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  1. Just to add a little more info here regarding the drawbacks of the helmet stats. To put it into perspective how little it actually impacts anything lets look at it like this. Frost's helmet with 25% armor and -5% health really results in barely no health lost at all. If you were to slot vitality along with that helm it would simply result in Frost getting 435% instead of 440% health really. At max rank that would result in him getting 735 health instead of 740. With no mods but the helmet equipped he'd end up at 295hp instead of 300hp. And this all is also why physique aura sucks so hard.
  2. It doesnt matter if it has an immediate effect or not, it does not effect base health. Base health is the health value that a frame has completely unmodded at rank 0. You'd need massive amounts of negative max health to ever reduce the max health to something below base health. Frost for instance has a base health of 100, Inaros has a base health of 500. So on someone like Frost, even if unmodded, the +armor -health helmet would need a considerably higher amount of negative health % to ever effect snowglobe, it would need to take his unmodded health from 300 down to below 100. Though I'm fairly sure base health calculations are static, even if you for some odd reason in a very specific scenario would drop below the base health threshold.
  3. It wouldnt matter in the end eitherway since the helmets apply to max and not base.
  4. No I'll do just fine without it. It also wouldnt change my mind regarding this topic, since I know that not everyone will have access to them.
  5. Not all arcanes are energize and grace though, so they very much clock in at being equal to or better than several. If you dont want the bonus, dont use the helmet, simple as that. Just as I dont use my parkour arcanes in either of my arcane slots. I would however trade one of those arcane slots for some of the arcane helmets without a doubt. I would use Frost's helmet in a heartbeat if I had it since it would max out his avalanche armor strip in my build without needing GP, which would open up a slot for Steel Charge instead. edit: I would also use Mag's any day of the week since a free 25% extra range is better than most things you can get on arcanes for her.
  6. Honestly I think DE should consider moving over to secondary energy mechanics as a whole. I used to play Marvel Heroes, in that game every single hero had the same type of "mana". Later on Gaz changed that up on a few new heroes and gave them unique resources, this later on spread to more and more heroes which turned out marvelous to say the least. I think something similar would be possible here. Something similar to Nidus, where 1 and 2 builds the resource and 3 and 4 uses it in one way or another. Possibly have #1 as a generic resource builder with a lower gain and #2 being a short cooldown based generator that builds significantly more than #1.
  7. For me there will be alot more "semi breaks" in the future because there are just so many games that I've skipped out on recently since my previous rig that died a few weeks ago simply didnt have the storage space to fit them in and I wasnt ready to invest in more space atm since I knew my rig was about to go the way of the dinosaurs at any time. But now with a new rig and a massive SSD for games I'll have a lot of games to pick up and play through like Divinity 2, Shadow of War and possibly Mordor, Witcher 3, the Styx games and a bunch of other crap that have been skipped in the past for one reason or another, main reason mostly being me having som online game to play. Not to mention that I'll probably dedicate some time to Cyberpunk later on and possibly RDR2 when it comes to PC.
  8. Pretty much this. If they want any type of scaling it should be the health/shields and possibly adding defensive cooldown abilities to tougher mobs. Like say an armored mob that can and will pop a cooldown that makes him immune to corrosive for X seconds or something. Things that the star chart introduces gradually and which becomes a norm in content beyond that. The high the level of the mob, the longer duration those skills will have. Corpus could easily get super charged shields or something, making the shield immune to damage and magnetic procs for a short while, which would make those mobs tougher and require us to gear more for things that pass through that shield, like slash, gas and toxin. That could turn into some horrific encounters when facing armored corpus units that also have shields. It might even be the right point in time to give all corpus units some form of armor aswell, possibly infested too. They'd also have to remove corrosive projection from the game imo. Enough with the lazy mode approaches in gearing.
  9. The reason you need to have a penatly is because they are equal to or better than many arcanes available, so it is natural they take up an arcane slot when equipped. edit: Just look at it this way, you have a unique type of arcane available to you.
  10. Personally I loved S2. Good changes to the tasks, like the removal of "friend/clan" requirement and some others. The story of S2 really gave a better look into what the infestation can actually be, it turned into something more than just a biomechanical nanite A.I virus. I got a sense of it being smarter than it has previously been presented and far less random in nature. I got the feeling of it being somewhere in between the Borg of Star Trek and the Tyranids of 40k. It would be great if they add more to the infested, maybe some actual combat units with real guns to take away from the current A.I space zed feel. Something that would actually make them a force to be reckoned with and not just shambling slightly braindead beasts.
  11. Will we get manual block back and auto-block as a toggle in options instead? I'd really love to be able to decide to block during aim-glide and not get forced to pull out my gun instead, just as I dont wanna get forced into aim-glide when jumping over a gap just because the enemy is shooting at me and I happen to auto block cos I have my melee out. Auto-block has been the worst pile of rubbish in melee 2.9 while the rest has been really awesome.
  12. Depends how many of the grineer guns will be available from Kuva Liches. If all of them will be available I'd say. Ignis, Zarr, Twin Grakata, Grakata, Kohm, Grinlok, Karak, Argonak and Vulkar probably. And that is without considering possible melee weapons that they might drop aswell.
  13. Semi-break as always when I'm on a WF "break". I log in and do some stuff some days or just log on and off other days. Depends what I'm in the mood for. Next patch will get me playing more since we'll get some new content, 2 reworks and a new frame. I'm already interested in the Ember rework aswell as the Grendel frame, Vauban rework will make me give him a spin again. Reason I'm on a semi-break is because I'm still playing some AoW3, binged through the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead just as alpha 18 experimental hit 7 Days to Die, so taking care of my zed munchies in that game right now while playing with a friend.
  14. If they gave us an option to start missions at a level we desire then sure. Because at that point they could add it to non-endless aswell and actually give the option to play what we want and whatever level we want. No freakin way I'm going to dredge though stages of boredom for several hours just to get to the right level needed to actually experience the challenge and get a chance at the loot.
  15. It is pretty much there to not water down the relic drop pool even more. If they kept all primes in game we'd just have a crazy amount of relics where each would have like a 1% chance to drop at best. That or we'd have a multitude of different nodes rewarding different relics within each different type. So you might have 5 or 6 different Neo nodes, splitting up the playerbase beyond reason. It would also be hell to keep track of which relic within the tier drops at which node. Plus there is always the money part, which still isnt much different than regular prime access.
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