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Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas!

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Maybe an acidic/corrosive type warframe. Could be built from the grinder side of things, since we have the attempt of a warfare from the Corpus we could see the grineers attempt at a warfare. Plus the design could be a more streamline/slimmed down kuva lich armor. Possibly it could go rampant and the levels to acquire its parts are parkour heavy with a "the floor is lava" kind of deal(but acid).

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A shapeshifter frame. Have the ability to shapeshift into your enemies to fool and trick them or even shapeshift your arms in some BFGs with some serious firepower. 

●Passive: When you die and revive yourself with one of your revives, you transform into the last person you killed for 15 seconds and enemies won't attack you. Ends if you attack or when the 15 seconds end.

●Ability 1(Shapeshift): Depending on what enemies your are facing, you transform into the last one you killed and gain their primary fire weapon and look for an amount of time. 

●Ability 2(Projection): You transform yourself into a projectile like object and move yourself a good distance forward. The more you hold the ability the faster or more distant you will go. Full charge can penetrate and harm enemies in front of you.

●Ability 3 (Decoy): You can take a part of yourself and toss it nearby to make a clone of yourself that can distract the enemies. It will have your health, armor, and shield but won't attack. A dummy. 

●Ability 4(BFG): Your arms can come together to form a massive gun. Either a gatling gun that brings hailstorm of bullets, or lob explosives. Can cause status effect damage depending on your energy color. 

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Posted (edited)

Dullahan Warframe. A shieldless warframe like Inaros and Nidus. Head comes off to absorb souls like Grendel’s Feast ability, or shield/Warframe energy if the target is robotic, or to expel stored souls like Wisp’s Sol Gate. More souls mean more health.

Signature weapon is a jagged scythe taller than the frame with a blade just short of half the staff length. Turns enemies to stone when wielded by Reaver that explode after a certain amount of time, dealing radiation and cold damage in a 10 m radius.

Concept name: Reaver

Concept weapon name: Helbrandr

Edited by (PS4)AspireThat
A more Warframe style concept name
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On 06/03/2020 at 16:33, Lakyus said:

Hackerman Warframe que corta coisas remotamente. Faz coisas como:

  • Atola armas para fazê-las sair pela culatra e explodir.
  • Hacks unidades robóticas para fazê-los atacar agressivamente
  • Remotamente hacks consoles (Spy lord!).
  • Abrir / fechar portas.
  • Opcionalmente: um sentinela de vigilância que ajuda na visibilidade ou na invasão por conta própria.

Name: Malware

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Posted (edited)

Iaido-a warframe with an exalted nikana with all of her abilitys being based off her nikana and the Iaido school of swordsmanship 

Edited by (PS4)EridianChronicle

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I would like to see an insectiod evolution themed frame in which she/he has three forms she can evolve through giving her various benefits, like a no shield low armor high health base form and she can evolve into the high armor slower tank variant, or the high speed low armor high shield evolution.

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Posted (edited)

A wizard Warframe. It can use Void energy at its disposal to create spells that can lower health and defenses of enemies and boost allies. The wizard frame can also summon ethereal spirits, similar to Nekros' Shadows of the Dead, but require no dead enemies in order to do so. 

Edited by Duhgreat
I want to go into detail of the spirit ability and I spelled dead as Deas.
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A rust themed warframe.

Like an early warframe prototype eroded and deformed that started functioning again after Lua's exit from the void or some similar event.

It would be interesting to have a warframe that is completely different from the shiny new-looking warframes we are used to.

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On 2020-03-06 at 9:53 AM, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

The theme is the foundation of every Warframe’s design. Over the years, we have seen countless fantastic ideas in the Fan Concepts subforum and across the Internet. That creativity is what we’ll need to breathe life into this Warframe! Share with us a Warframe theme you’d like to see inspire the next design.

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of a Warframe theme that you would like to see in-game!

We aren’t considering Abilities during this design phase. First, it’s all about a strong theme! Expound your idea and make it the best it can be.


