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Gotta love RNG


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I love rng so much, it is so balanced, i got all shedu parts in 2 runs of a sentient ship, meanwhile people did not get them in 40 runs. 

I love rng so much, farmed zetki bulkhead for 12 hours, did not get it, people got it in 1 run. 

I love rng so much, farmed zetki hyperstrike for 30 hours, got 8888 intrinsics and still didn't get it, people got it in 1 run. 

I outskilled people to the shedu, people outskilled me for avionic drops, so balanced. 

Getting a 50% chance to get a Neo relic in Veil after completing a 10+ minute mission is so balanced, meanwhile i can get the same relics in less than 1 minute in the void. 

Getting a 30% for dirac in Veil is so balanced, meanwhile people who farmed Railjack before Dirac drop changes are sitting on 30k dirac and now having anything to use it on. 

Getting a 2% drop chance for a vidar reactor is so balanced, that's around 2 reactors per 1500 minutes (25 hours) of play, and i love the RNG behind it's stats ranging from +13 avionic capacity ( yes i got that BS) and +100 capacity, meanwhile people got +97 avionic capacity reactor in 1 run. 

getting a 2% drop chance for a vidar engine is so balanced, 25 hours of play and your sigma engine can be better. 

The game balance is so good, it is making me quit playing for another 2 months, after having quit for 2 months before that. 


Have fun farming rng guys, this is the right direction for warframe, also the next update will be called Warframe: The casino (come and test your luck in our awesome skill rewarding game) . 

All the sarcasm away, i enjoyed railjack , for the first ... maybe 20 hours ? Now i'm just done with it, and i'm not even at the point of some players who farmed max intrinsics without affinity boosters, i farmed all my intrinsics with affinity boosts, so it's less time than you think. I would say 4 days of playing 4/5 hours a day ( it's too much for a game ) . 

So now, yet again, i am taking another break for Warframe, after having so bad RNG it just makes me wanna quit, and i am not alone in that too, a lot of people i know stopped playing this update because 1. Resources to fix S#&$ are too much 2. Rng is too much. 

Hey, i know this post won't be liked, because of the white knights that cherish DE and all they do, here's a kiss from me white knights 😘 , you know where that kiss goes up to. 


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3 hours ago, HatedByLifeItself said:

having so bad RNG it just makes me wanna quit,

inb4 DE add in a Quit button that randomly disappears and only has a 0.002% chance to come back within 24 hours. without it you cannot quit the game.

the multi-layered RNG is becoming more prevalent though.. someone at DE must get one hell of a dopamine rush when they roll a dice.

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