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  1. the ignis wraith phase is what every tenno goes through once they settle into the game we all grow out of it eventually once we discover other guns
  2. my helios is amazing and one shots enemies even in high level content 🤷‍♂️
  3. i noticed a while ago that people keep staying in non-endless survival missions which is a pain. i had to explain to a squad i can't leave by myself and there's no rewards to gain by staying
  4. she's my main for everything! all you need is 125% strength for 100% defence strip. max her range and her 3 can disable the whole battlefield giving you a good few seconds to recover replace her 1 with whatever you want though
  5. Lavos is incredibly OP and is great for almost everything! max range, max strength and decent duration: you'll melt everything as long as you use the right elements for the faction present don't bother with efficency! his 3 reduces cooldown with every enemy hit and max range means a lot of enemies will be hit!
  6. i do love railjack and the concept of grand space dog fights but damn, i really wish the missions were more... exclusive to railjack so grineer skirmishes? they were fun... the first few times but it got tired FAST. the corpus missions being a slice of actual RJ content stuck onto normal starchart missions is kinda sad but hey, at least it's not skirmish after skirmish? my point is: the missions are a lot of copy and paste and railjack deserves better to shine as its own expansion. there's a lot more they can do with space fights!
  7. are there any plans for more necramechs? 😁 either soon or 2022 onwards? or not at all? 😅
  8. candidates don't spawn if the hand you use is too close to extraction, i think within 500m?
  9. who's to say our current day interpretation of the horned devil managed to survive eons into the future where warframe is set?
  10. all of my frames for months when i got the Valentine palette cus it was my first full palette
  11. i asked rebecca not long ago on twitter and she said there's no plans for it, which is a shame i'd happily craft a lens remover blueprint or pay 20 plat for it
  12. is this where we ask potentially answered questions? because i'm curious about the future of necramechs! will we be seeing more in the future? hopefully we can get a few more to make mech combat in OV more diverse 😁 can't wait to see what you guys have been working on, as usual
  13. is it possible to add a little noise when her aquablades deactivate? there's just so much going on in the game at any time that you kinda don't realise her blades have stopped
  14. one usually spawns in a rescue mission at the prison area, that's what worked for me when trying to find a prosecutor for my friend's planet junction
  15. gunna try this out tomorrow is it actually powerful? a good combo for steel path farming?
  16. wait, Ash has been moved to railjack defence rotation C?
  17. i mean if you listen to his dialogue, he will warn you when ramsleds are coming, when crewships spawn in, when players leave the ship and if we've been boarded
  18. the only negative to wukong is players speed running missions but that's a risk you choose to take when playing on public
  19. oh whoops, maybe i should read before commenting 😂 it all makes sense now, no biggie! keep up the good work, DE 😊
  20. so is this Nightwave season 4 or another Intermission? i don't mind which but it's just... a lot of the rewards are catch up rewards, something which i think is appropriate for Intermissions rather than new seasons. i know duplicate rewards are compensated with 50 credits but late gamers and NW completionists will already have the majority of store items. that's just my feedback on it though, i was hoping for more new rewards instead of lots of compensation credits :)
  21. just politely ask them why in the chat and if it's blocking your lich spawning, then leave 😌
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