  • One submission per player.
  • Theme can’t be changed after it is submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate theme submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Theme idea must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Details like back stories might be altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design.
  • Concept art can be included in submissions but will not be considered in the final design or when selecting the final theme.
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.
  • Chosen submission becomes property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate Warframe theme submissions, so please do your best to submit a theme that has yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Theme:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, March 19 at 1:00pm ET.

After reviewing all theme submissions, the Warframe Team will choose a Top 10 to present to the Design Council!

The Design Council will then vote to determine the winning Warframe theme. Design Council voting will begin on Friday, March 20 at 1:00PM ET and run until Thursday, March 26 at 1:00PM ET.

After the Theme is Chosen:

Community artist, Eornheit will create the Warframe’s official design based on the chosen theme! Once the design is complete, we will make an open call to the community once again to design the Warframe’s Abilities. Follow each phase here!

The community-created Warframe’s name and final design will be revealed on Saturday, July 11th during the TennoCon 2020 Live Stream!


Let us hear your Warframe ideas, Tenno!

I would like to see a rose/knight inspired design.

First ability could be thorne spikes with toxic damage. Attaching seeds to an enemy 

Second ability could be rose shield reduced damage with status immunity. Enemy who come in close contact will have sees attached to them.

Third ability bed of roses creating a field were enemies that come in contact will fall asleep and alies regen small bits of energy for enemies killed in the area. All surviving enemies will have sees attached to them

Fourth ability Final briar creating a briar made of light all enemies in this domain have damage multipliers add to them for all the seeds that have been planted, upon activation all alies get health healed and status immunity 

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Combat Cephalon Tora / Цефалон Тора [En/Рус]



Cephalon Ordis - Operator! Strange encrypted data is found at the end of your mission. Let me start the decryption?

Cephalon Ordis - the data is decrypted ... the sender ID belongs to Cephalon Tora. The content of the message looks very strange ...

“... I - Cephalon Tora - the keeper of the battle forge. My responsibilities include the development and creation of autonomous combat units of technology to combat sentient. If you hear this, then ... the forge is under attack. “Combat prototypes are in danger ... activation of the combat protocol ...”

Cephalon Ordis - end of message, the message ends here. Dispatch date since the old war. There is no data on this cephalon in my databases. Need to request data from other cephalon.

In the relay:

Cephalon Simeris - Hunter, are you back to continue the hunt?

*Data transfer.*

Cephalon Simeris - This data may not be true. I have the most extensive database at the moment and in my records ... even in hidden records there is no such information.

Cephalon Suda - Your data may be errorneous Simeris. The current signal for help is worth checking. I am ready to offer my help to the operator.

Cephalon Simeris - put all Cephalon at risk again? According to my calculations, your event will be doomed to success with probability. 4.815162342% ... With me, the success of this mission rises to 84.20170327%

Cephalon Suda - Simeris. I believe that after our meeting, closing the data exchange channels with your shelter was the right decision. Operator. I'm still ready to help you.

Cephalon Simeris - according to the protocol. Communication channels were closed on my part before ...

Cephalon Ordis *whispering*Operator! By accident I accessed  the databasis of Simeris and Suda ... and calculated the coordinates. I advise you to leave now if you do not want to listen to the killjoy anymore.


According by the coordinates ... Forge among these ruins.

* Ruins are a bunch of fragments of an ancient structure. The operator enters the main hall and sees the colossal destruction of the main assembly center for combat units. *

Cephalon Ordis - Operator, I performed destroyed parts analysis. These are ancient battle robots in heavy armor with energy spears and halberds. A more detailed analysis shows that they can be controlled remotely. Operator, I detect anomalies in the abyss. ... it's impossible! If my calculations are correct, with it help you can jump of the past ...

The operator enters the portal. He sees a bright room in the main assembly center for combat units. warframe like mechanism with serious damage are scattered everywhere. The nearest military robotslies with a strong dissection at the torso. Internal circuits are visible with sparks on it. The main terminal of the Cephalon Tora is in good condition, but the sensors are disabled. The operator decides to restart the terminal using his warframe to find out what happened. The terminal absorbs all the energy of the operator’s warframe.

Cephalon Tora - Thanks to Orokin for help. Your sacrifice will not be in vain, the reward for your deed will be ... QUICK DEATH.

