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Space Racing


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They got everything else!  Why not add not add racing to the game! Like with the Orbiter or perhaps something else entirely that can be warped in or detaches from the Railjack!

with its own star chart and everything. I want the whole nine yards lol and let DE do what the do best haha. If they pulled it off right and gave a real go at it.....haha i already love warframe and how it is developing. If they implemented a whole racing system......$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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1 minute ago, (XBOX)Rez090 said:

If we could also have races that use the wheel vehicles from the Vallis, could almost feel like we're podracing.

ha that would be that forgotten oh what is called oh right its called "Hoverboard"


and they abandon the idea because hoverboard is still a type for players having hard time to master still.  Plus it could of been in the races racing away but nope, DE said "we think about it" it doesn't mean they really going to do it.


As again coming back main subject the race in space is still a no which we already had archwings were in that type of prototype planning but that was abandon because Itzal was the fastest archwing among of all them.  The funny thing everytime someone mention about racing it always end up never be sale out for the DE.  I think DE hate racing problem that is going on in here or either they don't see any reason the concept for it reason why must add when every vehicles are just bunch of hogwash fast.


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I'd love for something like this, with proper bounties implemented in Open Worlds, 4 man squad, 4v4 K-drive races.

Same with RJ or Archwing in space.

I'd play the S#&$ outta that inbetween intense mission types, just to unwind (which is, i think, one of the fundamental aspects of game design)

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3 hours ago, Leqesai said:

Despicable Me Reaction GIF

lemme explain from point of views, the dev had plenty of time and could of made a racing simulation out of so many of things including

  1. archwing350?cb=20140816021307
  2. hoverboard (K-Drive) 350?cb=20181108214221
  3. mini-game arcade (Ludoplex) 195?cb=20190729214557

Yet among of all of them they failed to have a racing simulation for the dev doesn't look like they want move forward to racing games at all so RJ or space race games is useless as sack of potatoes that was left there for years.  We could of had Dojo defense mini-game yet they didn't look forward that idea either same with racing games.  More likely the dev thought and realized they wasted their time with "Lunaro" they thought the same thing will happen to racing for players won't play them for the similar effect is happening to Conclave for slowly it is dieing, for the truth I was excited they are planning remove the conclave because that place is just cursed.

Simple as saying, the dev refused to make racing game even thou we spam a lot on twitch while they are streaming they refused to do so even more for other racing other players for benefit was meaningless result because there is no potential or whatsoever in the racing.  I am not trying discourage of racing games in this game but it just dev hate to do a stage of racing in the game which you ask them why they don't do racing in this game.

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