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  1. Just like other games dropping you blues when you need purples or yellows that end up being dismantled. You may not need it, but other might need it like control module as rare reward. And what you complained is on low level mission spectrum (Tier 1 - 2), other tiers for medium - high level players don't have them As for vitality in 70 minutes survival, they don't make the game to be played that long. The missions are made for a short time play (5 - 30 minutes) and I kind of seeing that how people would abandon nearly everything even their health playing games, they might want to avoid that
  2. Not everything must be a struggle to stay alive or fail the mission to keep you distracted. Nothing to challenge mean I can do what I find fun instead of stressing out from struggle of doing a mission. I can do dumb things like clearing exterminate with rider kick only or launching enemies all over the place for laughs to "distract myself from finding that pattern of grind"
  3. Don't bother with them, simply click leave squad and you're free from those people. Bonus if you're the host, they can enjoy the host migration
  4. @Whibbs For you OP, remember there's a "leave squad" option if they're complaining and try setting your matchmaking to invite only or solo. Those people don't worth bothering
  5. First thing first, it's a public session where you can't expect people to play your way. Those who want to get voms for extra standing while going back is okay for public Again, it's public. Having an archwing launcher or doesn't doesn't decide who has a place in eidolon hunt or not. If you want to do tridolon efficiently you use recruiting chat, not joining public. And the OP is referring to eidolon Teralyst (Terry), not tridolon once again, it's public session, not a premade squad
  6. You know, this is the self-made problem of "nothing to do" that makes many games rely too much on RNG drop. What to do? Blast enemies with what you have, theory craft shenanigans or try making your favorite gears able to fight highest level enemies. Up to you
  7. Still not fine when you can easily hit 45,000 damage tick that ignores armor with basic crit mods Busted armor scaling is a thing to encourage different strategy that in this case, having either ability to strip armor or debuff ability to support DPS (many game used this to make you bring support because DPS can't brute force through the armor/defense) so slash proc that ignores armor needs to go. It doesn't make sense an element that is supposed to be bad against armored enemies deal armor ignoring DoT Armor itself doesn't need lower starting point, most grineer have low enough armor to make them only durable enough and tougher from scaling and we're not supposed to fight until level 9999 because it wouldn't be something balanced, right? So let's take away the true damage so you can't brute force to level 9999 and there's a clearer line where things start being harder
  8. Until you meet proto shields used on several corpus units with -75% damage penalty on it
  9. Blame those people who want balance, difficulty and challenge
  10. And what's the difference between difficulty settings now, if not enemies having more health and deal more damage than lower difficulty setting? Seeing how people brag how things are not a challenge and going ape over a nerf that makes steel path trivial, or how people start covering things with other things presented as problem, I doubt people want it and there are still people who get wrecked in SP Also, game that "rises to their level" doesn't give you power to get 100% more damage and more often than not the gear power rating is just meaningless numbers to gate things away if you're below the requirement and do nothing if you're over it WIth how things spouted as should be balanced? Sure, lets balance it to star chart level instead and enjoy steel path being bullet sponges as "hard mode" Seeing how having "challenging difficulty" end up nerfing things, and not everyone on the same level, how can you guarantee that none of the things currently will get nerfed?
  11. So just because necramech can take down the thumper with no problem they should be nerfed, is that what you mean? So should they move even faster than now to make them harder to aim? And should the cannons have knockdown so if you don't disable it, enjoy laying down constantly? And considering necramech a thing you get a bit at the far end, what's wrong with being able to dismantle the thumper with a giant mech? Yeah sure, would be nice not being able to one hit kill bosses anymore because balance and crap. Even when things are "balanced" I'm sure those "hardcore" will find things too easy and demand more, if not going ape on DE for "taking their toys away" and make things impossible to do
  12. Nerfing is a part of balancing though, so nerfing something is needed eventually when something is too strong Corpus shield is pretty thick and viral doesn't help much, try using magnetic for 75% damage bonus on them and with enough status chance you will deplete the shield fast enough. Pair it with toxin or go YOLO with full toxin loadout to bypass their shield Excuse me? Magnetic is a shield eater which is useful for corpus Impact unfortunately changed from staggering enemies to increasing health threshold for parazon finishers (if you like assassin's creed hidden blade action) Puncture weakens enemies to make them deal less damage Gas is good against a large group with high status chance where you can make them take multiple damage from gas instances per second. Pair it with electricity and you can lock an area down with constant damage Blast makes enemies have less accuracy, reducing hits on you (from area knockdown) So where's the part of them being a meme?
  13. Seeing how people start saying they take down steel path sentients in one shot using Glaive Prime, I think it's really time to tone down slash and viral. Viral combined with slash makes a ridiculous amount of DoT where armor ignoring damage ticks with viral multiplier makes even grineer heavy armor pointless. I think you can tone down viral damage increase to 50% - 100% on 10 stacks, making them strong enough and doesn't come out over the rest of the elements. For slash itself, you can change the bleed damage tick to deal slash damage instead of true damage, Making slash still a viable element for bare flesh and not making armor irrelevant.