The terminal changes and turns into a big Sentient. The remains of military equipment turn a mimic and block way to the portal. A ray of light rushes towards the operator with a rising sound, and a bright explosion occurs at the point of contact ...

... At this point, the heavy damage military robots: The combat protocol is activated. Primary objective: operator protection. A protective energy shield is created around the operator. The operator hears the voice of Cephalon Tora.

Cephalon Tora - Operator, I had to transfer my data to the last active unit, I give you full access to this combat unit. Battle copies activated, they are ready to fulfill your orders.

The fog disappears at the site of the shot. From the shield, under the control of the operator, the new warframe leaves and shoots with a plasma shot at the nearest mimic. operator with a prototype warframe  is gradually approaching the switched off warframe.

Cephalon Tora - operator, touch the warframe with your hand, I will try to restart it.

Cephalon Tora - it's over ... my task was not completed ... this is the last combat prototype ... I'm the last cephalon... This warframe will obey your orders ..

The sensors inside the torso begin to glow brighter and form a hologram , vaguely reminiscent of the head of a tiger. Miniature image of Cephalon Tora, which the operator saw in the past at the terminal.

Combat Cephalon Tora

 Warframe in heavy armored, like a cuirass. Has a large dissection in the upper torso.

1. Plasma of the soul  - A shot from a chest plate with a shell of concentrated energy. If the target dies, it decays into atoms and its scanning takes place.

2. Battle Shield - puts a shield on an ally or mounts on the ground. Completely blocks any damage. After blocking, the damage disappears. (rescues from magnet and EMP scream)

3. EMP scream - completely cuts off electricity in the radius and deactivates all drone and turrels, and deactivated alarm add certain period.

4. Creation of combat simulations (calling scanned copies of opponents to your side (only 100% research is used)

Passive ability: increased damage to fully scanned targets.

Personal weapon - battle halberd.


Цефалон Тора [En/Рус]

В орбитре:

Цефалон Ордис - Оператор! Обнаруженные странные зашифрованные данные по окончанию вашей миссии. Позвольте начать расшифровку?

Цефалон Ордис - Данные расшифрованы... идентификатор отправителя принадлежит цефалону Тора. Содержание сообщение выглядит весьма странно...

"...Я Цефалон Тора - хранитель боевой кузницы. В мои обязанности входит проектирование и создание автономных боевых единиц техники для противостояния владеющим разумом.  Если вы слышите это, то значит... кузница находится под атакой. Боевые прототипы в опасности... активация боевого протокола..."

Цефалон Ордис - Оператор, на этом сообщение обрывается. Дата отправки обращения со времён старой войны. В моих базах нет данных о этом цефалоне. Нужно запросить данные у других цефалонов.

В Реле:

Цефалон Симэрис - Охотник, ты вернулся продолжить охоту?

*Передача данных.*

Цефалон Симэрис - Эти данные не могут быть правдой. Я владею самой обширной базой данных на текущий момент и в моих записях.. даже в скрытых записях, нет такой информации.

Цефалон Суда -Твои данные могут быть ошибочны Симэрис. Текущий сигнал о помощи стоить проверить. Я готова предложить свою помощь оператору.

Цефалон Симэрис - Чтобы опять подвергнуть риску всех Цефалонов? По моим подсчётам ваше мероприятие будет обречено на провал с вероятность. 4.12%... Но благодаря моим знаниям - успех этой миссии возрастает до 63.2%

Цефалон Суда - Симэрис. Я считаю, после нашей встречи закрытие каналов обмена данных с твоим святилищем была правильный решением. Оператор. Я готова вам оказать свою помощь в любом случае.

Цефалон Симэрис - если верить протоколу. Каналы связи были закрыты с моей стороны раньше...

Цефалон Ордис - *тихо* Оператор. Челнок готов к отправке. Я совершенно случайно получил доступ базе данным Симэриса и Суды...  и произвел вычисление координат. Советую отправится сейчас же, если не хотите слушать старых цефалонов дальше.


Судя по координатам... Кузница находится среди этих руин.

