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XBOX Echoes of War: Banshee & Mirage Prime Vault: Hotfix


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XBOX Echoes of War: Hotfix #2




Unleash lethal acrobatics or a cacophony of chaos! Get the prismatic Mirage Prime and bombastic Banshee Prime along with their Prime Weapons and exclusive Accessories from the Prime Vault.  


This is the first Vault to follow the experimental run of Prime Resurgence as to not disrupt player accessibility to Vaulted content. More information on next steps for Prime Resurgence can be found in our end-of-event announcement




  • 1200 Platinum

  • Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime

  • Euphona Prime

  • Kogake Prime

  • Akbolto Prime

  • Helios Prime

  • Deconstructor Prime

  • Capella Prime Syandana

  • Abbera Prime Syandana

  • Atavist Prime Armor

  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories

  • Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime Glyphs





  • 400 Platinum

  • Banshee Prime Warframe

  • Euphona Prime

  • Helios Prime

  • Deconstructor Prime

  • Capella Prime Syandana

  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories

  • Banshee Prime Glyphs





  • 400 Platinum

  • Mirage Prime Warframe

  • Kogake Prime

  • Akbolto Prime

  • Abbera Prime Syandana

  • Atavist Prime Armor

  • Mirage Prime Glyphs




  • 200 Platinum

  • Capella Prime Syandana

  • Ictus Prime Sentinel Accessories




  • 200 Platinum

  • Abbera Prime Syandana

  • Atavist Prime Armor


Find their Relics in the Void or Bounty rewards today! 


Banshee Prime, Mirage Prime, Euphona Prime, Kogake Prime, Akbolto Prime, Helios Prime, and Deconstructor Prime Relics have been added to the drop tables! These Relics have replaced the Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime, Relics in the Void drop tables, Bounties, and Relic Packs. 

  • Nyx Prime’s Relics are however still available through Corpus Railjack missions. 


*If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.


Included in this second and final batch of designs from Round 21, you’ll find spectacular Skins and Customizations for your Warframes, Weapons, and more! Check them out now via the in-game Market and support hard-working Tenno designers from the Warframe Community.






  • Wisp Zamariu Skin by led2012 & daemonstar

  • Protea Technochron Skin by Master Noob

  • Heavy Blade Arashi Skin by Lubox & ValentinaPaz

  • Inflatable Shoulder Armor by CERF

  • Xiphos Lilieae Skin by MaceMadunusus





  • Wisp Coven Skin by malaya & blazingcobalt

  • Mesa Mesnificent Skin by kakarrot2812

  • Wukong Piercing Eye Skin by Mz-3

  • Papillon Oculus by HariPear & lukinu_u

  • Corail Diadem by HariPear & lukinu_u

  • Hammer Axonnak Skin by Erneix






Embody the fearsome and ferocious tiger with Lunar New Year bundles! Give your companion or Warframe a new look with brand-new Kubrow Armor, a beast-inspired Grendel Skin, Weapon Skins and many more items to decorate your Orbiter or customize your loadout with.


All of the Lunar Renewal items in the bundles are also available for individual purchase in the in-game Market! 

*With the exception of the Lunar Renewal Prowl Sigil, Lunar Renewal Theme, and Lunar Renewal Background in the Spring Festival 2022 Pack.  


The Lunar Renewal items and Bundles are available via in-game Market for Platinum until March 7th @ 2 PM ET.  With the exception of the Grendel Nian Skin, which is remaining in the Market as a permanent addition! Grendel’s first official DE-created skin, Grendel takes the form of the beast from below and comes out to stuff his greedy belly. 


These Lunar Renewal time-limited items will be making a seasonal re-appearance in the future.


Lunar Renewal Celebration Pack

  • Lunar Renewal Theme

  • Lunar Renewal Background

  • Lunar Renewal Prowl Sigil 


Shining Lunar Renewal Collection

  • Clavatus Greatsword Skin

  • Brave Tiger Floof

  • 7 Day Affinity Booster

  • 200,000 Credits

  • 20,000 Kuva


Luminous Lunar Renewal Collection

  • Clavatus Ignis Skin

  • Lunar Renewal Carp Sugatra

  • Lunar Renewal Prowl Sigil

  • Lunar Renewal Background

  • Lunar Renewal Theme

  • Kitgun Riven Mod

  • Zaw Riven Mod

  • 7 Day Resource Booster

  • 7 Day Credit Booster

  • 300,000 Credits

  • 30,000 Kuva


Radiant Lunar Renewal Collection 

  • Grendel Nian Skin

  • Zarr Lunaeus Skin

  • Moondance Kubrow Armor

  • Peach Blossom Ephemera

  • Melee Riven Mod

  • Pistol Riven Mod

  • Rifle Riven Mod

  • 7 Day Affinity Booster

  • 7 Day Credit Booster

  • 7 Day Resource Booster

  • 500,000 Credits

  • 50,000 Kuva


The Feasting Hamster Glyph and Lunar Renewal Calligraphy Poster are also available in the in-game Market for 1 Credit!


Happy Lunar New Year, Tenno!



  • Added Steel Path weekly leaderboards.

    • To view, open pause menu > Profile > Leaderboards and select from the weekly missions list to now view both the ‘Origin System (Normal)’ and ‘The Steel Path’ Leaderboards. 



  • Made several case text changes across the game to unify capitalization across the board. For example:

    • “HILDRYN CHASSIS” is now “Hildryn Chassis”. 

