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Operation: Orphix Venom - Bug Hunting Megathread (Read First Post!)

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  • TYPE: In-Game, Necramech vault Missions 
  • DESCRIPTION: Excalibur Umbra and using Operator makes you fall through the caves' floor and even get arch-wing and use it in space and it happens a lot
  • VISUALhttps://prntscr.com/zj5zyr
  • REPRODUCTION: Simply try to use OP and get back into warframe.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Getting bak into Warframe
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Falling through the floor and ending up having arch-wing on with arch-gun and arch-melee
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  • TYPE: In-Game, Void Tower (Sortie and Public Matches)
  • DESCRIPTION: As client, sometimes the the elevator call does not seems to work in spite of the interaction dialog showing during the mission.  
  • VISUALPduDgwI.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: During one of the sorties in the Void, could not call the elevator back in spite of the fact that the door closed on the client and the rest of the squad was on their way to extraction.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Should be able to call the elevator when the ride was missed. 
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Had to wait for the extraction timer to reach zero to join the rest of the squad. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Intermittent.  
  • TYPE: In-Game, graphic glitch mostly Corpus Space Ship tile-set. 
  • DESCRIPTION: The picture says it all...  if not, explained in reproduction. 
  • VISUAL02jvicF.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: While I understand he should be sitting and/or leaning against the call, it looks more like he's squatting near to the console.  
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Intermittent to rare.  
  • TYPE: In-Game, Ceres Defense Tile-set.
  • DESCRIPTION: Another strange graphical glitch.  While I understand that the locker used to be facing the defense target, for some strange reason it has mysteriously spun around 180 degrees.  
  • VISUAL: HqARyxa.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: Map generated and nothing that can be reproduced by the players..  Host or client.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Seems strange that it's facing the spawn location for the Grineer/Infested and not facing toward the defense point as it has done in the last 7+ years.  
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Extremely consistent to constant...  Not sure if this is intended to "spice up game play" -- or like how the defense target on the tram suddenly lost the ability to stay fixed to the tram several update/hotfixes ago.  
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  • TYPE: In-Game, Syndicate Missions, Friends-only/solo mode
  • DESCRIPTION: Insertion into a map for a syndicate mission, sometimes the NPC assistants in the mission will either spawn somewhere completely different than the insertion (because of the space constraints), or in some instances not spawn at all.  
  • VISUAL: k2NysCw.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: While the screenshot doesn't show that this is a syndicate mission, the fact is that I saw them not show up at all.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Usually they will show up in the mission, in this instance they never showed up.  
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Uncommon recurrence.  Would be nice to be able to select whether an experienced player will be able to call for them in the mission or not; they should at least consistently show in the mission even if setting them to hold position and then personally doing the mission is considered the modus operandi of Daily Syndicate missions.  
  • TYPE: In-Game, Grineer Forest Tile Set
  • DESCRIPTION: Some of the Threshcones (both Sunlight and Moonlight) on tiles involving the Sabotage consoles (both where to insert the anti-toxin as well as defending the injector parts of the tile sets), usually there's one to two Threshcones that are completely submerged into the ground making it impossible to scan.  
  • VISUAL: QnWYbfc.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: RNG based on map generation, although it's most consistent with the aforementioned parts of the tile sets. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: All threshcones should be scannable. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Consistent on the two aforementioned tiles. 
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  • 2 weeks later...
  • TYPE: In-Game,
  • DESCRIPTION: Credit Caches in missions are not being rewarded.  Credits at the start of the mission and end of mission shown
  • VISUAL: EzHErub.jpgPs7Juo6.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: Any credit reward mission
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Credits added to total
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Any mission with a credit cache as a reward (disruption, survival, sabotage caches) shows on screen but has not been added to the credit total after the mission
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: every mission with credit cache rewarded
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  • TYPE: In-Game, Nightwave
  • DESCRIPTION: Looks like the old 3 index runs without the NPCs obtaining a point wasn't looked at when this returned to the rotation.
  • REPRODUCTION: Seems to only affect this mission, haven't seen it in any of the others. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: It should be telling the players how much has been completed instead of Lotus/language/... 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: For this week's nightwave it's only showing on the Index to-do.  
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Just now, LillyRaccune said:

@[DE]Bear Is it okay that random bugs are getting posted here? These aren't related to Operation: Orphix Venom. Should this thread be locked?

When the time come, the message will be unpinned and we'll be given a new megathread to post to.  

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TYPE: in-game

DESCRIPTION: When doing a kuva mission and gazing at the siphon from afar a black box filled the screen


REPRODUCTION: play a kuva mission and look at the siphon from a 25+meters

EXPECTED RESULT: seeing the siphon and everything surrounding it

OBSERVED RESULT: seeing a black box blocking the siphon and everything around it

REPRODUCTION RATE: consistent over two missions ever after updating drivers

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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: A UI bug on the mission FREE ROAM in PLAINS (both EIDOLON and the ORB VALLIS). All the landmark names, cage mark and K-Drive races mark in ORB (which should be seem as we ride on a K-Drive) are dissapeared from the map. We can still see the loc-pin we placed but nothing else. This problem is found by several of my friends and clan members. (one of them reported that the UI shows only when he enter the plains from orbiter, but a bug when he enter from Cetus & Fortuna)
  • VISUAL: https://ibb.co/CttFgXD an img from one of my friend, I hope this helped.
  • REPRODUCTION: Please check this. I am not sure if its happening in special language area or all. But its a very serious problem for those new player or with less intimate knowledge of plain map to work on some of the nightwave missions.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Those UI should be showing all the time as they are part of the map
  • OBSERVED RESULT: We first found on 12th.FEB
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened several times with different players in different time. Till today.
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  • TYPE: In-Game, Survival or Kuva Survival (Steel Path), Solo Mode (Idk if this occurs in other mode).
  • DESCRIPTION: Acolyte won't spawn after 2-3 spawn or more.
  • VISUAL: (I will update this once it occurs again, cause my recording is gone).
  • REPRODUCTION: Survival or Kuva Survival (Steel Path) after 2-3 spawn or more.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Acolyte spawned.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: Acolyte only speak some lines after screen flickered and not spawning.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Not consistent, cause sometimes the spawn is fine till over 1 hour (or longer) of survival.

I already posted this in other post, but I will just put another here just in case, cause maybe this pinned post got more attention than unpinned post below it.


Thanks in advance


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  • TYPE: In-Game, Fissure mission rewards.  
  • DESCRIPTION: Rubico Prime Receiver reward during a fissure unlock is set at Low Priority.
  • VISUAL: 1iB5hLs.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: During a 4 round Defense mission, Fissure mission everything was set as high priority but the Rubico Prime Receiver which is set low and below the materials collected during the mission.  
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Cracked Relics should be at higher importance than lowest.  
  • OBSERVED RESULT: See Reproduction.  
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Extremely common with the Receiver.  
  • TYPE: In-Game, Corpus Ice Planet Tile set (Neptune in this case, unsure if it's affecting Venus and Pluto) 
  • DESCRIPTION: Invisible Wall affecting interaction with the locker.  
  • VISUALFFp09A9.jpg
  • REPRODUCTION: No matter how I try to approach the locker, I cannot interact with it either with my Warframe nor with my Operator.  Because of the invisible wall, cannot claim the rewards from the locker. 
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Interaction with the locker and obtaining the booty from the locker. 
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Intermittent.  Sometimes the wall is there, sometimes it's not.  1 out of 3 fails was the statistics at the time of the report. 
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