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  1. Now that makes sense I guess but they could have gone with an opt in buff that's just as easy to pull off like the old energy channeling. Killing infected enemies could just fill up a meter you could use to amplify your abilities But an afk measure, I hadn't thought of that. I think if that was the goal then perhaps I'm gravely mistaken, the idea isn't so bad. The drops would just need to be more forced in a way that is akin to acolytes in steel path steel path then. Where the enemies that need to be killed are guaranteed to spawn in at certain times, and will drop what's needed. Good point tho Teo, really glad to see it
  2. Odd, especially in capture missions, exterminate, etc. I don't think I've ever failed to get full reactant in those
  3. Conclave has purpose though. There's a large group of people who enjoy pvp and DE is/was attempting to bring that joy into warframe This I could understand but it doesn't seem to apply here. Over 95% of the time players are able to get full reactant in other game modes (if not more), especially so if you aren't nuking the map. The 5% or less chance to not get reactant isnt denying you much of anything, so it's not really getting you to play longer, it fails at doing that almost completely.
  4. Yeah my point I'm sure DE just added reactant drops because of all the other drops in the game. It was just a rushed addition to make the gamemode feel different. Consideration of how it would enhance gameplay wasn't brought to the table, as it fails to do so in every way as opposed to its more simple and easy to think of alternatives
  5. DE makes mistakes, so no it isn't sure that they do things right or good enough all the time, and this issue is likely a result of it as proof... ...
  6. I bet it has, I doubt it's ever supposed to happen considering how often you do get full reactant in other mission types. In defense I feel like the waves will literally stop and force spawn infected enemies for you to ensure you get the reactant And as said before, it's elimination would do nothing but make the game better. I can't imagine a single soul having an issue with getting their relics open every round like we used to back in the day, as opposed to this unreliable mess
  7. That's more pleasant but I still say just get rid of it entirely. It's not an engaging feature worth putting in effort to keep. Give us void thralls or turn an entire room into an area that infects all enemies who enter it, simply give us reactant per kill. Something pleasant.
  8. There is, you cannot be bouncing room to room and be killing enemies too quickly. It works best if you guys are atleast within a room or 2 of each other In defense missions, 99.9% of the time I get all my reactant as we are all close together and enemies get infected by fissures often enough. Doing this in survival helps ensure everyone gets enough reactant more often than people being all over the place (but even then there are times where this still doesn't work, and it's really a survival mission issue, I think the other game modes for fissures work perfectly)
  9. Well everything in any type of game is part of gameplay, being apart of gameplay doesn't automatically make something good for the game. DE have removed numerous things from the game's gameplay as proof of this already (DE releases reworks for a reason you knw?). DE keeps things that serve purpose, and remove those that do not, in an effort to keep the game fun, the crucial characteristic that allows the game to exist and thrive. So to rephrase my question, what purpose does it serve to make the gameplay enjoyable?
  10. I guess, It's unfortunate, a glimmer of hope that we had finally got something to allow us to play survival solo, without being at an unnecessary disadvantage like lower enemy spawns. Instead we are met with a new issue, increased enemy spawns but lower life support drop chance, creating no actual improvement to the actual issue lol Least we have enemies to fight though as opposed to 1 per hour though. Almost heaven
  11. I hear PC has higher enemy spawn rates, so this may not affect PC players as much, but us console players over here? HELP!!! I know this had to have been said before but again, it has to go. What purpose do they serve other than ruining the chances of opening your relic when you have done everything right? I just got finished with a game on ps4 where we decided to camp in one room to get reactant. Why are we at 100% life support 20mins in, and still are unable to open our relics? For such an issue to be possible, Is it even necessary for these drops to be a feature in the first place? What enjoyment does the feature bring to the game that gives reason for it to exist? Please, throw it into the abyss lol
  12. I'm sure they can, same way you can choose not to see the intense particle effects that some people have at max in their settings Certain it's fully possible
  13. 😂😂😂 Hey but I'd love to have some warframey looking car no cap. Or motorcycle
  14. I swore not to do SP too. I'm not a fan of bullet sponges, did it cause of umbra forma though. Needed it. I grew fond of SP only because of acolytes. Randomish mini boss dropping in kept things a little interesting Really want more of that Your ideas for reward increases is good too, creates lovely incentive
  15. Nice to see this post again, I had forgotten about it I'm more for this idea than previously. I love all the Ephemeras but I do get the issue at hand and do hope this catches DE's eye one day. Truly seems like a fair and beautiful middle ground
  16. I'm so dumb, I've literally posted there before, I don't remember it being as defined as it is now though. Completely forgot it Regardless thank you for showing this! 100% for this instead 💙🖤💙🖤💙
  17. How would it work? Like ghostly cats appear when you are not in combat, but get scared and hide/disappear when you get into combat? Sounds cool, just curious I mean really cool actually, imagine a full on spectral lion walking around you, chillen and stuff, or a black panther. I could dig it
  18. Ive seen players asking for the removal of winged ephemeras with their number 1 reason being that they dont fit warframes. Now, I can understand the desire in wanting the wings to match the material of warframes. I share in this desire with many warframe attachments since it prevents me from getting the most out of my purchases, however; I do not share in the desire to steal away someone else's happiness. It's unfair to take away ones harmless enjoyment of something, just to give it to another. It's equivalent to real life, like a man who wants to dress feminine. It would be cruel to rob them of their enjoyment you know? I do realize that in some twisted sense, the same can be said about players who don't want to see the wings. So i want to atleast bring up an alternative option for consideration like altering/hiding others' cosmetics from one's own point of view. It's akin to simply activating color blind mode from the options menu, where the visual appearance of the game only changes from that player's point of view, and not everyone elses'. Edit: Or do this idea It's not perfect, but I think it's far better than removing the wings.
  19. Even then their damage falls off really fast. Changing the status types I feel would only be a minor buff, I'll test the strength build you're talking about but I honestly can't see taking any less than 30 seconds for them to down one enemy which is absurd
  20. Passive okay, 1st nice, 2nd Ability AWESOME 3rd and 4th I dislike. The 3rd won't feel like it's do anything as enemies only deal like 40 damage. We are capable of unleashing 20k-100k dps easily with weapons, and that amount of damage still takes a few seconds to kill enemies when you take into account their damage reduction stats Imagine 40 damage a second. As for the 4th I feel like it feels way too akin to nekros and rev. I mean variety is nice and all just wish it were something else. Maybe scrap the 3rd Ability. Move the 4th to the 3rd Ability. And make another 4th? I feel like you can do something more interesting like ricocheting void beams that gain more damage as they pass through enemies, a more powerful tower summon that debuffs enemies and strengthens allies in some way, or summon some sort of origin beast companion that wreaks havoc on its enemies for few seconds Anything but damage reflection imo
  21. Getting Death Scissors enemy vibe from DMC, I'm all in
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