*Руины представляют из себя нагромождение обломков древнего строения. Оператор проходит в главный зал и видит колоссальные разрушения главного центра сборки боевых единиц.*

Цефалон Ордис - Оператор, я провёл анализ обломков. Это древние боевые роботы в тяжёлых доспехах с энергетически копьями и алебардами. Более подробный анализ показывает, что все они могли управлять удалёно. Оператор, я вижу аномалии в потоках бездны. Они... это не возможно! Если мои расчёты верны с помощью них можно попасть в прошлое...

Оператор прыгает портал. Он видит светлое помещении ещё целого цеха сборки боевых машин. По всюду разбросаны боевые машины с сильными повреждениями. Ближайшая боевая машина лежит с сильным рассечением верхней части туловища.  Видны внутренние микросхемы и видно искры. Главный терминал Цефалона Торы находится в целом состоянии, но сами датчики выключены. Оператор решает перезагрузить терминал с помощью своего варфрейма, чтобы узнать что произошло, так как похоже он опоздал.  Терминал поглощает всю энергию варфрейма оператора.

Цефалон Тора - Благодарю за помощь представитель Орокин. Твоя жертва не будет напрасной, награда за твой поступок будет... БЫСТРАЯ СМЕРТЬ.

Терминал преобразуется и превращается во владеющего разумом. Останки боевых машин превращаются в мимиков и блокируют для оператора портал.  Луч света с сильным звуком устремляется в сторону оператора и происходит сильный взрыв в месте соприкосновения...

... В этот момент происходит перезагрузка боевой машины с сильными повреждениями торса.. Происходит активация боевого протокола. Цель: защита оператора. Вокруг оператора создаётся защитный купол. Оператор слышет голос Цефалона Тора.

Цефалон Тора - Оператор, мне пришлось перенести сознание в эту последнюю активную единицу, я предоставляю тебе полный доступ над этой боевой единицей.. Произвожу активацию боевых копий, они готовы исполнять ваши приказы.

Пропадает туман в месте выстрела. Из купола, под управлением оператора, выходит боевая машина и стреляет плазменным сгустком в ближайшего противника. Боевые симуляции эскалибуров прайм отвлекают других противников, пока боевая машина постепенно подбирается к отключенному варфрейму.

Цефалон Тора - Оператор, коснитесь рукой варфрейма, я постараюсь перезарядить его.

Происходит мощный ЕМИ импульс и поглощение электричество в радиусе от боевого прототипа.

Цефалон Тора - перезарядка прошла успешно. Я беру управление на перемещение варфрейма на себя. Скорее в портал.  (И вся команда скрывается в портале и возвращается назад в будущее)

Прототип медленно осматривает разрушенное помещение вокруг себя и падает на колени.  Из чрева боевой машины доносится голос:

Цефалон Тора - Всё кончено... моя задача - провалена.. это последний боевой прототип... я последний цефалон... Боевой цефалон . Этот варфрем будет подчиняться вашим приказам..

Датчики внутри корпуса начинают светиться ярче и образуют голограмму из резких треугольников и квадратов отдалённо напоминающих голову Тигра.  Миниатюрное изображение Цефалона Тора .которое оператор видел в прошлом на терминале.


Боевой цефалон Тора

Варфрем в тяжёлых пластинах, похожих на кирасу.  Имеет большое рассечение в верхней части туловища.

1. Плазменая душа -Выстрел из нагрудной пластины снарядом из концентрированной энергии. Если цель умирает она распадается на атомы и происходит её сканирование.

2. Боевой щит - накладывает щит на союзника или устанавливается на землю. Полностью блокирует любой урон. После блокировки урона пропадает. (спасает от магнита и ЕМП клича)

3. ЕМП клич - полностью отключает электричество в  радиусе и выводит из строя оружие, дронов и турели в радиусе.

4. Создание боевых симуляций (призыв отсканированных копий противников за свою сторону (используется только 100% изучение)

Персональное оружие - боевая алебарда.

Пассивная способность: повышенный урон по полностью отсканированным целям.