    • Since this touched text across the game, if you come across any issues please report them! 

  • Changed the Earth Forest Chamber and Uranus Chamber Dojo Room crafting requirements:

    • Nanospores have replaced Salvage

    • Plastids have replaced Rubedo 

    • Neural Sensors have replaced Gallium 

      • *This was a missed change in the Echoes of War mainline update. If you decide to delete these rooms, the original resources used prior to this change will be returned to you, as will the above new resources (with the exception of Neural Sensors - enjoy the bonus on us!). Rebuilding the rooms afterwards will require the above resources to do so.

  • Reduced the background size of the Captura Advanced Menu panel to improve visibility of your masterpiece. 

    • We’re looking at more improvements as well - stay tuned.

  • Improved the readability of the Railjack Components, Crew and Armaments, and Syndicate screens while lighter UI color themes, such as the Orokin, Nidus or Tenno theme, are equipped. 

  • Turned down the volume of the Void Storm’s Void Sinks in Railjack missions. 

  • Defeated Infested Ancients’ corpses will now dissolve quicker. 


The New War Fixes: 

  • Fixed Teshin spinning around in circles before loading into the Archwing Slingshot. 

  • Fixed crash related to the end-of-quest Inbox message. 

  • Fixed being unable to move your Warframe if you’re knocked down by the big baddie in the final stage of the Quest.



  • Fixed several issues with the Isolation Vaults & underground tunnels below Cambion Drift generating incorrectly causing players to be unable to progress, as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/sq81ug/are_the_iso_vaults_breaking_for_anyone_else/

  • Fixed several functionality issues with Yareli while riding Merulina in the Mastery Rank 14 test, notably being unable to shoot or ride Merulina anymore. 

  • Fixed several icons appearing stretched after the great icon “squarification” treatment : 

    • Extractor icons in the Select window when deploying an Extractor via Navigation. 

    • Archwing Weapon ‘action’ icons.

    • Dojo room building resources icons (except for Credits and Thermal Sludge).

    • Orb Vallis Conservation Emblem icon. 

    • Harrow Chassis in the End of Mission screen. 

  • Fixed Lavos and Hildryn infused with Aquablades being unable to throw the disk with the Surging Blades Augment equipped because they don’t use Energy. 

    • Lavos can now throw the projectile on a cooldown and Hildryn using her Shields.

  • Fixed Warframe lingering in the background of the in-game Market and Nightwave windows.  

  • Fixed multiple holstered weapons (specifically Staff, Tonfa, and Sword and Shield holsters) clipping through Hildryn’s Einheri Skin. 

  • Fixed holographic FX mesh on the Blodgard Heavy Blade Skin so that the animated textures flow better. 

  • Fixed Helminth Subsuming slots at Rank 10 showing as 100K+ instead of ‘Unlimited’.

  • Fixed ‘Depth of Field’ settings in Captura resetting each time you toggle between menus. 

  • More fixes towards Adversary transmissions not showing your Kuva Lich/Sister of Parvos.  

  • Fixed script errors when attempting to change the enemy type while customizing an Articula. 

  • Fixed Transferring to Operator while using Vauban canceling the count in the UI for Tesla Nervos. 

  • Fixed Relics and Arcanes appearing far too large within the confines of the boxes in the Codex. 

  • Fixed the rounding of the Growing Power Mod % display incorrectly at 25% in the Mod screen and 26% in the HUD. They now both correctly show 25%. 

  • Fixed crash related to the Anku Blueprint in the Tenno Lab. 

  • Fixed the in-game Market category UI overlapping with the button callout. 

  • Fixed incorrect RU and DE description of the Hildryn Einheri Collection in the in-game Market. 

  • Fixed equipped Requiem Mods appearing as a blank square slot icon when stabbing an Adversary. 

  • Fixed multiple crashes caused by objects in the Corpus Outpost, Corpus Ship, and Kuva Fortress tileset looping behaviors.  

  • Fixed Athodai not gaining Galvanized Crosshairs’s extra Crit Chance on headshot kill.

  • Fixed Ivara Kuvael skin's skirt clipping with many cloth based Syandanas. 

  • Fixed all players seeing small fade out VFX occurring whenever a player enters or exits the Railjack during their disembark animation.

  • Fixed crash when missions (with the exception of Railjack) switch task to Exterminate. 

  • Fixed crash when on-call Kuva Lich uses their Carapace ability. 

  • Fixed script error after throwing a Specter ball, dying and then respawning before it spawns. 

  • Fixed the De Nas Pistol Skin missing reload sound. 

  • Fixed being unable to search for Clan members in the Clan menu if typed using uppercase. 

  • Fixed Wisp’s movement audio loop being too quiet.

  • Fixed crash related to enemy spawns. 

  • Fixed filepath appearing as Harrow Prime’s Accessory bundle title. 

  • Fixed the Augur Seeker and Augur Secrets mods both sharing the same picture. The Augur Secrets mod has been updated with its intended image. 

  • Fixed Wukong and Nezha’s Animation sets having the wrong description in the in-game Market.

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Just putting it plain and simple: New cosmetics cannot replace new and (most importantly) sustainable content (I know, the most dangerous word of all...). New war was the biggest waste of resources ever to be witnessed in this game so far. A five hour quest and after that: Bounties again for god's sake with enemies, that don't even deserve the name re-skin... How about for a change to release something finished and substantial instead of hyping up tiny tidbits without substance to have something to show off at events or to please investors? 

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