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  1. (Take any idea, use it, idc if you dont mention me, have fun!πŸ’™) Passive: The longer an ability has not been used, the more range it will have and damage it will deal for 15 seconds after usage. Buffs will max out after 30 seconds of the ability not being used, and the15 second timer after usage ends. Buffs will add 50% range and 100% damage per 5 seconds. First ability: Cycle between 3 elements (Radiation, gas, and blast) that will add 50% of weapons and abilities total damage as bonus damage dealt in one of the elements. The warframe will glow light blue when radiation is selected, green for gas, and orange for blast. Second ability: Cerberus leaps to the location of where the player last aimed at. On contact with a surface, Enemies hit in a 6m radius will take 50% more damage from elemental attacks, spread any status effects on them to other enemies, and increase the duration of the status effects. Enemies will all be knocked down when he lands. Third ability: Fourth ability: Cerberus goes through a brief transformation. His weapons will seem to burn away as he drops on all 4s and reveals 2 aditional heads. - Damage dealt to his shields in this form is coverted into an equal amount of health - Pressing the fire button drains 10% of his energy per second, Burns away 85% elemental damage reduction an enemy possesses of enemies hit for 15 seconds. Range of the ability is 8m in a 70 degree wide cone, and deals his first ability selected element as 100 damage per 0.5 seconds. - Regains 2% of his total energy per second.
  2. BJs are bullet jumps, for all who are a bit slow like me. Heh heh
  3. Im gonna go ahead and say this is impossible to do in a fun way by the way... different experiences give people highs, repetition gets old This i think is bad as it encourages the hard difficulty player to rely on the easy one for killing enemies. If it only gives you increased drops for enemies you kill though. It just encourages kill stealing or solo play.
  4. I like the idea of simply adding more enemies into missions like every 3 minutes, that require special timed attacks to take them down. They despawn if all players gets more than 100m away from them Three examples: Enemy A: Charges up a beam of energy that instantly kills or downs players if it hits them successfully. It will have a gaurnteed chance to hit the player if the player rolls 1.5 seconds or more before it fires its attack, however backflipping delays the attack. If the player rolls 1.4 seconds or less before it fires, the enemy will miss giving the player 3 seconds to deal as much damage as they can to it. Any other time players cannot damage it. Enemy B: If a player jumps, the enemy will grab the player with a rope or something, and pull them towards the enemy. The enemy will instantly kill the player in some finsher move afterwards. The enemy is really fast, capable of moving 4m per second. When it attacks, the only way to avoid it is to roll or back flip. Backflipping opens the enemy up to finisher attacks Enemy C :The enemy will prepare an attack that will root players in place for several seconds if it finishes preparing it. The enemy can only be killed while preparing the attack, simular to infested "juggernauts". The player will have to hit the enemy's leg, head, then torso while its preparing its attack in order to stun and then damage it. I truely believe that the rewarding feeling of taking enemies like this out consistently without failing, and being rewarded with resources and breathing time will feel pretty good. Its occurance can be really rare to keep it fresh, and like once a week for a few hours there could be a mission where these enemies spawn a lot more. Hopefully youve had enough encounters with them to be prepared for the challenge theyll bring during that once a week mission. Cause fighting all 3 of them at once purposes a different challenge where postioning is important. Think about how the enemies move, how they attack, and what theyre weakness their to take them out without dying. And think fast, cause Enemy B and C wont hesitate to attack, and all 3 of them will not despawn if the player runs 100m away.
  5. One thing cool about mr, is its supposed to only show the things you have "mastered" So the only bonus that would make sense coming from that is small things like increased weapon accuracy, reload speed, damage of melee weapons (you swing them harder), weapon switching Some things a *master* of all things (max *mastery* rank) should begin to possess. Someone suggested something like what i said here, to me once. Still think its a meh idea, aside from weapon switching and melee weapons hitting harder. Makes a lot of sense and is useful
  6. DE said theyre still working on ways for us to choose difficulty which i like more than having it selected for me. A lot more freedom to play the game at my speed
  7. Beast summoner, master πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” intriguing. As long as i get to be the wolf, im happy
  8. Odd. I like to use "Empowered blades" to increase the chance of my sibear proc gas when my frost strips all enemy armor. "Growing Power" for when im fighting infested "Steel charge" for mod cap. Ehh but youre right, most of these mods do not compare to the benefit CP provides us. Smh
  9. Yea i like this! Id say change the percentage to 1 in every 5 grineer that enter the plants radius will go towards the plant, as it leans less on rng The rest is okay for an exalted crab imo. The crab using an exalted weapon im struggling to imagine though. Only thing is the warframe does a whole lot with the exalted crab, but would be fun. And you asked me what i thought about the dance, well...... Yes
  10. To that i ask, have you tried using armor stripping weapons? Mods sometimes allow us to simply switch up our builds. I think the only reason other mods dont matter is not because corrosive projection is so useful, its that otjers are simply not useful at all when alone.
