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Be Part of the Next Community-Created Warframe


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We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe!

Seven years ago, the Warframe community worked together to create Nova, the antimatter Warframe. New reaches of the Origin System have since been uncovered and Tenno have awoken to join the fight. This anniversary, it’s time for a new community-created Warframe to stand by Nova!

The community-created Warframe will be brought to life in six phases:


Community: Call for Themes

Throughout Warframe’s seven years, we have read countless pages of fantastic Warframe ideas in the Fan Concepts subforum and elsewhere! The creativity you have demonstrated is the first crucial step in bringing this Warframe to life.

The call for Warframe themes is open Friday, March 6 - Thursday, March 19

We aren’t looking at Abilities in this design phase. First, it’s all about a strong theme! Share with us a Warframe concept you would like to see in-game. Submit here!

Design Council: Vote for Theme

The Design Council is a group of Founders and passionate players that the Dev Team goes to when they need specific Warframe feedback or ideas. Through forum polls, open calls, and feedback threads, the Design Council has helped shape Warframe. The group has grown over seven years, with invites sent monthly to players who are highly active in the community.

After reviewing all Warframe theme submissions, the Dev Team will choose a Top 10 to present to the Design Council!

The Design Council will vote from Friday, March 20 - Thursday, March 26 to choose the final Warframe theme.

Community Artist, Eornheit: Warframe Design


Warframe Community artist, Eornheit will design a Warframe based on the chosen theme!

From Eornheit:

Hello! My name is Eornheit and I'm a 2D artist. I like to draw biomechanics and cosmic creatures and design characters. And I like to play Warframe. This game inspired me to create fan art: illustrations, sketches and my own characters in the game universe.

You can check out Eornheit’s original works and more here!

Community: Ability Design

With a strong theme and official artwork as inspiration, it will be time to design Warframe Abilities!

The call for Warframe Abilities is open Friday, April 17 - Thursday, April 30

Determine the power and play-style of the community-designed Warframe! We will update this official forum post with a link to submit Warframe Abilities once the call for submissions is live.

Community Artists Faven, Kedemel & Karu: Design Cosmetics & Weapon


Warframe TennoGen artist, Faven will design an Alt Helmet based on the Warframe’s official concept art!

Faven has been a TennoGen creator since the program began in 2015. After his first design, the Volt AMP Skin, he went on to design the entire Graxx collection and more. Faven has also been a speaker on TennoCon panels where he has shared his experience with players.

You can check out Faven’s TennoGen creations here!


Warframe community artist, Kedemel will design the signature weapon based on the Warframe’s official concept art and Abilities!

From Kedemel:

Hi! My name is Kedemel. I have been playing Warframe since 2015. Since then it has become a huge part of my life, from the friends I have connected and grown closer to as well as influencing the art I create. This game has sparked my imagination and creativity like no other before it. My fanart has ranged from serious to borderline ridiculous!

You can check out Kedemel’s original works and more here!


Warframe community artist, Karu will design the signature Syandana based on the Warframe’s official concept art and Abilities!

From Karu:

Hello, I go by Karu, or TBGkaru, and I mainly focus on character expression in my art - be it body language, outfits, or dynamics between two or more characters! I love focusing on fashionframe and I love thinking about Warframes' backstories and the character-rich world that could have been until we learn more.

You can check out Karu’s Community Spotlight article here!

Warframe Reveal During TennoCon 2020 Live Stream!

The community-created Warframe’s name and final design will be revealed on Saturday, July 11th during the TennoCon 2020 Live Stream! Tune in to see the Warframe that will be brought to life in-game.

On 2020-03-20 at 3:35 PM, [DE]Helen said:

We have closed the Open Call for Warframe Theme Ideas and reviewed all submissions to choose the Top 10! Design Council voting has begun and closes on Thursday, March 26. The theme with the most votes will become the next community-created Warframe!

Top 10 Themes:

  • Calligraphy: "A vision of a monk and a scholar, deadly yet sophisticated."
    • Submitted by JareeZy
  • Hive: "Hosts a swarm of bloodthirsty flying swarm insects seeking enemies to feast upon."
    • Submitted by xX_ReiMar_Xx
  • Broken Warframe: "It's obviously not put together correctly and it's pretty much the epitome of making a bug a feature."
    • Submitted by eaterofstorms
  • Morpheus: "Based on the Greek god of sleep and dreams."
    • Submitted by JONNY_AFRO_
  • Falconer: "A falconer based Warframe from Cetus, that has a companion, like Khora, that is a condroc."
    • Submitted by DerpasaurasRex0
  • Ballerina: "A ballerina based frame, dancing majestically over the battle field."
    • Submitted by Jarranna
  • Ghost in the Machine: "Based around the idea of hacking, setup and data transfer."
    • Submitted by Sekan
  • Arawn, King of Annwn: "Believed to set the Cŵn Annwn loose to hunt mundane creatures." This Warframe's Cŵn Annwn would be a Kubrow, a spectral hound.
    • Submitted by Avenka
  • Kamaitachi: Japanese yokai beast that rides devilish winds and attacks people with limbs like that of a sickle or razor.
    • Submitted by Salenstormwing & AmdorElensar
  • Gargoyle: A stone monster believed to frighten away evil spirits.
    • Submitted by Horizon Ultima


On 2020-03-27 at 12:25 PM, [DE]Helen said:

The winning theme is Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

Community artist, Eornheit has received the theme and is now designing the next community-created Warframe. Once it's ready, we'll share the final design here! We're looking forward to seeing everything come together.


On 2020-04-17 at 1:16 PM, [DE]Helen said:

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

Community artist, Eornheit has completed the official concept art based on the Broken Warframe theme submitted by eaterofstorms! With art to inspire us, we're ready to begin designing Abilities. Check out the Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas! We look forward to seeing your ideas come to life in-game.



On 2020-05-13 at 1:36 PM, [DE]Helen said:

Official Syandana by Karu:


Community artist, Karu has completed the Broken Warframe's official Syandana design! With the Broken Warframe's release, you'll see this Syandana alongside other community artists' cosmetic creations.


On 2020-05-28 at 3:12 PM, [DE]Helen said:

We’re in the final design stages! The Warframe Team has chosen Ability ideas from multiple Tenno to form their final kit and Kedemel’s weapon design is fully underway. From alt helmet to animation, the Broken Warframe is coming together!

This is our last community-created Warframe update until TennoCon 2020, where we’ll reveal their Abilities and signature weapon. Get ready, Tenno! Your Void-creation will soon flourish.


Just now, [DE]Helen said:

Check out the TennoCon 2020 Art of Warframe Panel and TennoLive 2020 for Xaku's full reveal!

Art of Warframe Panel

TennoLive: Xaku


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Well, we Have a Warframe Based on Anti-Matter, so What About A Warframe Based on Dark Matter. They could be from the deep wretches of space, harnessing the power that give a black hole its dangerous properties. A Warframe that can Harness the power of a Black Hole would be neat.

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I can't draw but I can think of a theme that would be loved by everyone! And I saw an artwork in this article! And this new waframe theme is: DEADPOOL! Come on anyone who saw that red colored warframe with 2 pistols in his hands could remind you something 😉

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il y a 1 minute, BigCupOfBeans a dit :

Well, we Have a Warframe Based on Anti-Matter, so What About A Warframe Based on Dark Matter. They could be from the deep wretches of space, harnessing the power that give a black hole its dangerous properties. A Warframe that can Harness the power of a Black Hole would be neat.

Do you know limbo?

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