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The releasing of Mesa prime


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Look mesa prime is gonna be out in December 18 

1 thing im concerned is it gonna be expensive or a balanced out price cause the chroma access effigy pack i bought i barely saved for it i know i know that u can farm it but i was getting the platinum i know you can buy the platinum the trinity pack 

All i want to know is the mesa prime access gonna be low or high its Christmas expect the unexpected i guess

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il y a 45 minutes, Eathian a dit :

You were being passive aggressive, but now you're just being aggressive. It's sad.

So being passive agressive is bad but one can be proud of being agressive only. People have real issues these days or what.

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Lol well he's not wrong.

Mesa has been getting more popular over the years and she's powerful. Too powerful? No but still easily able to make other player's experience an AFK game in the trivial level range most play. Only frames like Equinox who compliment her kill rates keep up. I've been in fear of Mesa being nerfed due to increasing popularity but if she gets it before Octavia. I'm just gunna lose it.

But lets get on Topic. How can we nerf Ember again?

They didn't show any Prime armor sets but I guess they don't have to try to sell Mesa. Not a coincidence she's coming with Christmas either but I wonder how that hat will look on my Devil Ranger skin. Mesa is actually more than an Aim-bot. Level range just doesn't show it. She aims a lot when she needs to ramp and takes quick action to avoid AoE.

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