  11. Just a heads up, all parts of an aura that apply to the owner of the aura, buffs will not be increased if another ally uses the aura. The parts of an aura that is applied to allies will be increased if other allies are using the same mod. Like how 2 players using "Power Donation" aura mod does not decreases the -30% power strength to self, to -60% power strength to self when 2 players are using the same mod. Example I just made 4 mods that compliment frost, ember, saryn, and volt. Let me know what you think Subzero - Sort of like the mod known as "coolant leak", a 6m radius cold aura that slows enemies by 15%, and incoming projectiles by 30%, will be applied to self (Explosive projectiles will make a sound when entering the radius to sort of warn the player). Allies, on the other hand, will have 20% of their weapons total damage added as additonal cold damage. (Doesnt combine with other elements) - decent against corpus - Can help zephyr detect rockets Phoenix - The warframe is set on fire (cosmetic effect), and 90% damage evasion will be given to the user of the mod when their health drops below 30%. Evasion decreases by 2% per second (the evasion buff does not reset until it reaches 50%). Allies will have 20% of their weapons total damage added as heat. (Doesnt combine with other elements) Tip: The aura will NOT activate if you are 1 shotted at 31% health, so it may be wise to bring mods like "quick thinking" Snake Bite - After bullet jumping, a melee attack will apply a toxin proc with damage equal to the damage of your melee weapon, and restore 25% of Missing health, all to yourself. Allies will have 20% of their weapons total damage added as toxin. (Doesnt combine with other elements) Electric Hazard - Everytime your warframe takes damage 5 times, an electric pulse is emited, stunning enemies hit, all applies to self. Allies will have 20% of their weapons total damage added as electric damage. (Doesnt combine with other elements) - Powerful for tanks, offering a little bit more crowd control I made these mods because of the "Freezing step ephemera" and how much i like frost. I love how we can equip freezing step ephemera on any warframe, just like the mod "ice spring" even though theyre not apart of the warframes abilities. They sort of let you express the way you want your warframe to be, like my atlas who looks like a living glacier instead of rocks. The freezing step epherma adds to it. The difference of course, is that these aura mods could actually be quite useful and worthy of picking over other mods aura mods. Also i always wondered why we have no "elemental" aura mods. Elements belong everywhere 😏, and part of me might just be saying that because i want to make everything cold but you'll never know!
  12. Material selection i hope will come one day soon. Things like this would matter less
  13. Speak for yourself! My forst and sibear could use some of those!!
  14. I feel like the forums have been bumping with delicious ideas lately! I do like this 1
  15. I thought this was already possible, have you tested this recently? Ive made a change the passive. I thought it could be exploited but i didnt think it would be too powerful as some other warframe abilities in existence. I thought that maybe it would just allow the player to use any weapon to kill, no matter how weak and how strong an enemy is. Armor, shield, and damage type reduction stats on enemies id imagine would keep the abilitites from feeling to powerful But i think youre possibly right. There are ways to make nekros extremely tanky. Such a powerful damage buff might be a bit much
  16. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ YES! Tripple Yes!!! I can picture myself playing this warframe now xD
  17. Okay i made a slight tweak Also i dont think the numbers the game will have to process will be too much different than warframes like nidus. I feel a lot more goes on with him than this warframe. Oh i see youre still typing, ill a wait a bit.
