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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!


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This is my entry, the Gemenge Mask. "Gemenge" is German for "mix." In this case, it's a mix of the blades of Kronen Prime, the basic color of Lotus' helmet, a "potential" sigil for Red Veil (the 3 claw marks over the left eye), and ribbons inspired by the Ki'Teer Syndana. The ribbons can either hang from the mask or be tied around the Operator's head. The colors of the face, slash marks and ribbons can be changed.

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I tried to make possible the most Ostronian mask according to my fashion sense, I chose something simple but striking at the same time, aggressive, with many brands. I hope you like my design

PS: it's my first contest, I'm nervous. Greetings from Colombia



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Gara, the most sacred being to the ostrons, honored by the making of this beloved mask in dedication to her sacrifice to the Unum's safety 

apologies for the quality, I couldn't quite get the chalky texture the ostron craftsmanship usually holds 


I'm awful at drawing so I made a 3D model of my design in blender


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Mask Lore/Concept: The Ostrons around Cetus have begun using words even the Tenno Kin of the Ostrons do not yet understand. The phrase "Miloo" is the most prominent of the plethora of the new unknown Ostron words. Usually the people of Cetus have been observed using this phrase as almost an exclamation or as a way to express surprise. This mask has gained this title as it represents the "surprise" of the ingenuity of this small civilization of pioneers of an unruly and vast plain.



- The Ostron writing for "Miloo" can be observed on the face (specifically the mouth) of the mask.

- An old broken headpiece of a possessed Orokin hostile (easily sourced from Nakak's many Tenno operatives) can be observed fastened to the side of the mask with a reddish-orange cloth that wraps behind the head. 

- On the opposite side, an original Ostron chandelier of sorts can be seen attached. It is a bronze like metal curve wrapping around the side along with hand-made twine attaching small greenish-blue crystals bought from the market.

- On the main headpiece, a dark midnight blue is painted along with light blue streaks, observed on many Ostron dwellings. The material is much like Nakak's other masks, a simple papier-mâché like material composing the main structure.

- Assorted leftover Orokin adornments are attached under the Orokin headpiece for additional ornamentation.


Additional Info:

Sadly the eye was drawn first, slowly becoming more and more an un-proportional abomination. Hopefully that error can be seen past, and the mask's true features can shine through the crude mistakes of my terrible concept art. Hopefully one angle would be enough to construct the entire mask as the patterns are mostly consistent throughout. I believe the strongest aspect of my mask is the Orokin artifacts woven along with Ostron culture in hopes of replicating how the Ostrons utilize the technology of a great civilization long past. 

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So my mask is based off of Kavat ears. When the ears are folded, they cover the mouth and nose as Kavats live in infected areas and the air there is bad, so it lets you breathe freely (no it doesn't). And when open, they become Kavat ears, so it's easier to hear your enemies and sense danger (again, no it's not, but lets pretend😏). I didn't draw the 'tertiary/accent' areas, but I think they could be the spots that the Kavats have on their bodies.

Img 20190216 134958 by Artikuana

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my drawings are terrible but I'll try to convey my idea:

Theme: Sentient/Kavat

The mask is a partial face mask and is supposed to look like the face of a sentient kavat.

It has 2 sides:

right side: the mask is undamaged

left side: the mask is partially damaged and debris are floating. (Should look like it was shattered)

A Supposed to look like the section on the WAR blade where hunhow's energy is stored

B Sentient energy in shape of a Kavat's ear similar to the energy on the WAR blade

C Operator's face

D floating debris

E supposed to look like the horns of a kavat but the material of the whole mask should be sentient material

F the nose is supposed to stick out a little bit like a kavat's nose but eye and nose should look like they were from a vomvalyst

I did not shade it because I can't shade.


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2 minutes ago, (NSW)SlicedWolf said:

Hi everybody, how do i get the url of an image? i have a photo of my artwork and presentation but i'm not able to submit.... some tenno can help?

First you need to upload it to a site like Imgur. Then after it's uploaded, right-click on it and "open image on a new tab". From that new tab, just copy the URL and paste it here. It should auto-embed it.

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23 minutes ago, (NSW)SlicedWolf said:

Hi everybody, how do i get the url of an image? i have a photo of my artwork and presentation but i'm not able to submit.... some tenno can help?

Just right click the image after uploading it to imgur and copy image url
then ctrl v it here.

you could also go [img /img 
but why bother.

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Update with lower jaw ---> https://www.deviantart.com/akeleu-wolf/art/Warframe-Operator-Kubrow-Mask-V3-786228461

V2 ---> https://www.deviantart.com/akeleu-wolf/art/Warframe-Operator-Kubrow-Mask-V2-785891702

Original ---> https://www.deviantart.com/akeleu-wolf/art/Warframe-Operator-Kubrow-Mask-785874590


Here's my entry 🙂 

Kubrow Operator Mask

Inspired by Kubrows and Kitsune masks 🙂 (well mostly the colour pallet at this point haha!)

Eyes glow and use the suit energy and the lower jaw is removable 🙂 

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