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More fun bugs since my last post:

  • Enemies are spawning inside the same room as my warframe. Sometimes they spawn directly in front of me. This is most noticeable on Exterminate missions, and it has made stealth gameplay less than fun. This bug started after 25.6.0, but it has become even worse after this patch. It also ruins immersion to see enemies clip up through the floor and start shooting at me.
  • Custom obstacle courses in the dojo are unplayable right now. Lasers clip through blue platforms, and performance drops to horrible levels. My FPS goes below 30 when I try to run our custom obstacle course.
  • Operator amps are not functioning properly. The secondary fire from my Shraksun Scaffold is randomly 1-shotting my operator, which has never happened prior to this patch. Self-damage from the amp is normal, but the damage has stopped scaling correctly. Instantly receiving transference static from self-damage at nearly full health has made Eidolon hunts a bit more challenging than they should be.
  • Lots of people have already mentioned the plastic-looking metals, but I want to reiterate how bad this looks because it is not a settings issue. It has not improved in the slightest after the latest hotfix, either.

I hope you guys have a well-rested weekend. You've got a lot of work cut out for you next week.

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