  14. I doubt you only have a split second, considering the thumping animation where the thumper stays and makes shockwave rings knocking you down locks the thumper for 3 - 4 seconds and I doubt AoE weapons like kuva grattler can deal damage if not a direct hit to the weak point Isn't tiny hitbox and quick movement supposed to be a challenge to your aim instead of being annoying? And how do DE make the more challenging content if not ending up being enemies with 2 billion EHP like zealoid prelate on steel path, seeing how nerfing anything might result on removing the capability to overpower content? Seeing how personal housing is quite interesting, I believe someone who like the building part but hate the alert/losing part will start spewing FOMO on the alert in this forum What part of alerts are superior when most of the time it's something you barely need (unless you see 10k credits to add into millions of your saving worth it) and doesn't care if you're active or not?
  15. So, let's forget our progession from struggling with MK-1 weapons in the beginning to the point we reach the power to wipe a room with one trigger pull. And I'm sick with "challenge" where enemies are more durable and deal more damage than me. You want the final levels, final bosses, highest difficulty crap? Why must other players like me get dragged with you when I enjoy the power to wipe the map solo? You can tone yourself down if you want to, or a plethora of games with that thing, I don't want to spend 30 minutes just to whittle down a boss or you prefer more Zealoid Prelate Steel Path kind of boss?) Where's the challenge of fighting AI with sets of algorithms written based on your actions? Fighting another human is what I would call challenge and we have Conclave for that, or tons of PvP games out there
  16. Zenurik temporal blast? Also, they have time where they stop spinning. Once the thumper plants its legs for thumping attack, you can blitz to the side and blast them while gliding. Now you need to act fast to take one down solo as "challenge" or bring a teammate to kite the thumper, not annoying Give them the feedback for that And not everyone wants this I believe. I for one not going to enjoy spending longer time just because I'm balanced so the enemies end up being "challenging" and there's a sea of games with that and I want to enjoy a game where I'm stressed out to kill a boss, warframe is the only game that has it so what is the reason or why should DE make balance for challenge and potentially ruin the enjoyment of those who like the current state of the game? That's where you need to consider things. Encouragement that you said as sustainable content can be dismissed as FOMO because you're "forced" to do this or you lose something. We have that kind of crap spouted during nightwave initial release and how alerts are superior
  17. Brah, I can give you a forbidden trick from my friend but I'm afraid it will be overused and get nerfed I'll give you a hint : energy hook
  18. Just because you never seen anyone ask for it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There are some players wanting the holy trinity buried in millions of posts and want things nerfed as "balance"
  19. And for what you want as "actual challenge", usually because the players in general being weaker than the enemies and I find that funny because some players want to be weak despite DE giving us unlimited power while people in other games are screaming to be given more power. Apparently people want something that they don't have instead of enjoying what they have eh?
  20. And how does the alert work? Because the last thing I want is seeing my settlement in ruins because I happen to be offline during the attack
  21. We have ways to make them slower so why must they rotate even slower than they currently are? Even there are ways to cheese them, right? Like Wukdong or us being immortal that we can't even die if we have our hands cut and the keyboard on fire so what makes enemies rotating too much for us? I thought you agree aiming in a short time window is a part of challenge so why must we have slow moving enemies when we're blitzing around like rockets?
  22. And people say AI in warframe is braindead. That pretty much shows what level these players on
  23. You can try playing games with usual class systems (warrior, archer, mage, rogue, etc) such as World of Warcraft, and this is the one of the comment of a manga (comic) about tank "ANYONE who has played World of Warcraft (back when it was good) can see and sympathize with the problem. In raids, the DPS and team leaders are considered the stars of the show while tanks and healers are considered "just doing their jobs". No one ever gives a #$@#$ until the raid wipes, then the tanks and healers are first to get howled at no matter who's fault it actually is. But on the other hand, in a world where there is no specific situations (unlike a game) for tank or healers, then one could look at it as "if we just DPS really hard until the target dies, we won't need a tank or healer". and how many times have groups and raids done EXACTLY that when they could get away with reducing the tanks and healers to bare minimum while loading up on DPS as if that solves EVERYTHING...?" "The tank is a vital role in any adventurer party becaus eof their ability to get aggro, eat damage, and live to tell the tale. They are quite literally the fortress that protects the cannons and archers from outside attacks, so getting rid of that role is not only idiotic, but incredibly risky for the whole party due to how weak Main DPS units are in terms of defense. Moron!" basically if you don't have tanks, you better have good dodge/evasion stat to avoid getting hit or you have to be nimble enough if the game battle isn't relying on stats to determine you get a hit or not which is rarely available compared to warframe where you can blitz away to safety. In games like these, tanks have higher health than the rest and their armor is the heaviest, having the biggest amount of armor/defense and focused on increasing health or defense even further. Also, their skills are mostly around their job, tanking damage and drawing aggro from enemies so DPS or other class can battle without much disturbance and CC to make the party last longer. Do we really want that kind of change in warframe?
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