?
  2. Chuck power drift out the window and slot augur secrets, you have enough spare points to fit it in a negatively polarized slot and have 1 capacity left in the end.
  3. How can something be forgotten this close to its release when it also has upcoming updates in the making for it? Not to mention, how does creating skins have any relation to improvements to mechanics for said thing when skins are handled by completely different people to those that handle in game mechanics, buffs/nerfs and so on? One could be upset about Necramech skins since it takes time away from new Frame skins, but reducing the amount of skins made for whatever will have jack and squat impact on content releases, tweaks and balance.
  4. It all depends on if you min-max the riven or not with the right positive(s) and negative, they should net you higher stats than a single or dual stat mod at the lowest dispo, or let you free up slots otherwise reserved for elemental combos, that may also scew your status distribution too much without a riven.
  5. Calling them useless is a big leap. Even at the lowest dispo a riven with the right stats (which is why you use rivens to begin with) outperforms rares that are available and "mandatory" on most weapons. Rare mods cant come with beneficial negatives, rivens also lets you go further into certain stats you want instead of simply slotting the next best stats inline. The only "useless" part of minimum dispo on new weapons is the weapon itself if it is weak since there is no riven to make up for the weapon's weakness. But then again, people seriously into rivens should know at that point what
  6. It could have been done so many times better and rewarded us for our time spent in the game progressing our frames/weapons. The current itteration would have been a good safety net for new players while letting us also use weapons for a multitude of different easy to come up with mechanics. They could have just added a damage cap on the life bars so fragments would still deal massive damage per throw, while allowing higher geared players to ignore that part and instead just play the parkour and gunplay game. So far I can only say that the previous NW bosses have been alot better. Wol
  7. Gacha is often not optional. Comparing Gacha to 100% optional cosmetics that are also guaranteed to get you what you pay for doesnt add up one bit. We have gacha in WF but it isnt made up of costumes and other cosmetics. Relics come closest to it since they are a little box with random stuff in it. However, they are 100% optional to spend money on since they drop like flakes of snow during the fimbulwinter. MR should also not be compared to a level system of other games, since we have individual mastery here per frame, weapon and companion, which are the levels that actually make any sort
  8. But MR is such a bad metric the way it is implemented and tied to "progression". Tying it to anything would just be horrible since it would just be more "forced" pointless leveling of pointless items on tedious maps in order to get better drop rates elsewhere. If MR was simply tied to levels of items and not just the first 1-30 stretch I could see it, since then formaing frames, weapons and companions would increase the MR and give us other options to reach the max, making it a "normal" leveling system that is there for completionists and those that only care about worthwhile progress. Th
  9. Everyone plays for different things, that doesnt change that the additions that have been implemented lately (open zones, railjack etc.) are things that have been envisioned from the very start of the WF project, it just wasnt possible to make it a reality then. Railjack has been experiemented with since the introduction of Archwing, just to dip the toes in the space combat water, but the real idea didnt get a trial run until Empyrean and the actual RJ was released. So currently DE tries to implement all of that which they've actually wanted all along.
  10. None of the good things in Genshin can be applied to WF while several of the good things about WF could be applied to Genshin, mostly how players should be treated in a F2P game. Too many things in Genshin needs to be payed for in real money and the things you can grind are locked behind harsh time gates that end up with little playtime vs gatetime once you hit a certain level.
  11. I gotta say interesting read. This is something that has never crossed my mind regarding how dyslexia can impact someone in gaming since I dont suffer from it myself. I only suffer from mild butterfingerexia and lazyfingernesia. Both really only impacting my typing. @JackHargreavhas a good point though, just remembering the pictures is a good way of remembering what stuff goes where, kinda like the sex education books from school.
  12. It isnt a big issue if Helminth results in no frames getting reworked. We only really have 4 frames at the moment since Helminth was released that do need reworks to a greater or lesser extent. Inaros, he needs a fullblown rework, a single helminth skill wont help him one bit really since all of his skill are pretty much poop. Aside from his pocket sand possibly, which in reality serves better on other frames now since on Inaros you wont need it if you have grace and a kitten really. Hydroid, he could use some changes to his kit. Both his 1 and 4 could use a removal of cast time and
  13. Not guaranteed. They could very well make it a mixed encounter. Weaker players could rely on the current system which requires no gear at all, veteran players could make use of their guns with the boss tuned much like lephantis and others with a damage cap. That way players at both ends of the scale could finish it, but we who have gear would be rewarded for having that gear by being able to ignore waiting for rocks during the actual damage phase. We'd be able to attack him even when he's teleporting around smashing platforms with his sword. And adding in simple mechanics like shooting ra
  14. Decent fight... if it required us to mix in our gear and so on for parts of the fight it would have been several times better in my taste. Why not have constant things we need to destroy or activate with our weapons etc? Things to shoot in order to create platforms aswell as having us use our weapons and skills to damage him when he's vulnerable. It wouldnt have made much difference to allow us to use weapons against him to take down his health, since it only took 3 shards eitherway to remove a health bar. Atleast we would have had use for our progression instead of being just a freakin p
  15. Not really very unique since the "good" difficulty has been done to death by several companies and is still done by several more with the same lukewarm reception by the playerbase. And most games run on dedicated servers. And the "good" difficulty always comes down to the same design decision i.e milk players of their time by regrinding the same thing over and over without actually getting stronger. I'm all for dedicated servers, but with it would also come drawbacks for the game. While everything related to connectivity and connectivity issues would be solved for practically everyone (ev
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