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Improve Foundry UI for Rushing (prevent accidental rushes)


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The other day, I accidentally rushed a warframe part when trying to build all the parts for that warframe. Support was kind enough to refund my plat, but this is a common problem and some minor changes would go a long way.

First, the problem: I had searched for the warframe's name, so the only items on my screen were the parts for that warframe. I was quickly clicking through them, but when I started building one, the positions shifted. This caused me to click on the in-progress item and Rush it, and I accidentally confirmed the rush as the UI is identical to the build UI, with the exception of the wording. 

Potential Solutions:

  1. Rather than clicking on the entire box to rush, require clicking specifically on Rush.
  2. Put a 3s timer on the Rush confirm button, like there is on trades.
  3. Allow us to toggle Rush off globally for our account (it could even be a toggle on the Foundry screen, rather than in options. This would enable it to not be forgotten and easily turned on and off).
  4. Don't change the order of items on the Foundry page until the user does something to change the order (new search, switch pages, etc).

Before anyone says "Your fault, you should have read": No, it's poor UI design. It's literally the same button and the same prompt, just different wording. We build hundreds of Foundry items, and are normally just trying to build them and get back to playing. These messages inherently become click-throughs due to repetition.

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Sorry to derail the thread, but im just going to say what i've said before on similar posts, because it needs re-iterating.

Dont change rushing and build times, remove it all together! (and i say this as someone who has bought every warframe for plat, and 80% of weapons).

Rushing is one of the few scummy monitisations left in warframe, there to solve the issue of an invented probelm of wait timers.

Surely grinding for resourses is wait enough?


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