  18. Getting right into it Passive: If nekros takes fatal damage and he has at least 100 stored enemies for his fourth ability. Nekros will take on an appearance simular to his shadows, and will be invincible for 10 seconds. The stored enemies will be consumed. If he has more that 300 enemies stored, 50% of the enemies will be consumed. Why change it? Nekros spawns in an absurd amount of health orbs from his Desecrate ability already, making his current ingame passive really unuseful. His current passive gives him health per kill while descrate grants health orbs for nearly every desecrated enemy. First Ability: Soul punch now deals 50% of missing enemy health as bonus damage. Holding the ability button down soul punches enemies hit repeatedly, applying the damage and energy drainage once every second. Enemies will be staggered, and ragdolled on death, the player is free to attack and move while doing this. Example: Special Bonus: If nekros has shadows summoned from his "Shadows of the Dead" (Fourth ability), 2 of the will quickly turn into black and player's custom energy color smoke, and then jet towards enemies hit with the ability. The shadows will pass through each enemy, dealing the shadows total health points as damage per enemy hit, killing the shadows in the process. It will only save half of the enemies killed by the ability to Nekros's fourth ability. Second Ability: Nekros gains a small 6m radius aura that causes enemies who first enter the aura to stand still and panick for 3 seconds, and then run away suffering from 25% movement speed reduction. Enemies outside the radius will suffer 25% accuracy reduction when targetting nekros. Enemies whove exited the aura and re enter it will not runaway unless attacked. Ability last 20 seconds. (The idea above was Inspired by @krc473 from a comment in another warframe idea of mine, basically saying "what if enemies had heart attacks after being scared for X amount of seconds?") Special bonus: Each killed enemy will store 25% of their total health into his next charged melee attack. The attack will unleash the damage stored health as damage. (Picture using it with a scythe) Third ability: descrate is the worst ability in the game and should be removed permanently. Instead it should summon one shadow. Fourth ability: Changing it to a togglable ability that constantly summons shadows. Each shadow that spawns in requires 15 energy, equalling to 105 energy after summoning 7 shadows. Allies are unable to damage the shadows but nekros can by melee hitting them. Shadows killed by nekros have a 25% chance of dropping an energy orb. Deactivating the ability allows the remaining shadows to be attacked with primary and secondary weapons. Why?: Im doing this because i see players talk about being bored when allies get all the kills. I think it would be fun if nekros could summon enemies so that players can have something that allies cant take from them, to help maintain their combo counter for weapons, drop in health orbs, and play around! Plus shadows sometimes get in the way anyways, sacraficing a small amount of energy so that you can get an enemy thats behind them i think would be pretty pleasant! What do you think? These are small changes but i think they'll make some of his abilities see greater usage.
  19. This warframe seems like its so much fun! I have no complaints really, i love it! 9.5/10 warframe mannn Could mutant fly traps be added somewhere in the abilities? Idk why i want this but, theres something so satisfying about the thought of an enemy's legs hanging out the mouth of some plant monster looking fly trap lol. Occasionly the fly trap will release a gas of some sort that hypnotizes enemies and draws them toward the fly trap or man eating plant. Much like the dijin sentil, when enough enemies are close enough to it, it will open its mouth and eat them all! It will keep them in its mouth until the enemies are dead or an ally melees the plant, causing it to spit the enemies out. The more saps that Persephone has, the more damage the enemies will take. Deals bonus health damage above 50% of saps stacks! Once the enemies are dead, it will release the gas again to draw in more enemies
  20. Heat can get really hot to the point where anything that gets near will be vaporized or obliterated though
  21. Is this like a "mummy" warframe? Its rather beautiful! I want it!!! But I want to see some changes to his second ability to further seperate it from nyx, nekros, revanent, the synoid hammer weapon from cephalon suda syndicate, and ballistca prime. Got a lot of things abilities making enemies fight for us in warframe, another one at this point in time feels too repetitive. Especially if thats All the ability does πŸ˜•
  22. Im liking this idea πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” complete reverse of baruk almost. Interesting πŸ€” i have yet to get my hands on baruuk because the ability that makes bullets go through him was something i wanted for a warframe like wisp as i feel things should only be able to go through a ghostly warframe without harming it. Seems silly on a monk like warframe He makes me feel salty... im gonna try get over it to play the warframe though, so that i can hopefully come back here and see if i can give any more feedback on your warframe.
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