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TennoCon 2022 Dojo Showcase

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It was a delight to showcase stellar Clan Dojos during TennoCon last year. This year, we look forward to more in the TennoCon 2022 Dojo Showcase!

This year’s Dojos will be incorporated into the Community Art Show. [DE]Helen will host, guiding TennoCon viewers through 10 beautiful Dojos in a series of 2-minute tours.

All past Featured Dojo Contest and Star Chart Dojo Showcase winners are eligible to submit their Dojo for consideration. Either the Founding Warlord or the Architect who submitted a winning Dojo will receive an in-game inbox message from the Warframe Community Team between today and Friday, May 13. That inbox message will contain all the details your Clan needs to submit.

Spring 2022 Featured Dojo Contest winners will also be eligible. The contest runs May 6 - 19 with winners announced Thursday, May 26. Those winners will receive an inbox message on Friday, May 27!

Eligible Clans have until 11:59 PM ET on June 16, 2022 to submit their Dojos.

We look forward to highlighting Dojos again this year during TennoCon! From careful details to massive landscapes, your creative ideas are a treasured part of the Warframe community.

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Posted (edited)

IIRC, I think this part of the stream last year was over shadowed by the server problems they had as most people in chat were screaming 'I can't get in!!!' while this part of the show was going on. Hope it goes better this year.

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Frankly, I would get excited about this...

...if we could donate Articulas to the Dojo.

Is kinda silly how we can donate unique things that can't be re-obtained (like Prex cars), but Eidolon Articulas, which are Eidolon hunt drops (plenty) can't be donated.

I'll never be able to replicate the "Eidolon Party (not the 'Party' you think)" on my Dojo as I have done in my orbiter.

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