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The Golden Spire (OOC, Character Listing)


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5 hours ago, EpicdudeX said:


I'm just curious, are you accidentally ignoring Kacilius? I understand the part about accidentally going down the gravity lift, but he and Anak were waiting to get on first. Also, he greeted Tecchy in Alarik's Arsenal. Just a heads up in case you missed those interactions.

Sorry about this, I’ll try to pay more attention next time. 

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33 minutes ago, UnremarkableUsername said:

Are the Depths completely airless, or is there still some sort of atmosphere?  What are temperatures like out there?
In-game, some grineer units without face covering/masks can be found walking around in the Orokin ruins.

Most of it has a good atmosphere. Masks are mainly for toxic areas and spots where the artificial atmosphere has malfunctioned. 


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Just now, (XB1)Random Brit7900 said:

@RakawanLike the orokin ruins/towers in game, Does corruption still apply here?

What sort of corruption.

The corrupted are a present threat inside various ruins and there are certain areas steeped in void radiation that can have some rather nasty mental effects. 

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10 minutes ago, EpicdudeX said:

Corrupted enemies are controlled by a Tower Sentry by a controller on their faces. They're corrupted in the sense that they have no control over their actions.

Sam is selling Health Restores, the single use plus shaped items you sometimes get from rescue missions. They full restore health to whoever activates them.

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1 minute ago, UnremarkableUsername said:

Was Sam... directing her customer into danger?  Well that wasn't very good form, now, was it.  But if it was true...

Anak glanced at the sensor regulator sitting in the corner.  No one had made it across?  She wouldn't have to.

She turned to Sam.  "Can I borrow a screwdriver?"


1 minute ago, Rakawan said:

Alright new rule. Any text in italics is directed only to the character it is being told to. 

Anyone else attempting to use it will invoke the wrath of the GM. 

You’ll have to edit the post. Italicized text can only be heard by the person it is being told to. 

Anak would hear that she is whispering something but would not know what.


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