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Would you enjoy a DMC inspired style rank system for combat?


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Okay so I was playing ESO to level stuff up, and I was using unmoded Talons which, when detonated, would launch enemies into the air and I started trying to melee them mid-flight and it made me wonder. What would a Devil May Cry inspired style ranking system be like in Warframe.

Often, the most efficient method for killing enemies isn't the most stylish or fun. Using a Saryn or Equinox's 4 is obviously far more efficient than trying to use the full range of mobility, melee, shooting and abilities combined. What would happen if we had a style meter, ranging from D to SSS, which filled up by trying to fight enemies in less efficient, but more interesting and, I know this sounds redundant, stylish ways.


Using a Kuva Bramma to shoot 15 enemies and then pressing 4 as Volt to nuke the rest of the room would give you a C or a B, not very interesting. While going for the less efficient method, say headshotting 3 enemies with a Lex, rolling in to melee another group and bullet jumping into a heavy slam attack that lifts enemies into the air, then killing those lifted enemies and using your 1 to shock some stragglers in the distance or switching to the Kuva Bramma or hell, even using an atmospheric archgun for the last group of enemies would give you an A or S rank, more action and flow, more style.


The question I'm posing is would you enjoy something like that? Would the existence of a style rank be enough to incentivize you to fight in less efficient, but more "fun" ways? What if the style ranks had effects on gameplay such as giving x3 or x4 more drops and affinity from enemies. This seems logical since we have the stealth kill multiplier which gives a reason to kill in stealth, a style ranking that gives increased rewards would give incentive to play in a varied way, rather than using one weapon for every encounter. If we increase the style meter for actions such as rolling during combat, switching weapons mid-fight, using different melee combos, lifting enemies with heavy slam attacks, using the flying dive kick (imagine finally using that during combat), wall running and wall latching, aim gliding and kills during slides, and give increased affinity, resource drops or mod drop chance boosts for each style rank all the way to SSS, would that work to incentivize a more "stylish" combat, or would you still rather use one weapon and tear through the enemies quickly and easily.

Combat in Warframe is easy, we all know that and it's sadly not likely to change any time soon. We can bump enemy levels and armor through the roof but at the end of the day, it's still the same, Steel Path has shown this to be true. Thus, what I'm proposing is a change on the other side of the spectrum, rather than making the enemies more fun to fight, we can make the fights more inherently rewarding, varied and "fun" while still keeping the Nuke/Press 4 to win option for when we want or need it.


Anyways, that's what I thought as I watched enemies being sliced apart mid-air after blowing them up with unmoded Talons. I wanna hear people's thoughts about this. I haven't thought about balancing or what it would look like in Co-op, how would you fix the obvious issue of having one teammate nuking everything and not letting you play stylishly. And what suggestions, if you have any, would you give for this system? What if we had mods or arcanes tied to it, "Gain X amount of melee range or critical chance while in A rank or above". Do let me know how you feel about this idea.



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I believe the combo system could be modified to incorporate "style" in a very limited fashion. As it currently serves no real purpose, it may as well be repurposed. It could for example:

  • Reduce your combo if you repeat identical attacks.
  • Be much smaller and more temporary, to counter the current "set it and forget it" nature.
  • Make a difference to gameplay, by having "combo generating" and "combo consuming" attacks. Basically heavy attacks, except fluent and frequent instead of clunky and slow. Ideally you'd hit each group at least twice with different attacks, then finish them with your killer move. This could also slow melee TTK without making it weak.
  • Include shots as combo generators on enemies lifted or knocked away by melee.
  • Allow "melee achievements" to temporarily grant a minimum combo threshold and increased max combo. Like if you kill one guy with a headshot, one with a slide attack, and one with a finisher, all within 15 seconds, you get a popup + buff and visual effect for 15 seconds. Maybe have other achievements with different effects. But add diminishing returns to it or you'll have players mechanically trigger them over and over.
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in this type of game? probably not. it depends on how important it becomes to the games' functionality.

i do want Players to be able to get more out of their time if they're good but for that to be optional. and for it to not impact the game in any other fashion.
pretty much every main longterm system at this point can easily support it. Rivens, Nightwave, more 'difficult' Game Tiers, Et Cetera. all could be restructured to allow everyone to participate, but allow Players that are really good at the game to climb higher and show that they are above the average, and thusly be rewarded at an increased fashion. in basically every aspect too, whether that be XP/Focus/Syndicates, Nightwave progress, Gamemode performance, essentially everything.


however very little of that really follows what DMC or similar games have as their rating systems. intentionally so on my part, much of how they rate stuff i don't find enjoyable. i want to be encouraged to be better by being rewarded for being better, not being penalized for not.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb DissentWomble:

Probably on a separate game mode. Will definitely need a new bullet sponge enemy that can actually survive more than a few melee swings from tenno.

Or include enough enemies to do the horde shooting in style. But yeah, I agree. Some specific mode would likely be the best introduction for this.

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Pin on Devil May Cry

I wouldn't be against it, but you're talking about an overhaul of the entire combat system, which i don't really think would work in warframe. and besides, the combat here is unique, copying another game means warframe loses a part of it's identity, and the unique combat is one of the main reason I have kept playing for years. DMC is fun too, but if I want that style of combat, I'd go there. 

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1 hour ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

but you're talking about an overhaul of the entire combat system

I don't think reworking the combat is needed, if anything it's just slapping a big stylized letter on the side of the screen and making it go from D to SSS depending on how often a player repeats the same action or how they mix it up. Now, having it affect gameplay would be a different story.

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