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Update 10.1.0


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Hotfix 10.1.0


5:00 PM Addition: The Warframe Referral program is now live, see here for more information: https://warframe.com/referral
Added new conclave for 1500-2500.




End-of-mission Orokin Void Rewards have been properly rectified, see here for more information on what went wrong with Update 10’s drops: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/110474-an-apology/


Resource requirement changes for:

Dual Ichors:

Mutagen: 10 to 4

Forma: 2 to 1


Mutagen: 7 to 5

Forma: 2 to 1


Mutagen: 11 to 5

Forma 3 to 2


Mutagen: 15 to 6

Forma: 3 to 2

Derelict keys:  


Into the Derelict: 1 hour to 1 minute.

Into the Assassination mission aka Boss Fight: 3 hours to 1 hour (3 hours to 1 hour)


Fix for Lato Prime not being color-able.

Fixed Bastille affecting fewer targets than expected when immune enemies (turrets, cameras, drones) are nearby

Fix for Miter not taking energy color attributes.
Fix for pickups not working in Conclave.  

Fix for crash that would occur if Dethcube vaporizes opponent in the Conclaves.

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