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What about an Occultist/ Warlock Summoner Warframe. It could be a dark, twisted Warframe where it's look and style are completely based on the forces the Warframe summons and controls. 

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Crystal / Mineral based warframe (caster type?)
Abillities could have a crystal cluster look to them (Same with the frame model, with maybe ore veins textures)
Choosable element based on color?

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The Explosive frame.

A witch-like frame with an oversized hat that has so much of a passion for explosions that even her defensive abilities are explosive.

Like a personal shield, that explodes several times before it breaks.

Mobility from the shockwave of explosions.

Bombs that explode into explosions that explode into more explosions that explode into more-...

Turning a massive amount of enemies into walking explosives and blowing them all up at once.

Containing all of the power from every previous explosive in a bottle and then chucking it into a crowd.

Making every bullet you shoot explode, twice.

Then deciding that all of this isn't enough as she turns herself and all of her energy into a final, void shaking, blast.

Of course, acting smug the whole time.


This is the most fun thing that I can come up with. Should scale pretty well if you add a stacking mechanic for every explosion to it all as well.

Add ragdoll to everything and, well, I think you can imagine.

Major inspiration from Megumin (Konosuba)

- This post has been made by Expulooooosioon gang

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My idea is a shapeshifter based warframe. Abilities regarding shapeshifting their form to function in battle, utility and stealth.
Name: Mimic- The Shapeshifter
Passive: Regeneration. (Works much like the aura mod for health regen.)
Ability 1: Blades.
Mimic turns her arms into large sharp blades which act like a summoned weapon such as Excaliber or Ivara that can be upgraded with melee mods.
Ability 2: Stretch


A utility ability that allows for mimic to stretch long distances to move quickly across the map, target distant enemies or reach high places.


Ability 3: Mimic
Much like her name, it allows Mimic to assume the form of a target, be it an object like a cannister or an enemy, should an enemy be targeted , Mimic would gain their abilities and form for the duration ,it would also function as a means of stealth as enemies would assume you are one of them unless attacked. I am reaching a bit far here saying she could assume the form of fellow tenno for a limited time.
Ability 4: Horror

 Mimic becomes a large, slow moving H.P Lovecraftian mass with many eyes and tentacles that would grab enemies from a distance, absorb them and damage them over time, absorbed enemies restore health based on damage. She keeps this form until time or energy runs out.

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Spider lady frame, possibly originated by some Infested mutation which also gave her poison attributes. She would be focused on cc with her thread which can also be used to move across gaps (kinda like Ivara with her zipline arrow) and other abilities might be like paralyze foes while dealing damage over time with toxic procs 

The name could be Arachdea from arachne (=spider) and dea (=goddess)

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Perhaps a void damage type/ amp theme. It could use void damage for its abilities. It might be able to do things that normally we would need to use operators for. More over have some way to change (appearance or an ability) based off the focus tree that is equipped.

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On 2020-03-06 at 7:34 PM, --Aegis--Dandy said:

Posting this here in case no one else does. Bastion Warframe designed a few years ago by Adam Burn https://www.artstation.com/adamburnart

I have always dreamed of seeing something like this in-game.

Bastion using his ultimate ability

I really really want this warframe so badly now! He looks perfect! I really hope and prey for DE to choose this one! No other warframe concepts here could compete against this masterpiece! I BEG YOU DE!!!!


Sorry for sounding like a kid filled with excitement

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There are many good ones here already. Without coping the ones I like, I guess a

Bee base Frame

March of the bumble bee

Honey base powers

Bee like

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Weaponsmaster heavy warframe. Trades melee and secondary slots for an extra primary slot. Can steal the weapons of enemies and use them as his own through abilities.

Has an exalted arm-minigun.

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my idea for a theme is Causality.

like one skill that marks an enemy or a group of enemies, making it that you have hit them with your weapon, so when you fire they can not be missed.

or another ability that makes it so you can not be hit by anything, because of the fact that you wont get hit by an attack makes the attack miss


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So what about gravity-based warframe with abilities that change their behavior depending on whether you hold or tap the skill button? Something like reduce or increase distance, pull or push in area and something like ground smashing accompanying with cool refracting light effects.



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