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Venetian Carnival Contest [Winners Announced]!


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This design was inspired by Phantom of the Opera, yet keeping a sci-fi theme in mind.


"Battle-Hacks", Masquerade inspired mask for Warframe Contest.

The right eye is a spherical, functional blip radar (to keep track of party-goers of course, yet also effective in field surveillance.)IMG-20190215-184221.jpgWhile the left eye displays descriptive information of the wearers surroundings. The sides have slots for ears, and the mask wraps fully around the head, including a secure top strap. Metallic steel finish.

Thanks for the consideration.


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Looked around at the Ostron's stuff for inspiration, noted some oceanic/fish design cues mixed with Orokin medallions, so I decided to work based on that.

Pardon the lack of symmetry on the whole mask, my only real regret was that I made the fish-related stuff too subtle in comparison to the Orokin stuff.

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Alright, so originally I had a completely different idea that ended up looking more Orokin in design. After messing around I came up with this. I was thinking the leaves were wood, not actual plant matter. I'm not good with drawing so I wasn't able to add in finer details like stress or chisel marks around the main part of the mask. 

edit: I didn't realize the picture would be this big, my bad.



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I've put the text that is in the image below under this spoiler. Incase you are unable to read the text on the image and to save clogging up the thread. 



Hello! This is my submission for the contest. My name is LizzardTales. I gathered some research and inspirational material by moving around Cetus and really studying the life style there. After thinking long and hard about what to base the mask around, I thought that the Eidolon Vomvalyst would suit a mask perfectly. I’ve tried to demonstrate how it would be built, painted and designed by hand. Tying in the strong Ostron culture as well as the interesting design of the Vomvalyst. As a note, the face and the blank eyes are to show how it would sit on the face and is not part of the final design.

Here I have numbered specific areas on the mask I would like to make note of:

  1.  These two beams represent the Eidolon Vomvalyst’s rods. They are meant to be several small rods that have had the top capped to form the shape.
  2. This part is a simple ribbon connected by a ring in the Ostron style. Giving the mask some fun physics, keeping it with in the correct style and demonstrating the Vomvalyst’s ‘claws/arms’ if you will.
  3. This part is not flush with the front of the mask, pushed back slightly into the material via a press. Then inset five times into this section (and the four rods) are fragments of Azurite. A common gem on the plains, tying it back to Cetus. This also helps demonstrate the glowing parts of the Vomvalyst.
  4. The lack of a head strap. I wasn’t sure if the masks affixed to the tenno are via a strap or not, as some cosmetics are and some aren’t. So I left this area blank as it is more visually appealing.

This greyscale section of this concept/competition page is to show the 3D aspect of the mask. I am showing you how the mask has depth to it and that it is not all flat. I have painted this rather than sculpting as I am not knowledgeable with 3D modeling programs. However I feel like it gets the point across.

Finally, here is a rough colour guide that I think works best. I’ve kept it to four main colours. Red, Navy, Yellow and Bright Blue. I’ve chosen these as they are not only common Ostron colours, they are also on the Vomvalyst. Underneath is plain grey, showing the the colours on the mask have been painted on much like Nakak’s other wears. The only solid colour is with in the solid ring and ribbon. I created a paper mache esq texture to show that it has been built by hand. Created by LizzardTales(Eli Collyer) for the Warframe Venetian Carnival Contest.




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the idea behind my mask is beauty. the mask that i designed give then impression of a beautiful spirit resides within unyielding will to fight with bravery 

and i represent the beautiful spirit through the mask and i put {{eye hole}}  cause , did you know that the door to living spirit is the eyes

as for the horns it might need some tweeking but what it mean is the tough and unyielding furious spirit to fight and defend for what is all right and equal  

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Greetings. This is my first time doing something for an online contest. My husband loves birbs (as do I), so I was motivated to see this mask on his operator and my operator.


Name of the item: Condropon


(from "condroc" and from Ancient Greek πρόσωπον (prósōpon, “face, person”).

Since I was thinking how Nakak would get the materials from around Cetus:

- The rings are from a broken Ayatan statue.

- The feathers, of course, readily available from condrocs' shedding or from plucking at the kitchen.

- The bill is from kitchen's leftovers too.

- The "wing talon" is actually a regular talon tip (because the real wing talon is just too large).

- The feathers pointing downwards are from a condroc's tail.

- The feathers for the crown are gathered from Rogue Condroc's down, used by females to furbish the inside of the nest to keep their clutch warm while hunting prey.

- The "base" of the mask is made from hand-picked cracked-jug parts (not necesarily symmetric; actually, the cracks should be more asymmetric), gilded anew together into a new shape.

- Some leather parts to make the inside of the mask comfortable to wear while giving form to the brows and eye sockets of the condroc (also as a base to glue the feathers together).

- The eyelids are painted to display your love with a streak of vermillion.

- The blue paint represents the sky and the winds.

- The red paints represents the predator and the blood from their prey.

- And jute rope to afix it to your wonderful face.


The physics would be on the feather tips, the Orokin rings and strand-particle system for the feather crown (because hubby asked for it to be as fluffiest as possible).


Hope [DE] can fix the frontal-to-profile perspective. I fail horribly at translating frontal views to profile views 😞

Cheers from Canary Islands o/

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